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How Gilmore Girls Saved My Life


I have so many things that I can thank my friend Rebecca for bringing into my life.
CK One perfume, Tim Tam cookies, Filipino egg rolls, World peace.
But the one thing I am eternally grateful to my dear friend for bringing into my life is the television show Gilmore Girls.
Ever heard of it?



In the winter of 2008, I was at home with a then-newborn Ella and wanted a television show to watch during the endless days and nights of feedings.
Something to give me a boost, to get me through my post-partum blues, my husband’s terribly long hours and general Midwestern winter funk.
My friend sensed that I needed something to keep me from shuffling down the streets of my neighborhood in my pink fuzzy bathrobe with a flask in hand.
Not that there is anything wrong with that.
That “something” was Gilmore Girls on complete DVD set; way before Netflix was anything more than a monthly mail subscription service.

At first, I was skeptical.
I mean, if it was such a great show how was I not on this bandwagon?
Its timing would have been something that fits in perfectly with my single mom life which I was going through as it was airing.
Sure I was busy back then, going to school, working, being a mom blah blah blah.
You know, being a much less fabulous Lorelai Gilmore.
Let’s just say I was Lorelai Gilmore without the snooty parents, cool wardrobe, way fun hometown, and coffee addiction.

So not Lorelai. 

Anyhoo, at the time I wasn’t really watching a lot of television other than Bob the Builder, The Wiggles or American Idol because apparently, I had time for crap back then but not anything of substance.

So a year after the last episode aired, Rebecca convinced me I needed the Gilmore Girls in my life.
I would eventually eat up each episode like it was a mental Mounds bar.
Pause then rewind when their blazing fast dialogue got to be, well, a little too fast at times.
Which was the beauty of a complete DVD set?
I would sit there with my warm and soft newborn baby in my lap and let her linger just a little while longer so I could watch Lorelai try to get along with her unbending mother or cheer along when Rory got into Harvard AND Yale.

I wiped tears from my face when Rory made her valedictorian speech that was dedicated to her mom.

I got the uncontrollable shivers whenever Jason bantered with Lorelai because gahhhhhh that annoying voice and just…Jason.

I ugly cry, snot everywhere sobbed when Rory and her mom showed up to the surprise Bon Voyage party.

I would tear through each DVD set within a week and call Rebecca to tell her I needed another one and fast!
I felt like I was calling my dealer for a fix.
Hook me up, I need it bad!
To which she would reply, GOOD GOD WOMAN YOU CAN’T BE DONE ALREADY???

It was the medicine that got me through that winter.
Gilmore Girls saved me in 2008.
It was the visual food that comforted my weary soul.


Since getting hooked on Gilmore Girls, I have paid it forward.
My children, several friends, and my mama are now Gilmore Girls fans as well.
I do love to tell my now eight-year-old Ella about our little Gilmore Girl sessions at the beginning of her life.
She now adores the show and will actually ask to watch GG whenever she is feeling sad or sick and wants some comfort.

I like to think she subliminally remembers those early binge-watching sessions of which I now fondly recall because of course they are long behind me and I am not sleep deprived as I write this.
Those winter nights, snuggled on the couch just her and I, bottle in hand watching Gilmore Girls in the dark.

Here are some fun thoughts from the show that saved my wretched soul.
Things that make me laugh, piss me off or make me scratch myself and go hmm.
Not about life in general, this is just about the show Gilmore Girls.
If it was about life in general, there wouldn’t be a blog long enough. 



Stars Hollow

That town, man.
I think I am not alone in wanting to re-create it.
In fact, there is an entire website dedicated to finding a town just like Stars Hollow, called interestingly enough, Finding Stars Hollow.
The writer/s of said blog/website are from California and flew/drove all the way to Connecticut to find Stars Hollow.
It is a fun little read and I did enjoy some of the pictures but to the authors of the said website I have a few questions:

What kind of budget do you have over there? And how come I don’t have a budget over here?

And second, seriously?
I mean, come on.
I guess if I lived in Connecticut or New York or hell, even on the East Coast, I get it.
Or let’s even say I was already planning on vacationing there but to drive/fly/ boat/parasail all the way from sunny California to Connecticut, in December mind you, to find a Stars Hollow-like burg??

I want a town just like Stars Hollow too but I am sure I could find one close enough in Illinois if I got a roadmap, a bag of Cheetos, and a free Sunday afternoon.

But seriously, I do need to find me a Kirk in my town.
Or maybe I can be the Kirk in my town. 


I graduated from Yale too, dammit

The people of Stars Hollow are something special.
My favorites besides Rory and Lorelai are Mrs. Kim, Kirk and Paris but yours might be different.
That is what makes this show so much fun.
I am not a laugh out loud kind of person, I am a laugh snob.
I have mentioned this here before; I am very critical when it comes to humor and I don’t know why.
Now, this show is really funny but it has a lot of cerebral humor, the kind that makes you think.
So really when you think about it, you are learning as you go.
I am going to go as far as to suggest that you could even earn your degree from Yale simply by watching Gilmore Girls alone.
It’s a thing.
Wonder if that will float on a resume?

Speaking of characters,  I really need people in my town to get on board and be like the characters in Stars Hollow.
Maybe I can hold a “town hall meeting” and convince my entire neighborhood to be more like Kirk, Babette, Miss Patty, Taylor, and Gypsy?
Taylor would not put up with my neighbor up the street who seems to think that it’s okay to have a flea market seven days a week in his driveway.
And I want festivals every damn month too.

What makes me laugh is that so many people on the Internet want to live in Stars Hollow as I mentioned above, yet this is the same society that constantly shares memes about not wanting to talk on the phone or make eye contact at the grocery store.
Psst, guess what?
In order to have a town like Stars Hollow, you have to talk to people.
Pass it on. 

Comfort food for the eyes and soul. Did someone say food?

I have said it since I started watching the show: if a television show could be eaten, this show is the only one I would consume fully.
It is truly comfort food for my soul.
Oh and just so you know, you will be hungry watching this show.
So don’t watch it when you are on a diet.
Just, don’t.
Maybe save it for your cheat day.
For some reason, I always crave Chinese food when I watch this show.
Or a hamburger and steak fries!
Oooh, or a cherry danish!
And coffee.
Did someone say burritos?



Some people love Channing Tatum or Ryan Gosling.
Take a seat boys, let me introduce you to a real man.
I have loved Luke from the first episode.
His gruff personality, his I don’t give a shit attitude.
And he was really, REALLY hot in the beginning.


But then he gets bitter and gruff and becomes less hot. 
But then he gets hot again.
But only when he dates Lorelai the first time.
The second time around he isn’t as hot again.
Then he gets really hot again when they break up. 
Steaming hot in the last episode.

Maybe I only find unattached Luke hot?
That could be analyzed by a professional.

Fast dialogue

Some people get annoyed by it.
You know who gets annoyed by it?
Stupid people.
That is why they get annoyed.
Oh, they aren’t actually “stupid”, just socially “stupid”.
I also like to call these “people with no personality”.
They don’t like that people can be happy and goofy and smart all at once.
So they poo-poo it instead of rejoicing in it.
You know what?
I don’t know what in the hell some of the cultural and historical references they are referring to are but I don’t poo-poo it either.
Does that make me stupid?
There is a difference between being socially stupid and just being a poop.
So don’t be a poop.

*by the way, since I now have my “Yale degree”, I know what all of the cultural and historical references are. That and I have seen the show like a gagillion times. 

* gagillion is a total Yale term. And I would know because, hello, “Yale degree”. 


Man problems


You will want to throw one of Rory’s many books at the television during your viewing binges because Lorelai needs to get her crap together when it comes to men.
I am in no way a “man expert”, whatever the hell that is but seriously:



Was it his sweater vests that attracted you, Lorelai?
Because I am confused.



Did she never listen to him talk?
Or look at him when he talked?


Don’t even get me started.


I can’t.
I just.

When Luke shows up with the truck and ready to elope?


Then Christopher

Yet again.

Don’t. Get. Me. Started.


Then Luke and the “they leave us hanging with a kiss because it wasn’t supposed to be the last episode”.

If Lorelai ended up marrying Jess, I am going to California NOT in search of Stars Hollow, but in search of Amy Sherman Palladino’s house.
Because I bet she has a really great pad.
And snacks. 




You will ponder this at times.
I mean I do remember her struggling a little bit at times and I know she got money from her rich parents but for a single mom, Lorelai sure didn’t live like a single mom.
Take out food all the time, cute clothes, going to the diner for coffee, breakfast, cheeseburgers, donuts every single day?
Although I think a lot of that might have been free.
Definitely free after she started sleeping with the diner owner.
Wink wink.
Man, I totally need to get a job managing an inn because apparently, it is very lucrative.



Do not judge the Pilot episode

When I start the series over for the 100th time again, I am always amazed I even watched the second episode and beyond, to begin with just based on the Pilot.
But then I watch the Pilot episode of Friends and feel the exact same way.
How in any alternate planet or universe did these shows ever become a hit?
Were we high?
I liken it to being the same as a rough draft.
In the Pilot episode of Gilmore Girls alone:
– Lorelai isn’t even that funny and has like a New York accent or is trying to be tough or something.
– Sookie keeps dropping things, is really, really clumsy and even catches the kitchen on fire. What the hell is up with that? Is that supposed to be her “thing”??
– Emily’s hair is having a Steel Magnolia’s brown football helmet moment and she looks stoned the entire episode.
– Richard looks like he has the flu. Or maybe he was stoned too.
So don’t ever judge a Pilot, especially this particular one.
 They are ironing out the kinks.
It gets much better.
 And so much funnier.
Trust me.


It’s like I don’t know who you are

I don’t know about you but Gilmore Girls ruined anything else that Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel were in for me after the end of the show in 2007.
While everyone I knew was completely obsessed with Parenthood, I just could not get into it.
I tried, I really did.
But I just wasn’t feelin’ it and had no good reason for it and I couldn’t really put my finger on it until recently because it was a great show.
So why wasn’t I falling in love with it like everyone I knew?
Lorelai, that’s why.

She wasn’t “Lorelai”.
Lauren Graham was playing a character so far away from Lorelai BUT every time I looked at her, I still saw Lorelai.
Then I would wait for Rory to come into the room but she didn’t have Rory, she had TWO kids and they weren’t anything like Rory and I started to get really homesick.
It totally ruined the Parenthood experience for me.
Same with Alexis Bledel.
I can’t even fully enjoy the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants experience because I SEE RORY.
Not Lena.
She plays a Greek girl so far from Rory and I still see Rory.
I have issues.
I know.

And it is only the two of them.
For example, Melissa McCarthy I absolutely adore and is one of my favorite actresses.
I never see “Sookie” in her when she plays other characters but the lead actors I just can’t get past.
Maybe because they were so much a part of Gilmore Girls for me, I just can’t get past them being in other things.

Holy crap, I sound like one of those fans.
With a shrine in my bedroom to Lauren Graham’s armpit hair.
Maybe I need to step away from the GG for a while.
Thanks a lot.
Time to stalk the Netflix feed and find out when the revival is coming out again.


2 thoughts on “How Gilmore Girls Saved My Life”

  1. Kari I just binge watched this show for the first time in my life a few months ago with my daughters. What a tour de force it was. So much fast talking, so much wit, so many men, so much snow! And the parents!! After it was over we were so desperate we had to watch parenthood so we wouldn’t go through withdrawal.


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