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Our Dog Has a Netflix Profile and Other Random Bits #StreamTeam


I discovered this a few weeks ago while innocently hopping over to my profile from Ella’s account.

Speaking of hopping, my husband’s Netflix profile name is Hop Along because he falls a lot.

Long story.

Let’s just say he once fell down the escalator in the John Hancock building and looked like a gunshot victim for the long commute home via public transportation.

He was limping for weeks, hence the nickname.


So back to the dog.

Ella decided it would be funny to make a profile for Buddy because he is a big part of the family.

One could argue, possibly the biggest part of the family. (that “one” would be the dog himself) I mean, he is adorable, loving, loyal, patient and pretty good at catching a ball. He also likes John Hughes movies, HGTV and Tyler Henry.

So when discovering that Buddy had a profile, I didn’t flinch. I clicked on the icon. Because I wanted to know what he was watching.

Oh, what? YOU DID TOO.


Turns out he likes a butt ton of kids movies.

Secret Life of Pets, Trolls, Zootopia, Minions, etc. etc. etc….

I guess I felt like there was more depth there but sadly, no.

But then again, I am watching Bridget Jones’ Baby and that damn Journey documentary like I am getting paid to do it.

Oh, wait.


I do have two documentaries for you to watch this month:



What? So I have a Colin Firth problem. 

The Keepers. You seriously need to watch this.

I hate to say “binge-worthy” or “it’s so good” because these are real people’s real stories, but we binge watched this docu-series over four days.

It made us sad, very angry and now view the Catholic church in a completely different light.

Watch, take notes, and let’s discuss when you’re done.



Actually, all three of these documentaries are a must-see on my list but I just finished Embrace and it is changing how I look at myself and others, as well as how I talk about my weight, food, etc.. in front of my daughters.

Again, watch, take notes and let’s discuss when you’re done.

I feel like we should start one big ass, fun Netflix watching group.


My mom has a movie she wants you to see:



I haven’t watched it yet because I am busy building my shrine to Colin Firth. But I will get on that when I am done.










14 thoughts on “Our Dog Has a Netflix Profile and Other Random Bits #StreamTeam”

  1. Haven’t started watching The Keepers yet. I love, love The Minimalists. Thanks for recommending it! I’ve seen it 3x .


  2. Just added The Keepers. If you say it’s good, then I’m watching! I seriously don’t know what I’d do if it weren’t for Netflix and the “other” one. What did we do before it? LOL


  3. I made a note to check out The Keepers. My husband and I are the main Netflix watchers in our house. We spend more time looking for a movie than actually watching one. Lately we’ve been giving up and watching Kimmy Schmidt.


    1. OMG me too. I will spend an hour looking to add stuff to my list and then go to bed because I am tired from searching.
      For me, my fall backs are usually Kimmy, Gilmore Girls or Bridget Jones, as mentioned above.
      Oh and the Journey documentary.


  4. I will start The Keepers tonight. I’m so excited about this post!!
    And I’m glad Buddy is there to keep Ella young. 😉


  5. Thanks for the Netflix suggestions! I will write them down so I don’t forget. You definitely had me at Colin Firth. 😉 We’re still watching the last series of OITNB. We maybe get to watch 2 episodes a week due to my hubby’s work schedule.


  6. You always make me laugh Kari. I have seen more than a few Colin Firth movies myself. I’m curious, what exactly is the Keepers about? And Embrace definitely looks like one to watch. I’ll put them on the list. Enjoy your break.


    1. You really need to watch The Keepers. It made me so damn mad but we couldn’t stop watching it.

      I am enjoying summer so much more this year and I think not having the pressure to write is a big reason.
      But I miss writing, so I look forward to the end of August for that reason alone.


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