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Why I Am So Damn Thankful

This post was sponsored by Shari’s Berries. I was provided their product in exchange for my words. This did not, however, influence the post. 

Whenever I am approached to write something about someone special in my life, I don’t usually turn it down.

So when my friend Brett emailed me to see if I would be interested in writing about my dear friend Rebecca last winter, I didn’t even give it a second thought.

Really, I shouldn’t need someone to ask me to compose a post about someone special in my life, I know this. But sometimes we just don’t take the time to tell our loved ones how we truly feel.

Oh sure, we say things like Love you! or Be safe! but we don’t really tell them how much they mean to us.

Brett recently reached out to me again to see if I would mind writing about someone who is special to me and why I am thankful for them. I didn’t have to think about who that someone or someones would be; I knew exactly who I would write about.

My parents.

I have written posts about my mom and dad before; I told my mom how much she meant to me on Mothers Day.

I wrote about how sad I was when my parents left Illinois for their move to Tennessee.

I have shared with all of you our many visits to their beautiful home in Chattanooga.

I told of my dad’s retirement and how proud we were of him. (one of my most favorite posts to write and to read)

I excitedly shared the news with all of you about the two of them moving back.


I feel like you know our story; you have quietly and patiently listened to me when I told our tales.

It has been such an honor to be able to share them with all of you. They are two of my favorite human beings and as long as you listen, I will always talk.

I am so thankful……

That they are able to share moments like this.

Papa and Ella decorating the tree.


Thankful that they are healthy, vibrant and happy.


I am thankful for moments like this.


I am thankful for loving family and friends who appreciate how much we appreciate them.




For momentous occasions that they no longer have to miss.





I am thankful that Ella can bake in the kitchen with her grandma.

That birthdays are no longer missed.

That we can honor our favorite veteran in person by having him speak to her class.

That I can have my mom by my side at her first ever Listen to Your Mother show.

That she can be close enough to be this little boy’s favorite human.


There are so many things I am thankful for this year, more than most years quite honestly.


Sherri’s Berries was kind enough to appreciate our gratitude and sent my parents (and us too!) some treats.


This was what was left after our children opened the box when we weren’t there to receive it.

I am thankful for my children.

I am also thankful that I ate one of those berries because the other one was gone an hour after I took this picture.

What they didn’t know is that we also received mini cheesecakes that arrived when they were in bed.
Did I mention I am also thankful for bedtime?

6 thoughts on “Why I Am So Damn Thankful”

  1. I love this! Your parents are some of my favorite blog parents. Is that weird to say? Probably. Do I feel confident that you won’t think it’s so weird? Absolutely! 😀
    It’s so great that your kiddos have a chance to experience this time.
    And I second the love of bedtime!!!


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