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Can We Discuss Ebates?

I am not getting paid to write this post, just a heads up. I know you probably want to know these things since there are posts I am getting paid to write. This isn’t one of them. I am writing this simply because 1)- I adore all of you (except you. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) 2)- I love to save me money 3)- I love to save you money. 4- When I can do both #3 and #4, it’s like having a moment of nirvana.

I found Ebates the old-fashioned way: I saw posts about them for three solid years and always ignored every single one. But then last Christmas shopping season, I “stumbled” upon them and was like WHY IN THE HELL HAD I NEVER HEARD OF EBATES BEFORE?? THIS IS FRIGGIN’ GENIUS.

Because I am kind of dense at times, I had blatant messages from Ebates for half of my blogging career and then suddenly I was ALL IN. This is how The Pioneer Woman got her big break, I am sure of it.
Can We Discuss Ebates?


Ebates pays you to shop.

I am not shitting you.

They pay you. MONEY.


Just for buying that ugly ass shirt you love and everyone tells you OH, YES, THAT IS LOVELY but behind your back, they are all HAVE YOU SEEN FELICIA’S UGLY ASS SHIRT?

They. Will. Give. You. Money. For. Buying. The. Ugly. Ass. Shirt.


ebates, save money, shopping

This is all you do:

Go to Ebates website, using the links I am throwing around here. Click on it. It won’t bite you or suck you into a Ponzi Scheme. I promise.

Then through that link, sign up for your FREE AND NO STRINGS ATTACHED Ebates account.

Add the Ebates bar to your computer browser. (they will show you how. Again, easy.)

Go shopping via the links to shops on the Ebates site OR just pick any shopping site you’d like.

Because you have the Ebates tab on your browser, every time Ebates sees that you are at a store they work with, BAM you will get a notification asking if you would like to save money while shopping there.

The answer is yes. Always yes.

So let’s say you want to shop at Macy’s. Head to their website and the Ebates tab will ask you, “would you like to save INSERT PERCENTAGE HERE?” you click the red button and BAM! The money will go into your Ebates account as soon as you make your purchase!


AND if you sign up through the links I am providing, I will get an incentive! I know this means nothing to you, BUT you can do the same thing! Share YOUR link on your social media accounts and tell your friends how much money you are saving and that you want to help them.

Because Lord knows there is probably another ugly shirt they need too but why not get 10% (or more) cash back!

Then YOU will earn money too just by sharing the information.

It’s like you are giving your friends money AND an ugly ass shirt for Christmas.

Why wouldn’t you try this?

Last Christmas, I got a 50 dollar check from Ebates just for shopping online on Cyber Monday.


I used the money to get a massage. Thanks, Ebates, I was thinking of you the whole time. No, I wasn’t.

Let me know if you use Ebates and if you have any insider tips (I know you sneaky people have insider tips), share them as well because we are one big family here.

Do you use Ebates? Tell us all about it in the comment section! 



I wasn’t paid or asked to write about Ebates. I want to save you money. But if you click on my link, I get extra money in my account so I can add a pedicure to my massage this year. 



12 thoughts on “Can We Discuss Ebates?”

  1. I do use eBates but have never gotten a check from them! Wonder if you have to hit a certain amount before they send you a check? As you can tell, I’m totally clueless about all this. Obviously no insider tips from me!


    1. I think you have to. In fact, I haven’t received one since last Christmas but I have a small balance. But I will get one once I do Christmas shopping online again this year. Something to look forward to!

      And you’re not any more clueless than me.


  2. I use Ebates too!! I have never really gotten anything more than $6 though, then again it’s probably because I don’t shop as often as I would like online but I might start more this year since I’ve been browsing Amazon a lot! Great post!


    1. They only pay me every couple of months. So I am getting a check in February for my Christmas shopping in addition to any extra shopping I do up until then. It won’t be a huge check but every little bit helps I suppose.


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