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The Desk That Wouldn’t Die


Seven years ago, we became owners of a desk.


Desk makeover
It had drawers, I swear.


My friend Rebecca gave it to us since her youngest daughter wasn’t using it anymore.

Look at how pristine it came to me?

I don’t have children like that. I wish I did but I don’t.

So in 2012, I decided that I was going to paint it for my oldest daughter who was then 12 years old.



Cute enough, really. And she did love it. But my children ruined it.

I say that lovingly.

A few years later, Anna decided she was finished with the desk and I decided that I was going to give the desk to Ella.

So in 2014, I painted it for Ella’s room.


Desk makeover


I hated it right after I painted it but I was am cheap and in a hurry.

I waited for Ella’s reaction, which was glee. She was six years old, wanted a desk of her own like her big sis, and I am sure could envision all the damage she would be incurring on this desk.

One year later, this was what the desk looked like:


sketch marks on desk

desk in need of painting


Elementary school graffiti all over the top, knobs that were jumping ship, paint chipping left and right. The desk was a pile of hot steaming mess.

So did I take the desk out of the culprit’s room?


I re-painted it and put the damn desk BACK INTO the offender’s room.


little girl's coral desk


A little over a year later, this is what the top of that desk looked like:


I know what you are thinking and yes, I feed my daughter.

She didn’t eat her desk to be clear. It just looks like she did.

I should state that my mother in law (who hates me) gave my then eight-year-old daughter with ADHD a massive Costco-size case of clay, molds and plastic knives for Christmas.

So she wasn’t eating the desk or purposely ruining the desk. She was creating a clay bomb butterfly in her room and this is what happens to paint when you do that.

I think you are seeing why I had to wear an event monitor over Christmas break now.

It was as I was staring at the wreckage after the kids went back to school that I had a brainstorm.

I don’t have a desk. I need a desk because I actually write, compute, and need a place to do that on a daily basis.

I was using the kitchen table and having to move my computer every night for dinner. Some nights we actually ate on top of the computer if I was tired or lazy.

So I had Mike help me drag the desk out to the garage.



I painted it all off-white; Heirloom White by Rustoleum.



It is perfectly nestled in my most favorite room of the house.



I am writing this post at my new desk and I love it. It is the perfect height, the chair is just right for my back and I have churned out two articles and two posts in one day. I’d say that the desk is happy to finally have a loving owner.



With a past.



20 thoughts on “The Desk That Wouldn’t Die”

  1. I’m not sure if a piece of furniture in my house has been treated so special LOL. You sure have gotten a lot of use out of it! Hats off to you 🙂 I think it looks perfect right where it is and unless you go completely crazy, (you never know 🙂 it should stay looking just like that for the foreseeable (sp) future! Great job, hon!


  2. I don’t have kids like that….. LOL. Eat her desk…. your humor is wonderful. I love how handy you are at repurposing your stuff. Great desk!! My goal is to have a small area one day too. My husband has his computer and papers all laid out on the dining room table, mine are on the breakfast table. ?


  3. Wow, that desk has been through a lot! You’ve definitely got your use out of it. I like how you’ve repurposed it several times. The new paint on it looks great.


  4. Why it’s a regular member of the family! I love how you wouldn’t give up on it and just kept on fixing it up and making it over. I have a few of those in my house too. I’m glad that your desk has finally found it’s proper owner.


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