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Don’t Trust Your BFF With Just Anyone- Giveaway

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We are wrapped around this guy’s little paw


Since becoming a doggie owner again, I can tell you that Buddy’s care when we aren’t with him is so important to us.

Ahem, I have become one of “those” dog parents.

When we are gone, I want to ask his caretaker to send daily pictures, reports about how he is eating, and his behavior.

When I was at an all-day conference a few weeks ago, I had my husband send me pictures of him because I missed him. Then I got worried because he looked despondent.

And actually considered coming home early.



We have been blessed with some amazing dog sitter’s in our family and friends but for those who don’t have loved ones who live close by, who do you trust?

That, my friends, is where comes into play. If you’ve never heard of them before, they are the largest online network of pet sitters in the United States.

They have a screening process and carefully select the right pet sitters for your Fido or Fluffy so that you won’t worry about things like IS HIS POOP RUNNY OR SOLID, SHAPED LIKE A CLOUD OR A BANANA while you are in Jamaica.

They offer services such as:

pet sitting

house sitting

dog walking

doggy daycare

drop in visits accepts only 20% of pet sitter applicants, meaning they are picky in a really good way. They do background checks, and all potential sitters are approved by a special team that does all of that uncomfortable work, like asking tough questions, that you don’t want to be doing.

Is your kennel overbooked? Is your regular bird sitter sick with strep? Do you want someone to come to walk Demetrius while you are busy in the city? can help you.

And wants to help one of you get started by offering a $50 gift card for their services!


This giveaway has expired

Head to over to and find your new dog sitter today!


Thank you to for sponsoring this post. All words are my own. 

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