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If You Don’t Like to Laugh, Then Don’t Buy This Book

Maybe that wasn’t the best title.
As you know, lately I have not been doing so well with titles and this one is pretty much par for the course.
I met my friend Keith two years ago at the Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop.
Actually, I think Shannon snagged him first and then I met him through her.

So many things I can thank her for…..Keith, my ongoing love of pie, and my deep appreciation of the termbatshit crazy”. 

I learned so much at that workshop, it was one of the best experiences of my writing career but honestly, I got more out of the beautiful friendships that I made there.

It was at dinner on our last night while Shannon, Keith and I were sitting at our table when Shannon made the comment that “Keith is my spirit animal”.
I think I almost spit out my water when she said it because it was so funny, yet so true.
But now that I have known Keith for two years and after reading this book about anecdotes from his life, I feel like Keith is now my spirit animal as well.
And you will feel the same way too once you have read his stories of humor and life.
Keith is good people and a hell of a lot of fun to hang with.
I am really glad that we met him when we went to that conference.
It was worth the ticket, that is for sure.

When good people have good things happen to them, I liken it to being allowed to have cake for breakfast.
On a Monday.
That is how I felt when I found out my friend wrote a book because I am surrounded in my world by people who become authors on a monthly basis, it seems.
But this was a book that I was really looking forward to, that was well deserved and I honestly couldn’t wait to read.
When it arrived on a day when my Us magazine had also arrived AND I had pie in the fridge?

We all know here that I am not a laugh out loud kind of person.
When I write LOL, I am not in actuality “laughing out loud”.
Tittering, maybe.
Chuckling is a long shot.
I am a stingy laugher.
I am a skeptical humorist and it takes some pretty funny humor to make an actual guffaw come out of this big mouth.

It also takes a lot for me to read a book these days, it seems.
Lately, I have fallen victim to the iPad.
I used to read books and have functioning brain cells.
I used to be witty and throw words around like perfunctory and indubitably. 
Then I won an iPad at a blogging function three years ago and it all went to hell in a handbasket.
I also used to use words like handbasket

Three years ago, my nightstand was covered in books.
I had a lamp that I had bought specifically so I could read my books in bed.
My children made me bookmarks in school so I could hold my place in all of the books that I was reading.
I was at the library weekly, and when I wasn’t at the library, I was online looking for new books to put on hold at the library.
I was able to talk about books.
I was worldly!
I was wordy!
I knew things!
I could hold my own in conversations!
Now, when people ask me what is going on in my world, I am all, “uhhhh, Nuthin’ .”
Because the iPad is making me stupid.

Then like a ray of light, Keith’s book came out and I decided that I needed to give books another go.
Books are good!
Reading is good!
I need to look at something other than a Facebook feed or a Pinterest pin.
When Keith’s book first arrived, my husband was happy.
“Put down the smart device” he always kids me.
So he was very glad to see me delve back into reading again.

That is until he realized its repercussions. 


me– let me read you this passage. It is so damn funny. snort NO REALLY IT IS! WHY ARE YOU GIVING ME THE SIDE EYE??

patient husband– Grumble grumble

me– oops were you sleeping? My bad. Go back to sleep.

two hours later……trying to muffle snorts, farts, hiccups, and laughter.

patient husband–  You know, I have to get up early in the morning.

me– this is so damn funny. He really should have titled the book, “This is So Damn Funny”.

patient husband– I am sure he will take that in consideration for the next book.

me– maybe I should email him that.

patient husband– at two in the morning???

me– you have to hear this story about the…..

patient husband– let me get you your iPad.


Run, not walk to your local bookstore and see if they have his book on their shelves.
Until then, you can find it on Amazon here.
Check out Keith on Twitter here and you can read his blog A Strong Man’s Cup of Tea

This post contains Amazon Affiliate links. 

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