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WOW Summit in Chicago 2017 Pass Giveaway

So there’s this amazing conference or “summit” in the Chicago suburbs in a few weeks and I’m excited but also a little apprehensive because of one thing: people-ing.

Lots and LOTS of people-ing.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking:

Kari, you seem so outgoing and fun-loving (and beautiful), why are you afraid of people-ing?


Why thank you for saying so! Oh stop! You’re making me blush!

I’ve been working from home freelancing and doing social media for many years now and the more and more I work away from people, the harder and harder it is to be around them.

I know you’re nodding your head and if you aren’t? You’re good. But for us who are bloggers, writers, freelance INSERT YOUR PROFESSION HERE, stay at home moms, busy building a bomb shelter in your basement, you understand this with all of your beings.

You need to get out of that house and meet people who will eventually become your friends. Or maybe they won’t. No pressure.

But I have just the place where we can meet! I won’t get in your personal space and you can be wooed with amazing speakers (say hi to my friend Natasha), eat some great food, get bags filled with free stuff and learn new things. I mean, why on Earth would you not conquer your fear of people-ing and go to this amazing event?



Just look at all of those friendly faces! Maybe not look at the group photo if you aren’t a fan of people-ing. But I bet they also have booze*, so you got this!

*I don’t know if they have booze, I am just going off of earlier conferences. 

*But look for my friend Rosemary and I. We carry booze in our purse. 

*Because people-ing. 


Here is what you can expect from WOW Summit:


And here are the details:



But before you start buying your pass, I have three (3) two-day passes to give away!

Giveaway has ended 


I really want to see you there and swap crockpot recipes, talk about how much you want a John Hughes museum to come to Chicago and wear our matching SOMETIMES I WET MY PLANTS tee-shirts!

Oh, and talk about blogging too.

Head to the WOW Summit website for even more details!



This post was sponsored by WOW Summit. All of the words are my own (to their relief). 

10 thoughts on “WOW Summit in Chicago 2017 Pass Giveaway”

  1. People-ing is very scary and exhausting for this introvert…but I saw the “c” word (cocktails) that evening, so perhaps I could handle this. 😉

    Was your Rafflecopter just the one thing – visiting your FB page? Because that’s all I saw show up.


  2. Yeah, so I kept this tab open so I would remember to enter-today’s the day I am going to do that….aaaaaaaand I see the peopling fooding fun time extravaganza was THIS weekend ?


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