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Ferris Bueller You’re My Hero

  I'm just going to start titling all of my blog posts with quotes from John Hughes movies. Because nothing says "I have given up" like plagiarism. Is that how you spell it? I GIVE UP. I sent my screenplay to Amazon Studios over a week ago. Apparently, Amazon doesn't only have Scott Toilet Paper… Continue reading Ferris Bueller You’re My Hero

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I’m a Big Halloweenie When it Comes to Scary Movies #StreamTeam

  You do realize the hardest part of writing these posts are coming up with a title, right? My original title was going to be It's Halloween So Here's Some Scary Stuff To Watch. Tell Me How It Ends. I used to watch scary movies when I was younger. I remember once hosting a pizza party… Continue reading I’m a Big Halloweenie When it Comes to Scary Movies #StreamTeam

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The Tale of the Rusty Milk Can

  The summer we moved into this house in 2005, I was at a garage sale in my old neighborhood with Anna. I found this amazing old milk can sitting on the end of the driveway. I needed the milk can because who in the hell doesn't need a milk can? I felt it would… Continue reading The Tale of the Rusty Milk Can

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  A month ago, my husband messaged me a Jim Carrey video that made me cry. Not laugh, but cry. I am getting ahead of myself. I have mentioned here before that my husband is a good golfer. He was on the varsity team his freshman year, lived and breathed golf from the age of 10,… Continue reading Investing