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Ella and Her Horses



Ella, Horses, Netflix, Ad

Our Ella loves horses. Loves is an understatement. Lives is a better description. Ella lives for horses or her horses, as she says.

To be clear, she doesn’t have any horses, but in her mind, they are hers. Every horse she has ever met, hugged, ridden, said hello to from afar; they are all hers.

Horses are Ella’s literal spirit animal.

I hear people using the phrase “spirit animal” daily.

That person is my spirit animal (which makes absolutely no sense).

Pizza is my spirit animal (which makes much more sense).


Netflix, Horses, Ella


Horses are pretty spectacular, but for Ella, horses carry her to a place where there is no hurt, no sadness, no rejection. When she has a bad day at school, she goes to her room and plays with her horse models. When we are at the store, she is always on the lookout for riding pants, boots, or helmets instead of Barbies, candy, or toys. When she is with her best friend, all they talk about is how they can’t wait to ride, how someday they will live on a horse farm, and how if someone ever hurt a horse, they will kneecap them.

Those girls are MY spirit animal.


Ella, Horses, Netflix, Spon


She also loves any type of show or movie with horses in them as well, and thanks to Netflix, she can watch them all hours of the day.

Winnie. Winnie.

This summer, they hooked her and her best friend on the show Free Rein and Spirit Riding Free.


Spirit, Netflix


If you also have a horse whisperer at home, I have some coloring pages they might love. Head here to check them out.

Horses are the one constant in Ella’s life that she hasn’t outgrown. I hope she never, ever does.


6 thoughts on “Ella and Her Horses”

  1. I always dreamed of riding a horse on the beach. Being stationed in CA gave me the opportunity….FINALLY! I told them I wanted a slow one because I was a little nervous. I didn’t want to gallop on the beach LOL. Well, I slowly rode out and I was almost there. Dang if that horse didn’t stop and would not move. No way. Needless to say, I turned him around and headed back. So much for my dream 😦 I love to watch them run out in the fields. They are beautiful. I just watched a series on Netflix that was about a girl who had special talents with horses but I can’t remember the name! It is a great show. Thank you Netflix!


    1. She wants to go see the Chincoteague (sp?) horses in Virginia sometime and I think there are wild horses near Outer Banks too! That sounds like such a cool experience!!


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