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Why #Netflix Is Making Me Absolutely Unmotivated in 2017 #StreamTeam


My couch and my butt plan to be besties in January because I saw the list of what is coming to Netflix and I am clearing my calendar now.

Caddyshack, Justin Bieber Never Say Never (stop judging), original Superman, the Superman with Richard Pryor, and Netflix is re-making One Day at a Time.

NOW, normally I have very strong feelings about remakes.

In that I hate them.

I feel like Hollywood is running out of ideas because the same people are making movies: old white men with no sense of humor.

But Netflix, they have their shit together.

I also feel like Netflix needs to take a look at my screenplay.

Call me!

So I am easing on the reigns of One Day at a Time for quite a few reasons:

  • Mackenzie Phillips annoyed the crap out of me.
  • Bonnie Franklin is dead and I miss her.
  • Pat Harrington is dead and I miss him.
  • It reminds me of my childhood.
  • I need a diversion from the end of the Gilmore Girls revival.
  • Yes, I am still bitter.
  • I am interested to see who will play Schneider in the re-make.
  • It better not be George Lopez.



There’s also plenty to watch this month too although, if I am being honest, the Christmas movie selection needs to be pimped up next year.

By the way, National Lampoon’s Animal House is not a holiday movie. 

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is. 

Oh and now you can download movies to your device to watch for later, which is huge for those who travel.

Now my husband doesn’t have to bring his circa 2001 DVD player on the plane for business trips.

That Netflix, always looking out for us.

But seriously with the Christmas movie selection. 


4 thoughts on “Why #Netflix Is Making Me Absolutely Unmotivated in 2017 #StreamTeam”

  1. One Day at a Time! I miss Bonnie too. I loved Snyder. Childhood memories. I’m gonna need to get me a Netflix account. When we moved I could no longer “share” my friends account ?


  2. Omg. We could live at each other’s homes. I’m a total Netflix addict. Mostly the creepy crime documentaries and crime shows. I don’t like the remakes either but I didn’t think the Gilmore girls coming back was so great either. I may ease into that one. – Happy New Year to you!


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