Beat Bugs
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How #BeatBugs Are Bridging the Musical Gap #StreamTeam


Beat Bugs
Courtesy of Netflix

My dad is what one would call a music connoisseur.
He loves music, I mean LOVES music.
So much, that in fact, my first memory is about music.
Songs that I had heard fresh out of the womb and throughout my childhood.

I associate my preschool years with the songs from Elton John’s Greatest Hits album or Carole King’s Tapestry.
So much so that when I hear those songs, I am literally transported to the little ranch home in suburban Chicago.
My dad loved to pull out his 45’s (albums for you young’ens) and would introduce me to some of his favorite music.

This song was playing the day I found out I was being shipped off to Italy…..
Oh, I love this song, it reminds me of when your mom and I were dating…
Every time I hear this one, it makes me think of a navy buddy who died in an accident…..

My father is the reason I love music to this day and why I almost always have it on in the background.
That is when the television set isn’t on. 
And my Ella is just like my dad and myself, she loves music.
Music has helped her with some rough times, it soothes her soul after a long day and it gives her an outlet for one of the things she loves to do most: dance.

When there is a party or gathering at my parents’ house, my dad without fail will always turn on some music.
He will search for appropriate songs that fit the gathering.
The most famous is the Beatles “Birthday Song”.
Most everyone has heard this song, THEY SAY IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY. IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TOO, YEAH.
Every birthday that is being celebrated in my dad’s presence has had this song played in the background.
It makes us all laugh and sing out loud because it is a fun song that most likely was written by the Beatles for a Bat Mitzvah in Liverpool during the lean years.
What? It’s totally the story.

When I found out that a cartoon set to the tunes of Beatles songs was coming out, one of the first people I told was my dad.
Because any time I can get the opportunity for my dad to watch a cartoon at nearly 70 years old is a good opportunity.
A few weeks ago, Ella ran into the kitchen, “mommy, mommy! They are playing the song that papa sings all the time! It’s the Beatles, you know.”
I really wish that moment had happened in front of my dad because he would have loved that so much.
Of course, we told him about it later that day but at the moment I was just so happy on so many levels but the happiest moment was this: my eight-year-old knows The Beatles without actually having known them.

Dammit Netflix, you are making me a little weepy.


Stream Team A Grace Full Life




4 thoughts on “How #BeatBugs Are Bridging the Musical Gap #StreamTeam”

  1. I finally found your new blog! (I read the last post on my phone, and it wasn’t the same as this.) Love it, and the way you can take these Netflix posts and make them about something that matters a whole lot more than Netflix.


    1. I am so glad you found me!
      It has been one issue after another…..will be glad when I get it to where I want it.
      And that means a lot to me and hopefully a lot to Netflix as well.


  2. So sweet! We are big on music around here too. Every single one of us. It is very soul healing or uplifting when you have to scrub the tub. Dang tub. My new neighbors across the street (remembered we moved right? We moved UP, Kari. I cringe when I pull out of the drive because I’m waiting for someone to realize we don’t belong here.) have a cleaning SERVICE. An entourage if you will. A white van pulls up and a team of people get out to go in and clean the house. Can you imagine? I bet they have their ear buds in. I’m gonna use binoculars next time they come and see.


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