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Finding a Cheaper Way to Store Voodoo Essential Oils




Do you know that some people on Etsy are charging 60 bucks plus for racks to hold your voodoo magic?

Ahem, I mean essential oils.

I do love Etsy but some shops are pissing me off with the prices they are charging.

125 smackaroos for a personalized family sign is NEVER EVER HAPPENING.

I am all for small businesses but seriously have you not heard of Pinterest?


So when I went hunting for ideas to store my ever-growing essential oil collection, I headed to Pinterest for ideas to make my own.


I really liked this one.


How to store essential oils: Make your own Essential Oil Wall Shelf #essentialoils:


Until I read add strips to bind boards together.
Me and building stuff is like me and a buffet restaurant. Never the twain shall meet.

Two words: sneeze guard.




Unrefined Essential oil display Essential oil by MixerandMaker More:


For $44, you could have this really cool looking display.

Then I realized:

-I don’t want to pay 44 dollars (two bottles of VERY SMALL essential oils, by the way) for a rack to display my oils

-I don’t know that I want to display my oils. Just keep them together neatly.

-but if I need them to be out and about on my counters, I do want them to look nice.

-there is WAY too much thinking involved in this first world voodoo health word problem.


So I did what I do best when I have conundrums: I eat my feelings. Then I went to Goodwill. Or maybe it was the other way around. It wasn’t clear at that point.

Pass the clarity oil, or whatever it’s called.



Goodwill will calm me! I don’t need no stinking oils!

Except for the Thieves. I do need Thieves. 




Originally I bought this because I had a vision in the aisles of a very busy Goodwill on a Sunday morning.

This would make a perfect essential oil holder!

Ignore the middle candle holder thing, which by the way is the weirdest candle holder known to man because of one thing: flammability.


Correct me if I am wrong but that’s called a campfire.

Then I got it home and couldn’t remove the candle holder.

So I set it on fire.

Just kidding.

I’m saving it for a bonfire in the summer. 

Ooh, look what else I got that day!



A tray!! What? You get excited about leggings with cats on them, I get excited about wooden trays.

Tomato, tomahtoe.




A cool plastic medallion with no purpose!!

It isn’t orange anymore.

I know you were concerned.

I will be writing about these in another post because I know how you can appreciate follow through.

So then, as I was carrying my kindling candle holder for 99 cents, I happened to turn around and see this:




 Essential Oil containment like no other.

Not the green cake stand but the wooden bowl like thing.



I think it might have been one big ass salad bowl.

Or a wooden bong.

Not sure.

But it was perfect for what I needed it for.



I took it off of the counter because I don’t need to be reminded of my voodoo addiction all damn day.



My beautiful green metal cart


Much better.





12 thoughts on “Finding a Cheaper Way to Store Voodoo Essential Oils”

  1. ? I love it when you post. You are so much fun. My oils are shoved in a cabinet, well half of them are, the other half are lined up like little soldiers along by bathroom counter. Hey!!! I’m always looking for diffuser recipes for my oils that use them in combos and smell good. What are your favorite smell good diffuser recipes?


    1. All winter, I diffuse Thieves or my Spark alternative which is called Shield. It smells like Christmas.
      I also love clove and lemon together. Also, I LOVE Arborvitae. It smells like the woods is in my house,


  2. Your writing never fails to make me smile. Love this idea too. I use Thieves all the time. My all time favorite essential oil. Great post!


  3. “You get excited about leggings with cats on them, I get excited about wooden trays.” <—- this made me lol because I got cat leggings for Christmas and I'm unreasonably excited about them haha


  4. You made me laugh so hard with the wooden candle holder and its flammability lol. Love your solution more than any of the Pinterest versions you saw, there’s no need to display all our stuff.
    Thanks so much for sharing it with us at Sweet Inspiration, enjoy the rest of the week!


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