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Dollar Store Personalized Plates for Mamie and Papa

I need to start this post out by saying that this is a Pinterest fail.
At least on my part. 
But I loved the pictures and that Ella was so damn excited to make this for her grandparents for Christmas.
Either this is a giant myth or I misread the directions (which would not be unheard of around here) because once my mom hand washed these dishes while we were down in Tennessee visiting, the marker started to slowly fade.
So I feel the need to be as transparent as your plates will be once you wash them.
Maybe find a better tutorial, make them for display ONLY or don’t make these at all.
It seems that 250 degrees for two hours is the best for lasting results…..I found this out AFTER we returned home.
That tutorial was nowhere to be found BEFORE we made these, by the way. 

My kids have always loved making presents for Christmas.
Especially for my parents, their Mamie and Papa.
Now that my oldest is in high school, she doesn’t make gifts anymore…sniff.
But my seven-year-old is still in the midst of the gift making age and I am relishing every moment.

I found this idea on Pinterest a long time ago and there are lots of variations but the gist is simple:

– buy some cheap plates at the dollar store
– get some sharpie markers
– have your children write all over them
– bake them in the oven

Of course of all the “tutorials” I saw, most were executed by adults.
So the plates were very dainty and very pretty indeed.
Not at all kid-like.

But I do like the idea of being able to personalize inexpensive dinnerware.
This post, however, isn’t about that so you will have to go to Pinterest to look for that kind of post.

First, you will need to go to a dollar store and get some plates and mugs.
You don’t have to go to a dollar store but if you have children who are kind of clumsy like their mommy, then dollar store it is!
If you, however, are not clumsy then go ahead and spring for expensive plates.
I will tell you this: I have had dollar store plates in my possession for the holidays since 2011 and they look amazing to this day.


Granted, we only use them three times a year for our special occasion plates but they still look really great.
And let’s be honest, if people are looking that closely at your plates, you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.
For holiday plates and non-essential dinnerware, the dollar store is a great place to find things like these.


You will also need willing little hands and some Sharpie markers in fun colors.
These willing hands were chomping at the bit all morning to start this project.
She couldn’t wait to make this for her Mamie and Papa.


Let the drawing on plates begin!
As you can see, the drawing never ends in her world…on her hands, her desk, her shoes… artist.


Let me just say that my seven-year-old is so much more artistically advanced than I am.
I was thinking maybe she could draw stick people or a funny face on the plate.
When I told her the idea, she smiled and said, “yeah, I want to draw a stained glass design instead”.
Blink blink. Or that.

Looking good!
Then she said she wanted to write her Mamie’s name in the middle.
Which is so special because we can never find anything with Mamie on it that we don’t personalize ourselves.
Nana, Nonna, Mamaw, Granny, you name it.
No Mamie.

This was all her design idea and I love this.
I may have her create all of our dinnerware going forward.

Hearts because Mamie = love.

On to the mug.


Place on a cookie sheet in a 350 degree pre-heated oven and bake for 30 minutes.

*Warning- it will smell like something is baking in your kitchen when this is in your oven.
You will think you have food in the oven but you don’t.
What’s that smell?
Oh yes, disappointment.

On to Papa’s plate!

She had a different vision for Papa’s plate.
I didn’t ask why because you do not disturb an artist when they are having a vision.


Papa’s plate getting ready for the oven aka the box of disappointment.
Meanwhile, Ellie finishes up Papa’s mug.


All done!


I absolutely love these.

And here they are after they were baked:


What grandparent wouldn’t love to receive this?


That is just a lot of love right there.


All for the cost of a coffee at Starbucks.



The whole point of baking the dinnerware is so that these can be washed and eaten off of.

My mom and dad have always cherished gifts like these and I know they will love these for years to come.
Only they can’t eat off of them.
Or drink out of them.
Oh well, look at it this way it is cheaper than a canvas and more creative too.
Unless you follow the better Pinterest tutorial.
Let me know how that goes for you.
Maybe in 2016, I will finally master the idea of actually executing a project correctly.
One can only hope.



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