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Dollar Tree Nail Kit for Little Girls

Dollar Tree Nail Kit for Tweens and Teens


Four years ago I was birthday present shopping with Anna for a friend of hers and I said something to the effect of, “man, this is like the 7th present I have had to buy for someone you aren’t even sure you will be friends with next month”.
I cannot be the only parent that feels this way.

I am all for my daughter’s having friends but seriously with all the parties and gifts ESPECIALLY when they get older and brand names matter.

So in 2012, I came up with a fun idea to go to Dollar Tree and create a spa basket for what only cost me at the time $11 for everything including the card and gift wrapping!

I also mentioned in that post that $11 dollars won’t get you far at other stores:


$11 will get you the following at:
Old Navy- A top OR a pair of leggings. But not both.
Kohl’s – An $11 gift card but you will still have to buy the greeting card to put it in.
Sephora- A sample of perfume. That will last for two days.
Justice- $11 will get you nothing at Justice.

This was four years ago, so $11 won’t get you a top at Old Navy anymore. Okay, maybe on sale or clearance.

Ella, who is almost nine years old going on 40, is very much into grooming. Like looking her best, putting on lip gloss, hair and even perfume.

I know.

Now, we don’t let her go to school in full Toddlers and Tiara mode, but when she is at home or goes somewhere special, she likes to get all Honey Boo Boo’ed up.

Without the ball gown, Loretta Lynn hair and fake teeth. 

She has taken an interest in nail polish and painting the nails of every family member within a 10-mile radius.

This includes my husband; he has yet to be tied down to get his done but I am sure she will somehow get him one night when he is sleeping over Christmas Break.

But here is the thing: she is really good. Like so good my 16-year-old daughter will purposely ask her to paint her nails.

Ella then begs me to get her new nail polish, files, the works, constantly because she is always running out whilst creating her underage sweatshop of beauty.

So I had a magical idea: I will give her a nail kit of her own!

But to create something like that is expensive, right?




Dollar Tree has all sorts of fun nail items for a dollar each.

Now, if you are all ” well, my little petunia will not put this sub-par crap on her nails”, then this isn’t the post for you.

But for kids who love to spill things, break things, and well, use things; dollar stores are perfect.

Not all of us are on unlimited budgets so thank goodness for places like this.



If you don’t like messy things this will not go over well with you. Ella is pretty neat considering but we make sure she only does nails on an old ripped bath towel that’s been dubbed “the nail towel”.




We are saving this for one of her birthday presents in January but what a cool Christmas present for that little person who is just discovering fun like this?



$8 for a fun gift!

Don’t come complaining to me when you get nail polish on your chevron rug.

Oh sorry.

On your shiplap.


 Shop to find all of the above items and more!


This post contains affiliate links. 

22 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Nail Kit for Little Girls”

  1. I’m loving it! I didn’t start buying my girls “good” polish until they were much older. The DT stuff works just as well when they change their polish on a regular basis. This is a super cute gift.
    And the chevron rug/shiplap comment made me snort. Kudos to you! 😀


  2. We totally do this! My daughter gives dollar tree nail gifts all the time.

    Um, Ella, will you paint my toes? And make them look less like Old lady knobs? Please, please?


  3. This is such a great idea. Gift-giving can get CRAZY expensive and it really doesn’t need to be! The Dollar Store/Dollar Tree (and others like it) have so much to offer these days. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂


  4. What the hell is shiplap?! I swear that’s not a real thing lol.

    Love this!! I know some young girls who would love a cute little makeup kit like this—that pouch is adorable.

    Stopping in from sits sharefest and hope you are having a nice weekend 🙂


  5. Kari, I enjoy your humorous posts. In fact, I was on here one night reading several of your humorous posts. You have a real gift for expressing yourself & I love that. This is a great idea for a little girl gift! I’ve found that the simplest put-togethers can please a little girl far more than something expensive. You go!


    1. Oh Florence, that makes my heart soar! Thank you so much for that compliment.

      Ella still has that little makeup case and uses it to this day, so it was a good investment!


  6. I love your nail kit put together – I’ve found a curated collection of things from a dollar store always goes over well without breaking the bank. Thanks for sharing with Party in Your PJs!


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