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Laundry Sucks. Let’s Make a Sign


A few weeks ago I was perusing Pinterest and I found something so wonderful that I pinned it then emailed it to myself and texted it to myself for good measure.
What? It’s good. Just look.




After some clicking, it turns out a blog called A Girl and a Glue Gun made this.

Well, the blog didn’t make it, the blogger did.

I need to tell you this though, I couldn’t head to her blog because my Kaspersky was going nuts telling me PHISHING ALERT! 



I had to restart my computer because I couldn’t even finish writing this post with all the DANGER, WILL ROBINSON!!

I was going to give you the link to her Instagram but I am a little miffed at her now because of my anti-virus being a dick.

Google her, if you feel so inclined.




Getting back to the sign, ISN’T THAT THE BEST SIGN EVER MADE????

I wanted that sign.

I needed that sign.

Normally I just pin craft crap left and right and never make anything.

I do make a lot of the recipes but anything pertaining to decorating or painting or crafting?

Uh, that’s a negative, Will Robinson.

 I like to eat more than I like to craft so…….

But now that I don’t eat as much (see recent Weight Watchers post), I need to fill the aforementioned feeding frenzy times with things other than sitting on my computer and researching food establishments for my other writing job.

I was making that sign instead of eating a Ho-Ho or writing about a Pupusa.




And I enlisted my best friend to help me.

Because if there is one thing I am known for, penmanship isn’t one of them.

Rebecca has a history of writing on pieces of a chalkboard in our home.



That was in 2011; almost six years ago when my youngest wasn’t even in school yet. See her Playdoh at the end of the table? She was “helping”.


That was the sound of my heart falling on the floor.



I lured Rebecca over with Boca chicken sammies and 100 calorie blueberry muffins.

I should have made a sign that said DIETS SUCK but then I would need one for every room in my home.



She suggested writing in real chalk first so we could erase any mistakes and the only chalk I had was sidewalk chalk because I am not Martha Stewart.



Of course, Buddy helped because his handwriting is better than mine.

All kidding aside, I did take over the chalk pen writing from Rebecca and thanks to her chalk outline (heh), here is what it looked like:


I painted the frame to look like the original but it’s really hard to re-create a stained wood with paint.

Also, while perusing paints Rebecca and I had a “moment” in the paint aisle of Hobby Lobby.

It was during the VERY LOUD 70’s instrumental Muzak that Rebecca said through laughter and tears, ” I can’t concentrate” and “I think I’ve lost my will to live”.

It was really hard to focus on paint choice when a song that is a cross between Music Box Dancer, The Entertainer and Popcorn is playing full blast in the echoey aisles of the local craft store.








Rebecca finally came to her senses and found a color called Barn Wood.

It looked a little taupe-y, kind of grayish which led us to a conversation about barns and how in the olden days (circa 1995) we called “barn wood” red.

That, in turn, led to a conversation about how barns shouldn’t be penned into a certain color. Every barn is different and there are many color barns.

Embrace all barns no matter their color, shape, size or sexual orientation. 

A life lesson, really.

Then I started thinking that the people who come up with names like “barn wood” have probably never in their life set foot on a farm. So when the “barn wood” paint looked more old lady than old barn, I was irritated.



Damn yuppy paint namers.



The finished-ish product. You can see some of the chalk dust but that is gone now. I know you were full of trepidation.

Here it is in my laundry “room”.



I say “room” because it isn’t a “room”. It’s a closet.

I wrote about it here, so I won’t bore you with the details.

Let’s just say porno music is involved.



It’s really hard to take a picture in this dark hallway but ISN’T MY SIGN SO COOL??



Thank you, Rebecca.

The cost to make:

Chalkboard (7.99) they did have blank signs that looked like the original with the frame and everything but they are 24.99 and there wasn’t a sale that day so I found a cheaper alternative.

Chalk paint pen– 2.99

“Barn wood” paint– 1.00

Paint brushes– 2.99 for a pack of 6

If you make a DIETS SUCK sign, I want pictures.


26 thoughts on “Laundry Sucks. Let’s Make a Sign”

  1. I’m thinking that creating that sign is a great way to avoid doing laundry. My craft room is right next to my laundry room. Every so often, when the crafting stars align, I can multitask by creating between loads. In a perfect world I would get all laundry caught up and all unfinished projects completed in the same day. I would also be able to drink a pot of flavored coffee and binge watch anything while feeling accomplished.


  2. Love the sign – and that you left off the “since 1552”. I may be missing something, but that year seemed so random. In fact I just googled “what happened in 1552”. Nothing exciting. Though I would assume laundry did suck then too. Probably more.


    1. Right?? We googled it because we were all IS THAT WHEN LAUNDRY WAS INVENTED? I am gonna say its been around since the beginning of time.


      1. well, not the beginning of time because Adam & Eve were naked you know, but certainly since the fig leaves came about..


  3. This was such a funny post. You had me on the floor with the beginning. Love your sign Kari. And you are lucky to have Rebecca to do half the work for you. I have my daughter doing the same thing, although lately she has not been very helpful.


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