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My New Green Cart


A few weeks ago, my husband Mike had spent half a Saturday helping our neighbors set up a wood play area in their backyard.

In my day, they were called swing sets but now they are fancier and can do everything from babysitting your children to doing your taxes.

They had acquired it for free which is a huge deal but they needed help picking it up and assembling it, which my husband was happy to do.

In addition to giving him a beer, they sent him home with a metal cart that they no longer needed and were going to throw away.

Now, this you need to know; my husband is an acquirer of junk. I say this lovingly.

No, I don’t. 

He will come in the garage door every week and say things like WOW LOOK AT THE NEW HOSE I FOUND ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD!



He comes by it honestly, with his dad being a hoarder of all things meaningful and not.

Mike comes home from his parents with lots of crap.  Because in all reality, they want to get rid of it. Or spread the insanity to me because they know that drives me crazy.

So when I walked into the garage a few weeks ago and saw the metal cart, I was startled because this is what met me:


The metal cart that met my eyes in the garage

Isn’t it a beaut?


Now, a normal reaction would be me rolling this to the curb for garbage day but I actually took to the little fella.

I fell in love with my new cart

Yes, it is a little rough around the edges but so am I at times.

But I saw its potential.

I saw its potential

Shelves, wheels, metal.
All the things I really like in furniture.

I should feel right at ease when I am wheeled into the nursing home. 

But this was the real reason I kept the metal cart; it reminded me of a coveted cart I have had my eyes on for years at IKEA.

My coveted IKEA cart

The RASKOG Trolley.

An ugly name for a pretty piece of furniture.

But these babies were like 40 bucks and I never could justify buying it without knowing what in the hell I would put in those baskets.

So I decided I was going to turn my crappy metal cart into a thing of magic.

All of the RASKOG carts will bow down to my crappy metal cart and be in awe of it.

Sanding our metal cart

After a little work, of course.

And a little spray paint too

And a little Ocean Mist spray paint.

My crappy little metal cart turned into something pretty amazing.

I love my new green metal cart

Yes, it’s the same metal cart.

My beautiful green metal cart

Even better than a RASKOG because it has shelves that are larger.

Look at my homemade IKEA RASKOG cart!

It’s a thing of beauty now.

I can’t stop looking at it.

I even Googled “IKEA name generator” so I could name my homemade RASKOG cart.


It came up with the name SVICKLACK.

Which I believe translates to “uncontrollable diarrhea” in Swedish.

Trash to Treasure IKEA RASKOG




44 thoughts on “My New Green Cart”

  1. omg! You did a great job! I have a beige metal 1950’s typewriter stand that sure does need a coat of paint….now that I see how freakin’ awesome something meh can be with just some paint! Thank you for the inspiration once again!


    1. I am so glad I can help! Spray paint is the best way to change anything. I really think when I get old and wrinkly I am going to be asked to be spray painted.


  2. Holy Svicklack Batman!!! This looks like just the cure for your Gilmore hangover. Good for you for not judging this sweet cart by it’s gnarly yellow top. A fabulous svicklack in the rough!


  3. I’m digging the entire makeover! I have the little RASKOG cart that was a birthday gift years ago. It’s perfect for holding my craft paint and such. But your fancy new cart can hold so much more! The styling of it is fabulous. Seriously – I’m loving it! Nice job. 😀


  4. That is super-cute. I’ve had similar thoughts about that Ikea version–so cute, but not real function for me. Love what you did with yours!


  5. You are awesome! I suck with a can of spray paint. Boy do I have some sadly painted furniture your husband could come get. We threw throw cloths over it….you are amazing. I love your eye, which sounds funny but YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.


  6. It’s lovely, and I like how you styled it.

    If only a secondhand hose could have as much potential, or that there was a use for multiple propane tanks.


  7. Too funny!! I love it! And I too have coveted that same IKEA cart… We are hoarders of cast offs too… and I know just the brown and gold cart hiding in my closet waiting for a fresh coat of paint… Thanks for the inspiration!


  8. I found a 60s style bedside table with two drawers at the thrift store for $4. I gave it a coat of royal blue spray paint and it is perfect in my bathroom to hold our medical supplies and my husband’s hair trimmer. Spray paint can transform lots of things. I just painted two half 55 gallon barrels hunter green to match the trim to our cabin to make large planters for my growing blueberry bushes. The barrel was a free discard so that was two large planters for the cost of a can of paint. I did find that the spray paint with primer included did not stick as well on plastic as it did on wood. – Margy


  9. I LOVE this!! Now I want your husband to find me a metal cart! This would be great for storing my kids’ library books, toys and other crap! 🙂


  10. Wow, now I want to make something totally cool and give it a Swedish name! LOVE the color. thanks for linking up to Funtastic Friday!


  11. All the RASKOG carts in the world will bow (or is that bowel) down to your little SVICKLACK cart. She’s gorgeous Kari. Good on you and hubby for recognizing her potential.


  12. Oh my gosh…I sound like your husband 😦 I’m so glad you kept it and made her new again! Plus, I love that Ocean Mist color. I just wanted to let you know I’ll be featuring you and your new green cart at tonight’s Funtastic Friday party!


  13. Your makeover of this rolling cart with the green spray paint is super! I’m old enough to remember when those metal rolling carts were present in many, many kitchens. You really brought yours back to life, and it’s functional and attractive for a long time to come.


    1. My Gramma had one of those in her farmhouse a long time ago. I love “vintage” items. I am a “vintage” item, so that might be why.


    2. By the way, I just visited your blog and LOVE it so much. You aren’t on Bloglovin so I am not able to follow your posts. 😦 But I wanted to let you know that my daughters call my mom Mamie so I feel a kinship with you. 🙂


  14. I thought coffee was going to shoot out of my nose at your new Swedish name. That made the post even better for me! I have a new idea for the cart in my garage. Thank you!!


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