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Back to School Necessities for Parents

This page includes affiliate links as I am a part of the Amazon affiliate program.

Back to school is in full swing here as I am sure it is for you, so I am officially “back” to writing here again. Yes, I was writing posts for sponsored content only because the deadlines couldn’t be helped. But I am officially back back today!

For all of you who are also going through the back to school rat race, I have you covered like never before. If you have Prime, you can have the following gems within a day.


Back to School, Supplies, Amazon, Affiliate

Top Shelf Flasks Stainless Steel Flask & Funnel Set, 8 oz


A stainless steel flask


Or if you want to keep your drinking out in the open:


FREEZE Cooling Wine Glasses (Set of 2) by HOST



Cooling wine glasses


Pacific Rim Riesling Sampler Mixed Pack, 3 x 750 mL


A three-pack of booze

Riesling is low-carb, so really you are drinking for your health.


Mens Sometimes I Wet My Plants - Popular Funny Quote T-Shirt XL Dark Heather


a t-shirt to wear to curriculum night for her (now unavailable, womp womp)


Panoware Men's I Shaved My Balls For This Funny T-Shirt Black XXL


a t-shirt to wear to curriculum night for him 



Teacher suck-up gifts 


Dunkin Donuts Aladdin Tumbler, This Teacher Runs on Dunkin', 16-oz

coffee tumbler



coloring book


Funny Expletive Grammar BLACK13F39 - 11 Oz Coffee Mug - Funny Inspirational and Sarcasm

a mug that also teaches


You don’t have to thank me for all the compliments you will get. But do let me know when that annoying PTO mom gives you a dirty look. I live for shit like that.


It’s so good to be back…….


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14 thoughts on “Back to School Necessities for Parents”

  1. Man, I want that mug. And if you’d shown up to curriculum night with that t-shirt on, I’d have known you were my ally. 🙂


  2. OMG, I’m dying with those shirts, BUAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

    Also, I’m here because I noticed the flask and was like WHO DIS! I’m tired of seeing apples 🙂 Such a fun round up and thank you for the giggle! Found you via SITS Sharefest!


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