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Some of My Best Blog Post Ideas Come to Me in the Comment Section

Of other people’s blogs.

It’s no surprise that I love to comment on other blogs posts. Yes, that’s still a thing.

I love supporting my fellow bloggers, I love having genuine conversations with them about A-Ha’s Take on Me or how that fried ice cream casserole looks amazing but mostly because I love to talk.

Sometimes I will comment on a blog post and think to myself, “damn, this would make a great post on my blog”. Then be kind of irritated that some of my best material is being used on other people’s forums.

Maybe I am wasting away my God-given talent in the comment section!

Maybe I am using up my precious writer resources!

Just like they say when you are trying to conceive a baby you should hold in all the sex so the sperm is abundantly waiting to impregnate said conceiver.

Or whatever.

By the way, I didn’t see this post taking that turn.


So I noticed this most recently when I was commenting on my friend Andrea’s blog last week.

She was talking about the rock band Kiss and I went into memory overload because apparently, I have a lot of repressed Kiss memories.

This is what I wrote:

I first saw Kiss on the television set when I was probably 7. Deep into the 70’s, my brother and I were left unattended in my parents master bedroom while they had friends over. Over Stouffer’s French bread pizza, we found a movie with Kiss in it and were mesmerized. I feel like this comment could become a great blog post. I need to also find the name of that movie and watch the hell out of it again.


The movie, I now know thanks to Google, is Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park.

Oh and Kiss is spelled KISS. All caps. Sorry for the typo, Kiss.

I mean



A couple of notes:

-our parents didn’t lock us in their bedroom “unattended” when they had friends over.

-this was back in the day when adults didn’t mingle with kids. It was the 70’s, a time of stay at home parent’s (see link for definition) so parents needed us to get the hell away from them at night so they could hang with their friends, drink Blatz and talk about what happened on Dallas that week. (that might be a sweeping generalization)

-Stouffer’s French Bread pizza is very underrated. But it doesn’t taste as good as it did in 1979 because the crunchy people took all the chemicals out of it.

-I miss sitting on the floor with my little brother watching KISS movies.

10 thoughts on “Some of My Best Blog Post Ideas Come to Me in the Comment Section”

  1. While you were watching KISS, I was in a different Ohio small town watching Revenge of the Nerds while my parents played cards with friends and pretended their children weren’t watching wildly age inappropriate movies. Good times.


  2. Do you think we all have scars on the roofs (spellcheck doesn’t like any ways I try to spell that) of our mouths from scorching hot Stouffer’s french bread pizza sauce? (Or just me too impatient to wait for that damn thing to cool a little?)
    More to the point, do I NEED to watch that KISS movie?


    1. I still have scars because I am STILL eating it right out of the oven.
      And now I want pizza.
      And I am on a low carb diet.
      Little Kari is disappointed.


  3. I don’t remember what I watched in the 70s but I do remember rocking bell bottoms in church!


  4. Ah KISS, I love them! By the way, don’t you find blog ideas in your own comments section? I would love to see a post of yours inspired by a comment section of your own blog 🙂


  5. I’m with you on the blog commenting. I still do it too.
    Although I have a blog that’s a job in and of itself, I love reading other people’s posts and about their daily lives.
    I used to have dreams (more like nightmares) about KISS when I was younger. The dream always consisted of cute green puppies turning into the KISS band members. Freaked me out every time.


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