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Freezer Corn is Good For the Soul


Recently, my mom had told me about this amazing sweet corn that she found 20 minutes away at a farm we usually go to for strawberry picking and pumpkin chucking.

She loved it so much that she had suggested we make frozen corn from this amazing sweet corn so we could enjoy it year round.

I have talked in detail on this blog before about how I am the least home-steady person you will ever meet.

I love to cook, clean, bake and do domestic things but when it comes to growing your own food or canning your own food, or making things like laundry detergent or oven cleaner, I am the opposite of someone like that.

I am the Harriet Oleson to Ma Ingalls.

Except I am way less bitchy.

When I am not on my period, hungry, have a headache, have bad hair or it’s humid outside.

Then I am totally Harriet Oleson. 

But when I get the opportunity to learn home-steady things, I am all in.

Until I have to do it alone, then I am all out.

This is why it’s fun to do home-steady things with others.

In fact, I think everyone should have a freezer corn party or a salsa canning fiesta or a soap making soiree!

It is just more fun to do it with other people and if there is booze involved, well all the better.

So on a hot and sticky Tuesday in August, my mama and I headed out to the farm to get the corn.

And cider donuts.

Because damn if this particular farm doesn’t make the best cider donuts and you need donuts to power through the freezer corn making.

And also, we didn’t want to day drink, so donuts it was.

FullSizeRender (6)

After eating our donuts, we got started happily shucking our corn on the deck.

It was a moment that I will never forget, sitting on the deck on a summer day with my mom shucking corn listening to the birds and bugs make their summer noises….ahhh….GET AWAY BEE!

Ahh yes, this is the lif…….DAMN BEE, GO AWAY!

Apparently, bees are attracted to sweet corn too.

So we left the bees and took our corn inside to where the donuts were.


yellow corn

When you remove the husks (the green outer layer), you will then have the silk left (the white stringy stuff).

Getting the silk off of the corn is equivalent to trying to get a dryer sheet off of a piece of felt.

That’s code for “not easy”, for you Harriet Oleson’s out there. 

It’s okay if you have some silk left on the corn, just make sure you get most of it off.

metal pot and tongs

This is what you will need for your freezer corn preparation:



Two large pots; one to boil the corn in and one for cold water to “shock” the corn.

Or just tell the corn that yes, Donald Trump is running for president.

Did you hear that? It’s my dad laughing at my corny joke.

Corny joke, get it?

I’ll be here all week folks, order the veal.

You will also need some tongs to remove the corn, a couple of cookie sheets, a Bundt pan (optional), a sharp knife, lots of ice and freezer bags.


So much pressure when you have a dog judging you.


Start boiling your water and while it is boiling, fill another large pot with cold water and ice cubes.

The corn will go into the boiling water first, then into the cold water and ice cubes.

Here is a tip: get a bag of ice for this project otherwise your refrigerator ice supply won’t keep up.


bag of ice


Once the water is boiling, add four cobs of corn at a time then set a timer for six minutes.

Once the timer goes off, take the corn out of the boiling water with your tongs and place immediately in the ice-cold water for six minutes.


boiling corn


Got that?

Six minutes for both processes.

Once the first batch of corn is out of the ice water, you will put the corn on a cookie sheet and start cutting it off of the cob.

Corn on cob




This is where your Bundt pan comes into play. My mom had the great idea to put the corn cob on the hole of the Bundt pan for easier cutting.


bag of corn


Make sure that you get all the air out of the bag before sealing it.


bags of corn

Repeat all the above for every batch of corn and you will have lots of corn to go in the freezer.

Each small freezer bag contained a little more than two cobs of corn, so keep that in mind when buying your sweet corn.


freezer corn

To cook your freezer corn, simply dump the bag into a saucepan, add a little water and cook until thawed and at the temperature you like.

Sweet corn is available until the first frost, so you still have time to make your own!

Then you can make corn chowder, corn fritters, corn cakes, corn dogs, sautéed corn, cream corn, corn salsa, corn relish, corn bake, cornbread, corn pudding, southern fried corn, scalloped corn, Mexican corn……


Damn if this wasn’t the best corn I have ever tasted in my entire life.


24 thoughts on “Freezer Corn is Good For the Soul”

  1. Oh, how my friends and I lived to hate Nellie when we were kids! I also suck at homesteading, but can attest that freezer corn is something even I can do. Except, I need a freezer. And a mom who can come over for the afternoon. Yeah, I’m sure that’s why I haven’t made any this year…

    Yours looks great!


  2. Are we talking about THOSE cider donuts? Can’t go wrong with THOSE cider donuts.

    Looks like we’re going to have to make a trip to buy corn, donughts and hopefully drinking cider.

    Hurray for fall!!


  3. LOVE THIS POST! You know I was doing the same thing about the same time as you and you rmomma were busy shucking! I did one batch of 40 ears and then went back and got another 20! LOL…I LOVE corn! I DO want to know all the details of this magical donut place you went to for your corn! We ARE going to find some cider donuts this year!


  4. How fun that you get to have these awesome moments with your Mom. Umm and your Mom is a genius with using the Bundt cake pan idea. And yes I loved your corny joke. Who needs drinks when you are this easily amused. Lol.


  5. Please come make salsa with me next year! I will get you your very own onion goggles!!

    Thank you for not posting any donut pictures, as the envy would have been too much!

    I am fascinated by this freezer corn!


  6. You know that I just read that last paragraph in Bubba’s voice from Forrest Gump.
    Ma Ingalls would be so proud of you right now.


  7. Oh, “homemade” frozen corn is SO good! But it’s kind of a messy job to do, isn’t it? I’m always like, do I really want to deal with all that stickiness?! But in the end, it’s totally worth it!

    And I love a good cider donut too. We enjoyed some fresh, warm ones on Saturday at a local family attraction spot.


  8. “the Harriet Oleson to Ma Ingalls” hahahaha! ♡ it!!

    Hmmm, yeh. I plan to never have to freeze corn ever, please dear Lord. ?


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