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Messy BLT Sandwiches Plus 12 Sandwich Recipes You Will Thank Me For

I took a quiz a few weeks ago about which Friends character I was and it came up being Randler (a mix of Ross and Chandler) which I could totally see.

I nerd out about a lot of things and I am very VERY sarcastic.

But I am also a neat freak so I then claimed that I was more a Chonica (a mix of Chandler and Monica).

If you have never seen an episode of Friends, this beginning will be lost on you but keep reading. Also, YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN AN EPISODE OF FRIENDS??? 

Then I started to question the whole Chonica theory because if there is one thing I am known for in my life, I hope it is my love of sandwiches.

And John Hughes.

Not John Hughes sandwiches. STAY WITH ME.

So maybe I am a Chonicaoey. A mix of Chandler, Monica, and Joey?

Except I don’t really like porn.

Maybe Chajonica. Yes, that is better.

I am a sandwich kind of girl. When it isn’t a panini. Or a grilled cheese. But it’s all good because they all fall under the sandwich umbrella!

So today I want to share with you one of my favorite sandwiches ever.

The messy BLT.


Your new sandwich best friend:




Oh crap. maybe I do like porn……

So this is what you will need:



Can we just take a moment to enjoy that picture of bacon?




Now if you love tomato, add it in. I just don’t care for it so it was voted off the island.



I love my eggs runny or “dunk eggs” as my mom calls them and as we always request she make us when we eat breakfast at her house.

I finally learned how to make these myself at the age of 45. So see? You’re never too old to learn anything.

Here is my nickel tutorial- heat a pan over medium heat for 2-3 minutes; crack eggs into the pan. Season with salt and pepper, turn after 2 minutes or so. Cook for another 2 minutes and take off the heat.



Add in all of the ingredients in any order you wish. I choose toast, mayo, lettuce, bacon, eggs and top with toast. Cut in half and you have a leaky messy thing of beauty.

The key is to wipe up that yolk with your bread. Or bacon.


In fact, that bread is low-carb so this is allowed on my low-carb punishment lifestyle.

But can you imagine this on sourdough??



Messy BLT Sandwiches

  • 4 Slices Bacon
  • 2 Eggs (Runny)
  • 1 Tbsp. Mayo
  • 1 Tomato (Sliced)
  • 1 Leaf Lettuce
  1. Cook bacon in the microwave or fry in a pan.

After bacon is cooked, start cooking eggs.

While eggs are cooking, toast your bread.

Assemble sandwich to your preference.

Here is mine:

Toast, mayo, lettuce, tomato (if desired), bacon and top with eggs and another slice of toast.

Cut in half and enjoy!


And because I have your back as it pertains to sandwich making, I have 12 recipes for sandwiches I have made over the years that you will love.

You read that right. I have written about sandwiches TWELVE other times on this blog.

I was trying to figure out my mission statement for this blog the other day, and I think I just found it.

To give you ideas of what sandwiches to make. Because life can suck. Eat a BLT.


12 Sandwiches You Need in Your Life 


1- Chicken Salad Pockets 

2- Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches 

3- Low Fat McChicken Sandwich

4- Lower Fat Egg McMuffin

5- Italian Beef

6- Meatball Pockets 

7- Meatball Subs

8- Mom’s Sloppy Joe’s 

9- White Castle Cheeseburgers 

10- Wiener Winks 

11- Easy Panini 

12- Swiss and Bacon Sammies 


Do you have a favorite sandwich? Tell me about it in the comments! Bonus points if you share the recipe. 


14 thoughts on “Messy BLT Sandwiches Plus 12 Sandwich Recipes You Will Thank Me For”

  1. I took the quiz and I’m Ross. I’m not surprised though lol.
    I don’t really make sandwiches at home but the one I do make that my girls love is a tweaked version of Ina Garten’s pesto sandwich.
    Here’s the recipe:
    Sandwich roll ( I think that’s what they’re called)
    Thinly sliced onion
    Smear pesto on top and bottom of roll then asemble the rest of the ingredients. Wrap each sandwich individually in foil then place in 375 degree oven for about 7-8 minutes. The object is to warm up the sandwich and melt the cheese. That’s it!


  2. Oh that’s a tough one.. I love sandwiches! I’d have to say that my favorite is a turkey club on fresh grinder rolls– slathered with mayo, topped with a slice of provolone cheese, deli turkey, bacon, lettuce and tomato. Oh… or maybe a philly cheesesteak with lots of sauteed mushrooms (and no onions or peppers).


  3. This sandwich sounds fantastic! I mean if it has bacon it has to be good, right, ’cause everything’s better with bacon. And mopping up egg yolk with toast and bacon is the best. Thank you for sharing this at Party in Your PJs!


  4. I love BLT’s, but I like my eggs hard. Like with crispy curled edges hard. I think it’s b/c when I was growing up, it was my job to cook breakfast on the weekends. I hated to cook then & I hate to cook now. So here I am cooking these eggs, standing over a stove when I’d rather be doing anything else! I hate standing over a stove watching food to make sure it doesn’t overcook, which is why eggs cooked hard & got crispy curled edges. I “forgot” them while I was off doing something else. So strangely enough, I came to like it, even though the rest of the family fussed & grumbled.
    I’m supposed to be talking about your BLT’s, not rambling off about my childhood. They look good, if only those eggs weren’t runny, LOL. But then it has bacon. Bacon makes everything better, right? Right!


    1. I love that you just told me about your childhood! Now I totally understand why you don’t like your eggs runny!
      Bacon solves the worlds problems, that is for sure. Maybe just skip the runny eggs. 😉


  5. Why is there no bacon in my house?!?! Why?!?!

    I like a nice grilled ham and cheese with thin sliced apple once in awhile, But even more often I would like to have breaded eggplant cutlet with fresh mozzarella and roasted red pepper on italian bread…must go raid snack shack now!


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