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I’m a Little Mad at Netflix #StreamTeam

I forgot to write for Netflix in April.

Call it menopause brain. Call it that my usual last week of the month Netflix writing was interrupted by my birthday week and I didn’t write for anyone (including those paying me) the entire week. Call it I am a little mad at Netflix.

I don’t like the show 13 Reasons Why, (no I won’t link to it), and I don’t want to “have a discussion” about it.

Not on this blog.

I have a 17-year-old and a nine-year-old with ADHD and anxiety, so I REALLY don’t want a television show out there who’s MO is all about suicide, even giving step by step instructions on how to do it.

To be clear, I have talked to my teenager about this show and told her that if she wants to talk, has questions, etc.. that we are here and completely open to it.

I realize that this series is based on a book that was written in 2007.

I also realize that if a teenager or child wants to kill themselves, they will do it.

But instead of spending your millions of dollars on making this program, Netflix, why don’t you spend your money on a documentary style show for teens that depicts what is wrong with our mental health care and insurance systems? Maybe even urge them to make a difference instead of teaching them how to end their lives?


So I didn’t write a monthly post for the first time in three-plus years and I don’t feel guilty.

I love all the people I have worked with in public relations at Netflix, who want me to have “conversations” with my readers about this show. But to be fair, almost everyone whom I have come into contact with is in their early, just out of college, twenties without children. They have no concept of how hard it would be to have these conversations with real teenagers who may or may not have come out of their uteruses.

I am not in denial nor am I putting proverbial blinders on in order to ignore this series.

I live in a community that was rocked by the suicide of a beautiful 15-year-old girl last summer.

We had this talk in August.

We had this talk yet again on Thanksgiving Day when a friend of a friend took his life the night before.

So we got this Netflix.

I think I can take it from here.


Instead of having a conversation, head here to read an article about teenagers who started an amazing project called 13 Reasons Why Not.





10 thoughts on “I’m a Little Mad at Netflix #StreamTeam”

  1. I haven’t watched it but was tempted because of just wanting to see why you are upset about it. Millions of people are afflicted with mental illness and there are NOT ENOUGH facilities to help them. One of my biggest prayers goes out to homeless people with mental illness and no way to get help. I can’t imagine what they are going through. My own psychiatrist is flooded with patients and it’s hard to get in to see her. We as a nation have to do something about this. Period. Maybe then there would be less suicides. My own friend is trying to find a support group for PTSD and can’t find one! We are not a small town either. Shame on us!


    1. It is RIDICULOUS that we have to pay out of pocket for mental health care. It should be as easy and cost effective as going in for a strep test or getting a booster shot. Simple as that.


  2. I actually agree with your thoughts.I have 4 grown daughters;my youngest is 19.I have adult ADHD and as you surely are aware,anxiety goes hand in hand with that.Depessive symptoms when I was younger,mostly due to my silliness!At almost 56,I have become that cute,funny older lady,lol.I and my 19 year old did watch the show.Having lost my virginity to a “date rape”,the scenes depicting the assaults were troubling.As well as the SCENE itself.I have personally lost 3 individuals in my life due to undiagnosed mental illness,which resulted in their suicides.It haunts me so.So many suffer in silence,rather than seek help.I do not even have a relationship with my mother due to her denial of her horrible abuse towards me,from my conception.She clearly is in emotional pain.I have a small Pinterest board dedicated to those I lost and to Mental Health Awareness.Maybe,as in my daughters case;more people will realize that “no way could I do that to myself,nor to you and all those that love me.”All of my girls have been aware that I am a tad,”different”.But,I have always looked at the positive side of my particular ADHD…Am one of the funniest,giving,understanding,accepting,and love people.We all are having a rough time,let’s support and be kind.All have imperfections,the key is to use those imperfections to our advantage,for the better,not a disability or hinderance.Thanks for the post!Best wishes!??


  3. My teen read the book and she was really disturbed by it. She was shocked it’s being shown on Netflix.


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