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Gray, Like My Soul

So I’ve been painting……

This will be the third post about painting within my home in the past three weeks.

I am obviously ripe for the picking when it comes to blogging topics.

Listen, I am very proud that I did something other than laundry and make dinner so paint posts it is.

I don’t often get the creative bug as much as I used to, which is bittersweet for me. So when I do, I must document it for the world (aka you guys) to see. To prove that I have done something other than laundry and making dinner.

In the spring of 2015, I was beginning the long descent into the abyss called menopause. I took all of you along for the ride and you still aren’t the same for it. I am really sorry, by the way.

I painted some doors in my home because I needed light in my life. I was painting during hormonal tough times which is like painting when you are pregnant. It’s not a good thing. It’s a very bad, bad thing. Why you ask? Because you feel like your home needs to look like a Caribbean port town. At least that’s me.

My innocent doors that were perfectly fine as they were:

black front door green star

black closet door

Well, they weren’t making the cut, if you will.

They were voted off the island.

Menopause island.

I painted them this color:

lake blue benjamin moore

lake blue benjamin moore

I regretted this almost immediately after the first paint stroke. But my perimenopausal brain convinced me that my reasoning skills were shit, so I kept painting.

For the next year and a half, I told myself that it’s okay. That in fact it looked even better all the while mentally stroking my hair.

Now now, Kari. It will be fine. Look at your blue doors and know that this is exactly what you need. 

Until one day I snapped out of it while answering the door.


I found a Sherwin Williams color that I loved when I was on my Sherwin William paint chip spree recently.

The spree that led to the re-painting of my outer front door and the entire left-hand side of my lower level.

I knew I needed a darker paint because life is just too hard on doors and light blue shows everything. In fact, these doors were originally white. That was why I painted them black, to begin with. But lack of common sense be what it may, I went back to a lighter color.

I ended up with the color Urbane Bronze because it wasn’t as dark as the black but was darker than the light blue.

Urbane Bronze

Urbane Bronze

It looks so much better, doesn’t it? Plus the blue doors would have completely clashed with my Joanna Gaines foyer color.

I know what you’re thinking, it looks black, but it’s a dark gray.

urbane bronze

You can see it a little better in the picture above.

Much better than the calypso party that was going on here a year and a half ago.

lots and lots of color

So if you need anything in your home painted and live within a two-hour radius of me, I can be hired out for painting services.

After I do my laundry, of course.

16 thoughts on “Gray, Like My Soul”

  1. I dunno, there is something about all that color as a response to menopause that just feels right. Even if the colors were kinda wrong. The new colors look great, though! And I surely do wish you lived within two hours.


  2. That two hour radius applies to air travel, correct? Good, since your menopausal mayhem was clearly contagious and now we must spiral together and paint my office…office!?! Ha! As if someone actually works in there!


  3. You are a very good painter. You are patient, aren’t you? Such a virtue…. ?. Okay, so something (on my end) is screwy ever since you changed your blog ‘ s comment system. I never receive your replies and I KNOW you reply. I miss you!! I’ve fiddled and tried to figure it out, but it’s just not working yet. I’m not giving up!!!


  4. Oh my gosh! You are cracking me up! Yet so many of these things are so me! Ha Ha! I have been painting all over my house lately, yet have only finished a few rooms. I just painted half of my walls in my game room and immediately hated the color, but kept painting as well! Then repainted over the weekend much to my husband’s shock. I think your door looks great! Please come finish my many unfinished paint jobs! I tell myself I will finish stenciling the game room today…we shall see.


  5. But but I loved that color blue! lol. I realize I’m a weirdo though. I love bright colors and routinely go crazy with them. Which is both a good and bad thing. My front door is blue, but you’re right it would totally have clashed with the foyer color.


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