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Why Radio Flyer Makes Me Misty


Whenever I hear the name Radio Flyer, I relate it to little red wagons.
Oh sure, they make much more than just little red wagons but for me, Radio Flyer will always be synonymous with a wagon.

My first little red wagon was given to me by my grandma for my first birthday. I would pull my dolls around in it, pile toys in it, carry people inside of it. In fact, there is a memory of my brother and I fly down the hill of our childhood backyard in it over and above the weight limit, I am sure, as to recreate a roller coaster experience.

It is a miracle that my brother and I survived childhood. 

Eventually, the wagon was laid to rest after years of love with the roller coaster event I am sure putting it over the edge.

When it was time for my daughter to turn one, my parents couldn’t wait to give Anna her own little red wagon.


Radio Flyer wagon
Anna reading in her Radio Flyer wagon

Of course, there were lots of walks with Anna in the wagon but for the first year of ownership, the wagon was a playpen. Only I didn’t put her in there, she did it on her own. Dragging her little board books and throwing them one at a time into her little red wagon, she would try to propel herself slowly into the wagon before I would come to her rescue.

Anna would spend a solid hour or more in her wagon each day, reading her books, playing with her dollies and pretending to go “vroom vroom” in her Radio Flyer red wagon.


Radio Flyer Wagon
Anna with her Mamie and Papa


Anna played with her wagon until she was probably in fourth grade or so, she even had a roller coaster moment of her own when she and three of her friends (shoved in the wagon) veered out of control and ultimately ended up hitting her head on the concrete driveway.

Disclaimer- if you are big enough to ride a bike without training wheels, do not sit inside your Radio Flyer wagon and propel yourself down hills at high rates of speed. Actually, don’t do it at any age. 

When my youngest daughter turned one, we still had Anna’s little red wagon so my parents opted to get Ella a Radio Flyer toddler tricycle. Ella loved both the tricycle and the wagon and played with both until the wheels literally came off.

There were many times I would think if only the person who invented this wagon knew how loved they were.


Radio Flyer

That person is Antonio Pasin if you ever wonder things like this too.
His wife’s name was Anna, so it was really a match made in Heaven.

Radio Flyer has teamed up with Moonbot Studios to create the short film, Taking Flight, a story about how sometimes being a kid again is just what we need.

The film was inspired by the life of Antonio.



Did you get a little weepy watching?
It’s okay, I cried. The ugly cry.

So many emotions but it always circles back to the amazing stories I have from my experiences with Radio Flyer and how it has become a huge part of our family.

“Tradition” as my mama would say.

Radio Flyer wants to hear your stories, all of them.  Even the one about flying down the hill without a helmet on. Share your amazing Radio Flyer stories by heading to Little Red Stories and telling them all about it. You needn’t be a blogger or a professional writer, they want to hear from everyone.

They will choose a winner each week throughout September and October, so head on over because I would love to hear your stories!


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Radio Flyer. The opinions and text are all mine.


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