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What’s On Your Netflix List? #StreamTeam


I was going to write a post about My List on Netflix and what I watch, don’t watch blah blah blah.

Then after perusing My List and saw that I had two, TWO Fireplace shows on there, I felt that it would be the most boring and depressing post known to man and I might get the shaft from Netflix come deciding time next year.

But I love a good documentary and Netflix has TONS of them to watch. In fact, most of the documentaries I have seen on Netflix are very good.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been some real snoozers but for the most part, I know I can count on my big red friend to provide some pretty great viewing when it comes to real life documentaries.

Note- if you go to the Netflix website, they have even more shows listed that you can add to your list; more than what is listed on your television. Probably because of the whole I can spend three hours just browsing thing that meme’s everywhere are mocking.

Here are some documentaries that are on Netflix right now that I think you need to watch.







I have seen all the above documentaries and can tell you that you will laugh, cry, yell and be completely focused while watching. Meaning you won’t look at your phone once to text, tweet, scroll Facebook, send an email, pin a brownie recipe while watching the above. I promise.



And here are documentaries on My List that I haven’t seen yet.



Miss Sharon Jones! 

Amanda Knox

God Grew Tired of Us

Fannie’s Last Supper

Flight of the Butterflies

The Irish Pub


Dogs on the Inside



Tell me your favorite documentaries because the good Lord knows I got nothing but time.



6 thoughts on “What’s On Your Netflix List? #StreamTeam”

  1. I LOVE documentaries. My kids will hate that I just screen shot your list for our viewing enjoyment. ? Which ones are funny? Smiling is my favorite. ?

    P.S. I bravely did it. I published that post. Where’s the biting my fingernails emoji? HAPPY FRIDAY, my friend.


      1. Because I just started it and it’s basic and plain and I’m still looking for my voice…and, and, and. I had no idea of a name. I think one day I’ll just get a domain for my actual name except what if a crazy google my name???? Do you ever think of this stuff? Blog lovin feed…oh yeah. I need to add it. Thx! (But I refuse to get on Twitter because I STILL have no clue what people are saying on there!!)


      2. I just heard of reddit for the first time last week. We were watching our current favorite show with Leah Remini. The one about Scientology. Do you watch it? They were answering questions they received from reddit. That’s all I know about it!


      3. I haven’t but I want to. I would see her name in my guide on tv and think it was the old show.
        Now I want to watch it; we watched her interview about leaving the church on 20/20 a few years ago.
        DVR’ing it today.

        I still don’t know how Reddit works.


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