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Dollar Tree Handmade Christmas Ornaments


Years ago back when this blog was brand new, it seemed I was on a mission to create projects with items I found at Dollar Tree.

This was my first Dollar Tree post back in August of 2010, two months after I began blogging.

It went downhill after that. Or uphill depending on how you look at it.

I couldn’t stop myself.

I threw fuzzy rocks into mini terra-cotta pots and called it a “craft”.

I used scrapbook paper, little frames and stickers to create little cryptic messages.



There are tons more Dollar Tree posts I have written over my six plus years but the point is this: apparently I see entering a store where everything is a dollar as a personal challenge.

I don’t just go in there to buy poster board for a school project or a birthday card for a distant relative.

I must create something.

I hadn’t actually been to the Dollar Tree in over a month when recently I ventured into my local store innocently in need of hair ties for the girls.

My first mistake was wandering in a week before Thanksgiving because Christmas was in full bloom there.

I do love Dollar Tree for stocking stuffers. 

And we do have stockings that are in need of stuffing.

And I mean, every single thing in the store is only a dollar.


As much as I love Christmas tree ornaments, some can be really pricey.

I have a hard time spending more than 10 dollars on something that hangs on a tree once a damn year.

As soon as I walked into my Dollar Tree and smelled the familiar Dollar Tree smells (a mix of paper, cheap cologne and my hopes and dreams taking a nosedive), I felt another challenge coming on.





* No pressure on your part.

Dollar Tree Christmas Ornaments

This is what you will need:

Large plastic ball ornaments
something to fill them with

(I am making doggie ornaments as well as ones for my girls so two packages of Snausages; two pairs of Christmas socks; a package of Christmas chocolates )

ribbon or twine

All of the above is available at Dollar Tree (or click the items above to order online).

I spent a total of $11 for 4 Christmas ornaments which work out to be $2.75 per ornament.

Wrap your twine around the top of the ornament and cut so that you have enough length to tie it.

Let’s work on the doggie ornaments first!

Wrap your twine around the top of the ornament and cut so that you have enough length to tie it.

It's easier if you take the metal clasp off first and you will need it off any way because you will be filling these ornaments.

It’s easier if you take the metal clasp off first and you will need it off anyway because you will be filling these ornaments.

Start filling your ornament with the doggie treats.

Start filling your ornament with the doggie treats.

Did somebody say doggie treats?

Did somebody say doggie treats?

Who knew you could make Snausages look so good?

Who knew you could make Snausages look so good?

An important step that I didn’t think of until AFTER I added the Snausages on the first ornament. Wash the ornament out because the treats will be sitting in here and if you intend to feed them to your canine friends, it is a good idea.

Unless you want to save the Snausages and see how many Christmases they last.

My guess is a lifetime.

My guess is “a lifetime”.

On to the girls Christmas ornaments

On to the girls’ ornaments.

So I wasn’t really thinking about logistics whilst perusing through the dollar holiday sock section.

I hadn’t at all thought about how I was going to stuff the socks through that tiny hole.

Essentially you want to fold the sock into half and push it in.

Kind of like reverse child-birth.

I also wanted to add little chocolate balls to the well, balls

I also wanted to add little chocolate balls to my, well, balls.

This you need to know about sibling rivalry: they will count EVERYTHING to make sure it’s even.

If you say your children aren’t like that, to you I say THEY ARE LIKE THAT WHEN YOU AREN’T WATCHING.

So I had to count the balls in the bag and divide them up evenly because my daughters will count each ball.

But there were 29 balls which meant I had to eat one to make it even.

Which is the law of physics?


It was at this point that I realized I could put my balls in a bowl so they wouldn’t fall over while trying to take pictures of them.

Add some ribbon

Add some ribbon and you have an ornament and a gift in one.

Homemade Dollar Tree Ornaments

By the way, here is where the magic happens:

Where the magic happens

Get your filthy minds out of the gutter.


Yes, my balls are on a deviled egg platter.


Buddy get down

Buddy, get down.


The background of this picture is a plank of our laminate flooring leftover

It’s all smoke and mirrors, baby.

And laminate flooring.

Doggie treats in an ornament


Dollar Tree Christmas Ornaments

$1 Craft Supplies at Dollar Tree!

I was compensated for this post. This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

15 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Handmade Christmas Ornaments”

  1. I don’t have Dollar Tree here where I live, but used to before . It’s so much fun to make something out of only a few inexpensive ‘things’ and your ornaments are really cute!! Thanks for sharing at Sweet Inspiration this week!


  2. You’re right about how pricey ornaments can be – even boxed sets. The Dollar Tree (or Dollar Store and Dollarama) are becoming great stops for collecting some lovely ornaments and craft supplies these days. Love how yours turned out 🙂


    1. Yes they are! I have even found pre-made ornaments that are really cute. It varies by season but when my kids were small and broke ornaments when we trimmed the tree, Dollar Tree was a favorite around here. 🙂


  3. Cute idea!! Didn’t know Dollar Tree sold those clear ornaments, I’ve seen them at Michaels though. Thanks so much for linking up at #AThemedLinkup 6 for All Things Christmas. Shared.

    Liked by 1 person

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