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I Do It Anywhere and Everywhere Because I Can. #StreamTeam


I am late in writing my latest Netflixpost because I spent the past five days in beautiful Utah.

I will be sharing more of that in a later post.
But this month, Netflix is getting all up in my business because they want to know all of the places I have done it.
Watched Netflix that is, you perverts.
To get away from the kids/husband/pet fish, and watch my favorite shows.
The timing of this post is perfect because we are smack dab in the middle of summer when it is really hard for me to get away to do anything for myself besides pee and poop.
I can’t even “get away” to the grocery store without texts from my family members:
where are you? did you get the cool ranch Doritos this time? why are you shopping at Aldi? i hate Aldi, they don’t have the cool ranch Doritos! can you stop at the real grocery store on the way home? mom, can i spend the night at (insert friend name here) house? please?  do you have 4 bucks so I can buy cool ranch Doritos on the way? do we have any liquid plumber? okay, if we had liquid plumber, where would it be? also, did you get the cool ranch Doritos? 
That is all within a 20-minute grocery trip.
So getting away to watch Netflix is not always easy in my home.
I used to have the app on my iPad for easy sneak watching in between being a responsible member of society.
But we needed space for other apps that have a grandma wearing a helmet chasing bad guys down the street, or robotic chickens trying to cross a road and not get smashed by cars.
You know, educational in nature. 
So when I need to “do it”, I go to the sanctuary that is our master bedroom.
I get into my “eating clothes”- anything with an elastic waistband, grab me a big bowl of something not good for my waistline but good for my soul (hence my “eating clothes”), plop myself onto my bed with my blankie and get ready to “do it”.I believe that if everyone shared their Netflix lists, it would be very telling of them as a person.
My list is varied in its selections because I am a very complex person filled with lots and lots of layers.
Just kidding.
My list is filled with two categories: things I can watch when the children are around and things I can’t watch when the children are around



Most of the can’t watches involve language because we are pretty open with our youngest daughter about situations that would be hard for some children to understand.
My teenager is free to watch all of the above.
I am just not ready to have the sex talk with my eight year old just yet.
Especially during my Netflix time because damn if that isn’t precious and rare.
Pass the cool ranch Doritos.

What is on your Netflix list?

I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team. Meaning, for the next year, once a month I will be writing posts about how my family is using our Netflix. They provided me with a Roku and a voucher for my Netflix account.

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