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My Favorite Voodoo Oils

I have talked about my voodoo oils obsession a bit before but not too much because I don’t want you to think I am crazy.

Because there’s still a stigma with essential oils and the people who come along with that.

Some call them tree huggers, hippies or crunchy (as in granola).

Others think it is a scam.

I’m somewhere in the middle of those two people up there.

I am not eating granola in my treehouse while wearing tie-dye yet. I am close, but not quite there.

The only problem I have with oils is that they can be hella expensive but I do think there is some padding in there that can be avoided.

The following oils work for ME, I am not a salesperson or part of a multi-level marketing plan. I have used all the below and want to share that information with you.



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essential oils arborvitae


doTerra Arborvitae is one of my top favorite essential oils only because I love the smell. It smells like you are in the woods, so very earthy. If you apply it to your wrists, it works as a natural bug repellent. But I feel like if you wore this in the woods, the animals would think you’re just another tree or bush. So you might get peed on.


Comparable oils

Young Living- Grounding

Spark Naturals- there is no comparable oil available at the time


essential oils doterra breathe stick

doTerra Breathe Stick is supposed to be used for upper respiratory ailments BUT it also helps with headaches! Just rub the stick on your forehead and watch it work magic. If you get terrible migraines, this stick might not help you. But for a tension headache, it should do the trick.

Comparable item

Spark Naturals– Respire Stix

Young Living- Breathe Again Roll On



This little guy has been my savior for the past three years. Relief by Spark Naturals has helped me manage many of my migraines or regular little headaches as well. It smells amazing too, not at all medicinal. I apply it to my temples, back of the neck and my wrists when I feel a headache coming on, as well as diffusing it in the room. If you were to ever buy one oil, this would be the one I would recommend.

Comparable oils 

Young Living- M-Grain

doTerra- Past Tense


Jeddy’s Blend is used to help with the effects of ADHD, ADD and anxiety. I am a skeptic by nature so I didn’t really think it would help in our home but when Ella has a particularly tough day (think standardized testing), I rub a little on her wrists with some olive oil and she says it helps. NOW, it might just be in her head thinking it really is helping or it really does work. All I know is that it is her “superhero” oil and that alone is worth it. This blend is really strong, so definitely dilute with a carrier before putting it on the skin and when diffusing, the less you use the better.

Also, don’t ever put oils on children under the age of 2 unless directed by a doctor or a professional.


Comparable oils

doTerra- InTune Focus Blend

Young Living- it’s a little unclear so I won’t steer you but I am sure your local YL person will, so I will let them.


Okay, so I said if you were to get only one oil, buy Relief? I was wrong, so buy two. Spark Naturals Shield is like my equivalent of a surgical mask when there is an illness in our home. In fact, I can’t believe I waited to show this until now. It works. I am a believer. I would buy stock in this bad boy if it were available. It will make your home smell like fall and it kills those nasty germs like a MUTHAEFFER.

Comparable oils

Young Living- Thieves

doTerra- OnGuard



Respire by Spark Naturals. This baby was the reason I started essential oils to begin with. Long story long, I had pneumonia a few years ago (my long-time readers will remember) and I wasn’t getting better with any course of antibiotics. After feeling like shit for over six weeks, I was desperate. My friend Melissa, who then lived in California, told me not to laugh but essential oils helped her get over her bout of pneumonia. I was skeptical but so depressed and desperate, that I went to the website she recommended (Spark) and ordered Respire and a diffuser as well as Shield. Within a week, I was feeling better. I will forever use this stuff because honestly, it saved me emotionally and physically.

Comparable oils

doTerra- Breathe

Young Living- No clue, again ask someone who is qualified.


Do you have a favorite oil or favorite oil company? Tell me about it in the comments!


This post also contains Amazon Affiliate links. Thank you so very much for supporting my blog! 

14 thoughts on “My Favorite Voodoo Oils”

  1. Awww…I am so glad you found something that worked for Ella. Love your post and the research you have done. Sharing what works for you, helps so many. Btw, I am a treehugger, crunchy, granola-ish, but then again you already know that. LOL.


  2. I love essential oils! I am building my collection…I have about 30 right now. I have a diffuser in my bedroom and one downstairs that I use. Nothing against doTERRA and Young Living – they make great oils – but they are way over-priced. I use NOW essential oils, which are very quality oils and much cheaper than the middle-man brands. Just FYI. 😉


    1. Right! There are many options out there! I think a lot of people get scared off because the big companies tell you that they are the ONLY oils company to trust. I have been using Spark for years and love them.


  3. I am not crunchy in the slightest but I love oils and have used them casually for years (in laundry, as a perfume). I just got a diffuser and have been mixing them all up like a Saturday night DJ at the thump club. My house has never smelled better, and that’s always a good thing.


  4. This is my favourite oil combo: orange, geranium and palmarosa. No idea if it has any health benefits, but it smells so frickin good – like a posh day spa! xx


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