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Blog Trends That Prove I Will Never Be Cool Enough to Hang with “Real” Bloggers


Disclaimer- these are things that annoy me. I am not suggesting that if you do any of the following, you must change. I write this thing called a “blog” where I share my pet peeves, talk about John Hughes, diet, binge eat, diet, eat again, and occasionally write a sponsored post. I am not out to get you. 
But seriously, do something about the pop-ups. 



Pop Up’s Are Nothing Like Pop Tarts

Lately, I’ve been inundated with these things called pop-ups when I read a blog.

Pop-ups are portals to hell that urge you to follow said blogger on Pinterest!


Subscribe! Subscribe! Subscribe!

 Follow me while I go buy a donut!

Oh wait, I will follow you there.

Nevertheless, I find it an invasion of my white space and quite honestly annoying to have to pull a MacGyver to maneuver your blog.

If I want to subscribe, sign up or follow you to get a donut, I can figure it out for myself without being assaulted.

This isn’t the first time I have been on this new-fangled thing called the internet.

I don’t care what SITS is telling you, it’s annoying.



Recipes with Step by Step Pictures

I love recipes! I get excited when I find a new recipe on Pinterest that has just a few ingredients or even better, just a few Weight Watchers points! But I don’t get excited when I happen upon the website/blog where my new recipe is awaiting. Wanna know why? Because there are 25 pictures separating me from my new culinary BFF.

Why do I need to see you crack an egg into a bowl?

If this is the first time you’ve ever cracked an egg, a blog is not where you need to be.
I don’t want to see every thought process, step and lovely DSLR picture of your kitchen.

I need to know how many tablespoons of Nutella to put in my damn cake.




Twitter Parties

Have you ever attended a “Twitter Party”?

Attended is a stretch.

You essentially RSVP to be at this virtual party which in essence is saying, “I promise to be sitting on my couch with a bag of Funyuns at 8 pm EST on March 1 and pledge an hour of my time to suck up to a brand”.

I have been to plenty of “Twitter Parties” in my blogging career and not one is fun.

It is the saddest party I have ever been to.

Instead of putting all of my time and energy into these “parties”, I would rather get together with bloggers in person.

Because drinking wine out of a Chuck E Cheese cup alone in my bedroom and tweeting about how Aldi’s peaches are so juicy #Aldi #PeachesSoJuicy in order to win a gift card, doesn’t feel genuine to me.


fun Netflix inspired girls party

For the Last Time: I am Not Independently Creative

I see (especially in the DIY or food blog realm) bloggers who share HOW TO CREATE A FUN VALENTINES/4TH OF JULY/HANNUKAH/FESTIVUS/FIRST DAY OF SPRING PARTY with handmade popcorn holders, specially-shaped chocolate desserts, printables that YOU AT HOME CAN DO TOO!

I can’t do that at home too.

I get people who say to me all the time, OH YOU MUST BE SO CREATIVE WHAT WITH THAT BLOG AND ALL, and I just stare at them and blink because I realize they have never read my blog, bless their hearts.

I am gonna let the cat out of the bag: a lot of those bloggers have companies paying them for those cool “parties” they throw at home.

The handmade popcorn holders were in some cases, Fed Ex’d to them the day prior.

And by the way, it’s really easy to create printables for free.

Look up your favorite quote, head to Pic Monkey, and create your own printable.

I even made one for you!


I can’t take credit for the quote. Found it on Pinterest with no source. I DIDN’T WRITE IT.


I “created” a party a few years ago for my then first grader because Netflix chose me to and paid me to as well. They sent me a gift card, some supplies and set me loose in a Target. If I had not received any of the above, I would not have had the party.


pink party cupcakes


I didn’t make those cupcakes; Target did and they were 70% off because even if you give me free money, I am still gonna be cheap.

So there you have it. I can see bloggers getting their panties in a ruffle over this.

Did I tell you how very pretty you look today?

Don’t send me hate mail.

Unless it has a Target gift card in it.

24 thoughts on “Blog Trends That Prove I Will Never Be Cool Enough to Hang with “Real” Bloggers”

  1. I’m a guilty party of reviewing products in exchange for my opinion. But I’m with you on the rest. I have hardly a crafty bone in my body. Trying to X out of so many pop-ups is irritating. And I’ve only attended one Twitter party. But, to each their own.


    1. I do too Terra, especially if it fits the tone of my blog. So there is no beef there but man pop ups really need to go away. I am all for bloggers making money and gaining followers but there has to be a better way.
      They don’t invite me to their parties any more and I am sure I slammed that door today. 🙂


  2. I only visit a few special blogs so I don’t have many problems. One of those is YOURS and you give me giggles and snorts LOL. I don’t cook so I don’t do recipes but have been to blogs that post WAY too many photos. All photos are photo shopped today so I can’t even admire what a good shot it was. I’m sick of that.
    I agreed with everything you said 🙂 I hope your day is just peachy!


  3. Oh I looooove party tutorials! I don’t know why, but I think they’re cute. But yes, so much to the other things. “I don’t care what SITS is telling you” made me actually lol :’D


    1. I love DIY tutorials with all of the pictures because I am a visual person. So maybe they are good for people who need them (ie: beginner cooks).

      I hope SITS doesn’t hurt me now.


  4. I can relate to every one of these “blogger pissies”! The pop-ups are the worst, at least for me. Too many pop-ups or ads, and I’m off of your site faster than you can call me to dinner.

    I’ve never even heard of a Twitter party, but sure doesn’t sound like I’m missing anything there.


  5. Wait, how did you know my panties have ruffles? No, they don’t-can you imagine the level of panty lines that would cause? So now is not the time to admire your creativity? Noted. Can you come over for a Twitter party? By Twitter, I mean like all a Twitter…like flustered. We can sit around and stress eat! I will make you homemade kettle corn and you can live tweet how many batches and body parts I burn…so enticing, right? Makes the eleven hour drive seem well worth it! I have peanut m&m’s…lots of them!


  6. I do all my blogging (and reading of blogs) from my iPhone and when a pop-up pops up it literally covers the entire screen which DRIVES ME INSANE. Quit begging for followers people, I’m trying to read your blogpost here! Plus it has the opposite reaction – if I’m met with a pop-up I’m LESS likely to follow them.

    I can’t really comment on the rest – I don’t cook, I don’t do social media and I don’t host parties. I’m super fun.


  7. This is why you are the BEST. I’m over all of that as well. I remember back in the good old days when blogs were REAL and fun. You really connected with people. Now it just feels like you are walking into a Walmart or something. I’m ready for the current blogger trend to end already. Let’s get back to exactly what you’ve done here– Be Ourselves!!


  8. Twitter parties are the worst. It feels like the equivalent to a bunch of 5 year olds all in a room, talking at one adult, all at the same time – and no one is listening to each other, including the adult.

    Also, “because even if you give me free money, I am still gonna be cheap” cracks me up. I’m the same way! “Why are you still shopping in the clearance section – you have a gift card” Yeah, this gift card is going to get me a whole new wardrobe if I plan it right (ok, maybe not a whole new one, but more than one tshirt).


  9. I hate pop ups and have never attended a Twitter party. Jumped over here to check out your blog after you commented on my Snow in Alabama post, thanks again!


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