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I Have No Idea What My Mission Is- Creating a Mission Statement


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I was driving to the bank a few weeks ago and out of the blue this thought came to me: I should make a mission statement for my blog.

These are the reasons I did NOT want to create one:

-it is wise

-it helps show companies what you stand for

-it creates a put-together look for the blog


These are the reasons I DID want to create one:

-it would be cool

-I want to know what a mission statement really is, so another fun thing to Google

-I have no idea what the purpose of my blog is


At the end of it, that last statement was the true reason. I honestly don’t have a true purpose for this blog I have devoted seven + years to. If someone were to come up to me at a conference or even just a dinner party, I would have no idea what to tell them if they asked me what the end game was for my blog.

I didn’t intend to write on this blog for longer than a summer. I had small kids, my husband worked long hours, I was pretty busy doing life things. I wrote for release and when I started to feel better after writing for several hours a month, I kept going.

But I feel like I need a mission statement because I see my blog going in ten different directions. I need to focus a little because I don’t want to lose sight of why I am here. I feel like the less focused I am, the less you will want to read.

I was recently joking about purpose while writing a sandwich blog post and realized that what you might think is filler or fluff posts, I feel like my soul really coming out in my writing.

I do better with posts that talk about frivolous crap because life is hard. But why write about how hard it is when you can share your love of sandwiches? Because I can go on Twitter and Facebook all damn day and see how the world is falling apart, but I don’t want to write about it and I feel at the core, you really don’t want to read about it in this space. If you want gripping journalism, you will head to the New York Times, not A Grace Full Life.

So I googled “how to write a mission statement” one morning after the bus took away my youngest to school and landed on an article that walked me through step by step written by Julie, who seems way smarter and much more focused on her mission than I ever hope to be.

The first step- ask questions.

Ugh, so like a test. Super. 



write a mission statement
Courtesy of focused Julie at CoSchedule Blog


1-Why do I blog? It has become a release for me and honestly, I just love sharing things with you.

2-What questions do I answer? How to make a sandwich in under five minutes? I honestly don’t know the answer to this question. Maybe that I provide laughter? That isn’t a question though. THIS IS HARD. I QUIT.

3-What questions do I ask? I want to know why society makes everything so difficult. Seriously, answer that for me.

4-What kinds of things do I write about? This is where I need help. I write about LOTS of things. One week could be my screenplay, an Amazon post, and a sponsored post. The next could be a Dollar Tree craft, how my children are growing up too fast and a recipe that only takes ten minutes to make. I AM ALL OVER THE DAMN PLACE.

5-What kinds of things do I enjoy writing about? Imperfections. The real side of things. Goofy life events. The things that make everyday fun. And John Hughes.

6-Who cares about what I write? Who reads it? This is a hard one because I don’t have a grasp on this. I correlate who is reading this blog with who comments which is wrong. I know there are many who read here who never comment. But if I had to guess, a person who regularly reads my blog is female, loves to laugh, feels like they can relate to what I write and is most likely over the age of 25.

7-Which bloggers do I admire? Why? I admire bloggers who keep it real, can make money for themselves with their writing, and maintain integrity while doing so.

8-Will I be personal in my writing? Uncomfortably so, yes.


The next step is to take the above answers and “winnow” them down to see what they are telling me.


write mission statement
Courtesy of hyper-focused Julie written for CoSchedule

My motivation for blogging is answered within questions 1-3.

My motivation for blogging is– to share and to get a release; to help people laugh at life and themselves, and to make light of why life is so difficult at times.

My blog audience is answered within questions 4-6.

My blog audience is- a person who loves variety, the honest side of life, and doesn’t take life or themselves seriously.

What I want to change or become as a blogger is answered within question 7.

What I want to change as a blog- I want to make more money as a blogger/writer. I want people to take me more seriously and in order to do that, I need to take myself seriously. WHOA, THAT JUST CAME OUT.

The method in which I will create this change is answered within question 8.

How I will create that change within my blog- I will continue to be personal in my writing and maybe open up a little more instead of hiding behind laughter.

Now comes the hard part. I need to cut all that down to create a three-sentence mission statement. DO THEY NOT KNOW HOW HARD IT IS FOR ME TO BE BRIEF??

After over an hour of trying to mesh everything together, answering texts from my teenager at school, letting the dog in and out and in and out and getting his little green ball from behind the couch (twice), I finally came up with my mission statement.


What do we think? I kind of like it and honestly, it’s better than any mission statement I would have created on my own. I feel like this was a Mad Libs version of creating a mission statement which was perfect for me and might be perfect for you if you are struggling to find your mission.

Look at me being all Jerry Maguire.

What is YOUR mission statement?

Do you have a mission statement on your blog/website? Tell me how you made yours in the comments! 





16 thoughts on “I Have No Idea What My Mission Is- Creating a Mission Statement”

  1. Okay, that was way cool. I’ve sat through courses at college about life mission statements and came out all wild-eyed unable to wrap my head around the process. I’m going to have to try this. Just after I finish my new year’s vision board that FB tells me I need and purge the kitchen of sugar. You know I’m not going to do any of that, right?

    I really like your mission statement. It’s perfect!


  2. I never thought about a mission statement for my blog, but I could see how it’d keep you focused. Or at least help see your purpose in your blog. I should do this. Though I have so many other things on my “I should” list right now.

    But anywho…I like how you took the steps to follow this and actually came up with a mission statement. Go, you!


    1. I actually wrote this post back in November! Then the sponsored posts started rolling in and I decided it would make for a perfect January post. 🙂


  3. Yes, I like the humor, I like not knowing just where you’re going, I am definitely over 25, 35, 45, 55, 65 age group and I figure I am beyond having a mission. I mean, I get up every day. I get dressed every day. I wear shoes. No. Mostly I don’t, but I am supposed to. Maybe THAT is my mission. Get up. Dressed, and wear shoes. Yes, thank you. I am ready for the new year. I hadn’t realized I wasn’t ready. Now I know I wasn’t and now I am.


  4. I think this is what your blog is right now. You’ve always stayed true to yourself and I love that. I guess you had a mission statement all this time. You just had to spell it out. Also, what does it mean to have a blog that is taken seriously?


  5. Congrats! My old job involved writing mission statements and I hated it. So hard. Kudos for getting through the process – it looks great! I think part of the reason I stopped blogging was because I was overwhelmed by the same questions you are asking of yourself. But now I figure it makes sense to keep writing about the same random life topics that entertain you – that’s your appeal! If anyone sticks around for more than one post, they are clearly entertained by the same things anyway, right? Write on, crouton.


    1. There are people whose job it is to write mission statements?? I am continually stymied by jobs that exist.
      Also, I love that you called me crouton.


  6. A few years ago I had to write mission statements for my job. It never occurred to me to write one for my blog. I think it’s an excellent idea, and your’s is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.


  7. Oooooh! I like the mission statement (the thought of creating my own is overwhelming). I like the variety pack your blog offers—it’s like a box of chocolates in that I am never sure what I will get when I open a post…but always enjoyable!!!


      1. So many possibilities as today I called you the James Brown of blogging!!! (Hey, my gyn ‘s name is James Brown-also relevant to today’s post)


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