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Writing Challenge #How the Hell Should I Know: Something You Are Excited About

It’s my birthday week, so that means a few things.

1- I get to eat cake. For a specific reason.
2- I can’t wait for all of the Facebook notifications. Really, this does excite me. It’s the one thing I love about Facebook.
3- I get presents. I love presents. Who doesn’t?
4- I get to write about something I am excited about.
5- This writing challenge is over.

Woman Typing on Laptop
Which means I need to start thinking of things to write about again on my own. If you are sick of hearing me talk about writing my screenplay, this post will be your least favorite.
Also, if you are sick of hearing me talk about my screenplay, I don’t care!
I have been listening to all y’all go on and on about all y’all’s stuff and have been very patient.
It is my turn!
I am so damn excited about my screenplay!
Have I mentioned I am writing a screenplay?
Pass. It. On.

I am the Queen of saying I am going to do something and then letting it fall by the wayside.
Not because I am necessarily lazy or don’t want to do it but really because either I don’t have the time or quite honestly, I am scared to do it.
And it is usually because of the latter.
Fear has been the reason I have not done many a thing in my life.

I am actually knocking out two birds with one stone with the writing of this screenplay without giving too much away.
Let’s just say I am getting some bucket list items crossed off.
And in the words of the immortal Pointer Sisters: I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it. 
I’m about to lose control and I think I like it. OH YEAH.I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it.
And I know, I know, I know, I know, I know I want you. I want you. 

Actually, I don’t.
Want you.
No offense.
But I am really excited!

So here is the thing.
The kicker, if you will.
I am writing my screenplay with specific actors in mind.
Like writing them into the screenplay.
No one else can play them because THEY ARE THEM.
I realize that is the kiss of death if they die, no pun intended.

It was as I was busy writing last week when I sadly found out Prince passed away.
It was then that I realized I need to get my butt kicked into high gear.
I got scared.
People are dying off in 2016, celebrities in particular.
And it is worrying me for many reasons but especially because I really want this dream to come to fruition.
Now, I do not want to come off all cocky like I think my screenplay out of all of the millions of screenplays out there will ever get chosen, never mind looked at, THEN made into a movie.

But I really think it is a good storyline and I am not just saying it because I am writing it.
Have you seen some of the crap that is being put on big screens all over America?
If I have to see one more trailer for something being blown up, something to do with wizardry or a movie with the number 2 or 3 or 4 behind the title, I will scream.
No, I will write a screenplay because sick of seeing movies with something being blown up, wizardry, the number 2 or 3 or 4 behind the title.

So I have been busy pounding out my words and hoping they turn into something special.
And praying the rosary (even though I am not Catholic) that celebrities aren’t dying.
I am not praying for specific celebrities because I feel like that jinxes it.
Maybe I am ensuring their long lives by writing this screenplay.
That is it.
I am sure of it.

I can’t really tell you what it is about as of yet because I don’t want to put it out there for fear of it being stolen.
I know you won’t take the ideas but I don’t trust the Internet and I especially don’t trust the Twitter.
But I can tell you what it won’t be about, judging by my least popular posts as of late.
It won’t be about a recipe, a tutorial, or a new movie on Netflix.
I read you loud and clear.
I have 17,000 words written as of today and I am in love with my characters’ personalities and where this whole storyline is going.
In fact, I play it in my head constantly.

There are times I have had to pull my car over to write ideas down; stop actually writing to write ideas down on the side for later; I am constantly researching people, places and fact-checking and I even have my husband pitching me ideas as well.
Yes, he knows about it.
In fact. he is the only one I have read the entire screenplay to as I am writing it because I need feedback.
I want to make sure this isn’t too stupid before getting in too much over my head.

I realize that I am not a “screenplay writer” by trade.
I don’t have a college degree in English or film or whatever screenplay writers have degrees in.
How you would have laser-sharp focus at the age of 18 to know that you not only want to go to college to major in something but ESPECIALLY in screenwriting is beyond me.
I don’t even know what the hell I want for lunch today. 
I realize I don’t have screenplay software on my computer to help me format the screenplay I am writing.
Do I even need that?
Is that what screenplay writers use or do they mock those who use that?
I am learning as I go, my friends.
All I know is I have an idea and I love to write.

I could have all the bells and whistles, the degree, the fancy computer and be sitting there staring at a blank screen.
But I have the golden ticket.
I have the ideas flowing from my fingers.
And to me. right now, that is magic.


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