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Reading Isn’t Always a Good Thing

[spacer height="20px"] I wrote a book review  for my friend Keith's book on this blog earlier this year and in the book review I said: It also takes a lot for me to read a book these days, it seems.Lately, I have fallen victim to the iPad.I used to read books and have functioning brain… Continue reading Reading Isn’t Always a Good Thing

Beat Bugs
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How #BeatBugs Are Bridging the Musical Gap #StreamTeam

[spacer height="20px"] My dad is what one would call a music connoisseur. He loves music, I mean LOVES music. So much, that in fact, my first memory is about music. Songs that I had heard fresh out of the womb and throughout my childhood. I associate my preschool years with the songs from Elton John's Greatest Hits… Continue reading How #BeatBugs Are Bridging the Musical Gap #StreamTeam

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Why I Fired My “Assistant”

[spacer height="20px"] WordPress is the shit. Why in God's name did it take me six years to get over here? Do you know that I can see all of your visits now without having to go to Google Analytics? Did you know that if you subscribe to my blog, I know exactly who you are.… Continue reading Why I Fired My “Assistant”

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The Bane of My Existence

[spacer height="20px"] I think it is no secret to anyone here that I like to clean. Scratch that. I like my home to be clean. I used to like to clean. In fact, it would be a form of stress relief for me. Yes, people like me exist.  [spacer height="20px"] But as I age and… Continue reading The Bane of My Existence

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Help a Child in Need and #ShareAHaircut

[spacer height="20px"] Last year I shared with all of you about Hair Cuttery's Share-A-Haircut program and it is something that I have become passionate about. If you aren't familiar, this is a great campaign in which Hair Cuttery will donate a haircut to a child in need for every haircut that a child receives from… Continue reading Help a Child in Need and #ShareAHaircut