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Disney on Netflix Means I Don’t Have to Go to a Movie Theater #StreamTeam


I have said it here before many times and I will say it again: I hate the movie theater.
Skin crawls.

Why? Because of lice.
And because popcorn costs like 10 bucks for a small.
But mostly lice.

I have gone to the movies maybe three times in the past year and a half.


I look at people who love to go to the movies like they are an exhibit in a museum behind a glass wall.
You like to go to the movies? On purpose?? 


I could also say that a big part of me not wanting to go to the movies is because of Netflix.
Netflix has ruined me.
There are the scenarios I want to avoid when attending a movie theater screening.

  • being in a dark room with complete strangers
  • body odor
  • people in general
  • perverts
  • ten minutes of advertisements
  • getting my seat kicked
  • getting lice
  • getting herpes
  • getting the clap
  • loud whispering
  • ” I DON’T GET IT” in even louder whispering
  • having to urinate
  • coughing
  • missing integral parts of the movie because of having to urinate
  • gagging
  • having to urinate. Again.
  • teenagers on their phones
  • did I mention people?

I am not a hypochondriac loner who hates humankind.
Okay, maybe a little. 
No, what I am is impatient and thrifty.
I’d rather drop 40 bucks on dinner and drinks than a movie and movie snacks.
And why pay for a movie ticket when I can dodge the above scenarios by sitting in the comfort of my family room with a Netflix subscription.
I want to watch my movie now, not after ten solid minutes of advertisements for other movies I have no interest in seeing.
At home, if I have to pee, I can just hit pause.  I could even leave the bathroom door open and listen from there.
You can’t do that at the movie theaters. Trust me, I’ve tried.
Hell, with Netflix I can watch a movie in my I LOVE FISHSTICKS cut off tee shirt and yoga pants with a hole in the crotch.
I am pretty sure that’s frowned upon in the movie theater.
Actually, I have been to my movie theater. It isn’t. 

Netflix has spoiled me. I’m damaged goods. Rotten.

So when they recently announced that all new Disney movies are coming to Netflix, I knew I would really never have to step foot in a theater again.

Zootopia is on Netflix. Like, now.


stream team


And I have a better than movie theater I have to sell my kidneys on Craigslist snack to eat while watching all of the Disney movie favorites.

Head here to get your snack recipe and head to Netflix to see all the Disney movies you DON’T have to see in the theater.

Pass the lice spray.

A Grace Full Life Netflix Stream Team


8 thoughts on “Disney on Netflix Means I Don’t Have to Go to a Movie Theater #StreamTeam”

  1. haha…I’m with you on the lice thing…I think of that when I want to rest my head on the chair back…I usually put my coat over it, as if that may help create a barrier….but yeah, going to the movies IS crazy expensive…(hello Walgreens $1 movie candy boxes! haha!)

    I will have to check out the new movies on Netflix…I pretty much stream all day while working…just need to poke around at the new releases! Thanks!


  2. You’ve ruined me. Know I’ll always think of getting the clap at the movie theater.

    Just kidding, I love me a $5 movie on Tuesdays. Did I mention the free popcorn and sneaking in sodas?


  3. New Disney movies. Awesome!!!! Hmm. I’m not much of a movie goer either. Maybe once to twice a year, but I hate all of the same things as you. I REFUSE to drop 10 bucks for a snack that’s a dollar anywhere else. Or 5 bucks for WATER. Not even spring water, but filtered water. That means from the tap people. Are you freaking kidding me? (Disney is just as bad in the water offerings, btw) And the previews. Good Gosh. I take my younger to a rated PG movie and then have to divert my eyes when there is a woman in her thongs flashed in the preview or simulated sex. Again….are you kidding me????

    Movie houses suck. Now I’m mad. Bring on the Netflix!


  4. Lol. All very good points. I, too, am super excited for the Disney movies on Netflix. There is something infinetly more relaxing about spending an evening with my kids at home than trying to wrangle them in public. #SaturdaySharefest


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