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What I Did Over Christmas Vacation; The “We Didn’t Go Anywhere” Edition

I think I used that title for a post before hence the “we didn’t go anywhere edition” part.
I am nothing if not innovative.
Or just nothing. 
As my imaginative title suggests, we stayed at home for the most part for the two weeks that the children were home for Christmas break.
Oh sure, we left the friendly confines of our home but we didn’t travel anywhere more than an hour from our front door this holiday season.
But we did have visitors who traveled to see us and what fun we had.

We got to go into the city twice over break.
I love the city at night but especially at Christmas.

Scratching lottery tickets on Christmas Eve.
Nothing says Jesus Christ’s birth like gambling with children.
If it makes you feel any better, we went to church two hours later.
To pray for our souls.



I had a brilliant idea this year.
I told my youngest, who still believes in Santa, that he was only bringing stockings this year.
Not wrapped gifts.
Because let’s be honest, I want credit for all that work.
So I went out in November to a local craft store and bought these humongous stockings that they had never seen before.
These were “Santa’s Stockings” from the North Pole.
She bought it and LOVED this idea.
Parents- I think I have your solution.
I saved SO much money and sanity this Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

The only time I absolutely love a mess.


Get it, girl.


I had a part-time job for two months.
And then I didn’t.
On my last day, I celebrated with some Starbucks at a time when even sensible cows and sheep were still sleeping.


Gifts from a far away blogging friend who “gets” me.


Don’t get me started.


I have never been so excited to get socks for Christmas.
By the way, these are the most comfortable socks I have ever worn in my life.
What in the hell does Netflix put in their socks?


My artist.



Braces no more.
Best Christmas present ever.

Someone discovered Cupcake Wars.
On her own.
Oh and she turns on closed captioning on purpose.
So she can learn “hard words”.
Need to make sure there aren’t any “hard words” she doesn’t need to know.

Mario Kart with big sister.


With a blanket on your head.

I know, I am as much in shock as you are.
Which is why I took the picture.


Our friends and their dog came over with pizza and cookies one night over break.
We always have so much fun when they come and Ella adores their dog.
I think the feeling might be mutual.


Are they here yet??
Her usual Mamie and Papa waiting spot.
Mine too.




New Years Eve selfie with some amazing people.
My youngest fell asleep within five minutes of this picture being taken in case you were concerned about our parenting skills.

These two girls have known each other since the literal beginning of their lives.

By the way, this picture?


And this one.

One more?


Where did it go?

My mama and Betsy or “BETSYYYY”.
If you are unsure of what I am talking about, refer to this blog post.
By the way, they are making “Betsy’s balls” in this picture.
Which are really “Sara’s balls”.
Long story that will be revealed in a future blog post.

Pie Face was brought to us by our Ohio framily and to say it was a huge hit would be an understatement.

We went through three cans of whipped cream.
In one day.

I love this picture.
They were helping my mom locate her childhood farm on Google maps and she was reminiscing with them about the area.


My mama made the traditional pork and sauerkraut dinner on New Years Day.
Holy cats, I could eat this once a week.
Mommy, come back and make it again.



Taking the train into the city.


It was a Happy New Year.


Until it wasn’t.

Yes, that’s blood.
No, he wasn’t shot.
Yes, he got asked that by everyone in the city including several cops.


This was sent to me by my twin (aka Beth) from a bus ride when we got split up.
Apparently, this woman was very nice and was offering him suggestions after the picture was taken (she is a massage therapist).
But her initial facial expression is priceless.

Only A Christmas Story fans will get that reference. 
So not Vikki. 
Heh heh. 


My husband fell on the escalator in the John Hancock building.
Remember when your mom warned you to never go up a down escalator?
She was right.
He fell.
Really hard.
On those sharp edges.
And cut the hell out of his knee.
So bad that it bled for two days.
After a visit to the doctor and a tetanus shot/ meds to prevent infection, it is all good.
You can barely notice the limp.
Only on rainy days.

This picture was taken on the last day of Christmas break and sums it all up: joy.
I loved spending the two weeks with my girls and having my family and framily in our home together.
It was so special and made our home feel so homey.
2016 is off to a great start.
And we always have balls.

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