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Why I Gave My Sick Friend Flowers in a Snowstorm #ILookToHer


I am surrounded by some amazing women in my life, near and far.

Women whom I look up to, respect and love deeply on many different levels.
So when FTD approached me a few weeks ago about their #ILookToHer campaign, I was intrigued.
Here was the deal: they wanted me to hand deliver a bouquet of their flowers to a special female in my life; a positive role model, someone whom I look up to.
After asking if I could hand deliver the flowers to myself first I AM KIDDING, I knew exactly who I wanted to deliver my flowers to.
When people bring up the word “role model”, especially when referring to females, many start to talk about careers or being driven which is really great.
But this post isn’t going to be one of those “she is taking Wall Street by the balls” articles.
Rebecca is a role model on a different level because I am damn sure that she could take Wall Street by the balls if that was something that she set her mind to do but her mind wasn’t set on doing that.
I have written about my friend so many times on this blog, that I sometimes think she is a silent partner here.
In case you are new, head here for the Cliff Notes version of our friendship and head here for the Egg Rolls.
But ever since I first met Rebecca in 1994 on the sales floor of a Kohl’s in suburban Chicago, I have looked to her for many things.

I have watched her stay calm even in the presence of complete chaos. 


I have watched her mother her own. 


I have watched her mother mine. 




I have watched her love my mom. 

…and my mom love her. 

I have watched our families become one. 



I have had a front row seat to her beautiful marriage. 

As well as a front-row seat watching them create their beautiful family. 

I went through college with her.

And apparently, we were kicked out of that family down there. 

I’ve asked her to make me her egg rolls.

Too many times. 

It’s okay, I can make them by myself now.  But they aren’t as good as hers. 

I went through short hair with her.
And long. 
She has even helped me paint my house. That is love. 

We have been through almost 22 years of what life hands you and she is as close to what I think a sister feels like without sharing an actual bloodline.

So I picked out this pretty little lady on the website and it arrived at my house on one of the crappiest days of winter.





I was planning on having Rebecca over for lunch the following day to hand deliver these to her, make her a special lunch, woo her if you will but February bit her in the butt: she was really sick.
But I had flowers that couldn’t wait for her to get better so I needed a new plan.
I texted her to see if I could drop “something” off at her house the next day.


Get to working on a bouquet of chihuahua’s FTD. 

I think she likes it.

I have looked to Rebecca for many things over the past 21 years.
Everyone should have a Rebecca in their life.
I love you, my sister.
Next time, I am totally getting you a bouquet of chihuahua’s.

I was provided a bouquet of flowers to send to my friend.
I was not compensated for this post. 

All words are my own because FTD doesn’t even know Rebecca. 

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