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My FAQ Post Means I Never Get Asked Anything Frequently


First published January 22, 2018

I recently read an article that a good blogger should always create an FAQ post on their blog, which is silly because how do they know what “good bloggers” need for their blog? I bet the author of the article isn’t even a blogger but someone with a deadline, who gets paid by the word, and a feisty editor breathing down their back.

Yet, it got me to thinking (fine job well-paid writer, FINE JOB), maybe I do need an FAQ on my blog.

FAQ is short for Frequently Asked Questions for those who don’t know.

You know, questions you get asked regularly about the blog, about blogging or even just about your life in general.

But here’s the thing: I never get asked anything about my blog frequently. 

Not to say that my readers aren’t inquisitive.

Oh, quite the opposite! They are engaging, lovely, and often peppy.

But they don’t ask me the same questions regularly, which could mean one of many things.

1- I answer the question on the first ask.


2- There is nothing remotely interesting enough on my blog to get a question frequently asked. 

But I powered through and scrounged together a list of questions that have been asked of me at one time, in order to tailor a blog post around it!

Because those who know me well, know I can create a blog post out of anything.

Trip to Goodwill on a random Saturday? CHECK

Words I enter into a Google search? CHECK

Why I am not photogenic? CHECK


  • why are you still blogging?

The better question is why are you still reading? I kid, I kid. I love to write but I also feel like the blog market is saturated with people who take themselves a little too seriously. I like to talk about what is really bothering me, not just what will make page views. I have thought of quitting many times over the years for one reason or another but I just can’t quit. I love it and you way too much.


  • haven’t you been blogging for like, ever?

I have! I’ve been writing non-stop for eight years this June, That in the blog world is for like, ever.


  • are you making a lot of money blogging

Good Heavens no! In fact, I have two other writing side jobs because of how little it pays me. Blogging won’t make you rich instantly but it can make you money if you work really, really hard at it. I work six hours a day JUST on my blog writing, ads, emailing brands, writing sponsored posts, applying for sponsored posts, and handling all of the social media six days a week (I take off Sundays. Because of God). That doesn’t include the work I do for my other jobs, in case you thought I just sit at home and listen to New Wave as I edit my screenplay for the 25th time. But what a life that would be! Someday……


  • why are you so obsessed with john hughes?

Why not? John Hughes is a huge part of my teen years and as I age, I want to hold on to those memories. Writing about him, his movies and his upcoming museum is my happy place. When I write about it, I am still young, skinny, have Sun-In highlights, blue mascara, and really tight acid wash jeans.


  • how well have those wooden planks held up?

My faux wood floor in the bathroom has gotten me more FAQ than any other post. It is holding up pretty well since it is almost seven years old and inside of a bathroom.


  • how do you have almost 8000 followers on pinterest?

Your guess is as good as mine. Probably 4000 are from the master bath post alone. Also, I am noticing lots of spam accounts or bots (as in robots) following me and many others on there. So probably another 2000 of those accounts. Which leaves me with only 2000, which is more my level of follower ratio.


  • do you ever think of giving up writing?

Writing? Never. Blogging? Weekly. I love to write but blogging is becoming more about making money than the art of writing, not that there is anything wrong with that either. But I think about giving up blogging weekly.  I will never, however, give up writing.


  • how is the menopause thing going?

Shitty, but thanks for asking! I feel like bird poop most days of the week but I hear I may only have two more years to go. Thinking about bribing my gynecologist to give me a hysterectomy with a twelve pack of beer and free babysitting for a year.



  • how are your headaches?

I have to be on 240 milligrams per day of a preventative and I still get them weekly. Let’s just say we are pricing homes in states where marijuana is legal and I am still holding out for the hysterectomy.


  • how do I start a blog?

I have written about it before in this blog post. If you want a blog just for the sole purpose of writing, I can help you. If you want a blog for the sole purpose of making money, I can’t but there are many tutorials on Pinterest that can.


  • will you teach me to blog?

Of course. But first, you give me the name of your weed dealer, a gynecologist who will give me a hysterectomy, and a director who will make my screenplay a reality.


  • I bet you are really creative.

I bet you’ve never read my blog.


  • do you ever get sick of writing?

See above. And no.


  • why does your judd nelson have a rash?



  • do you ever get annoyed with other bloggers because I do!

Holy balls yes. I am lucky that I have an amazing core of blogging friends who are so funny, make me smile, and help me thrive. But there are some icky bloggers out there who take it way too seriously. I once got my head bitten off because I answered a question wrong in a blogging forum.  SORRY BECKI (not her name) I DIDN’T ANSWER HOW TO GAIN MORE PINTEREST FOLLOWERS ON YOUR MONTHLY BULLSHIT POSTS. I WILL TRY HARDER NEXT TIME.

Ooopsies, did I say that out loud?


Hey, if you ask a question in the comment section, you will be guaranteed to be in the next FAQ post!*

*in eight years

37 thoughts on “My FAQ Post Means I Never Get Asked Anything Frequently”

  1. While this is certainly some kind of wonderful, is it true that despite your Hughes fandamonium, there is a weird science out there that just doesn’t jive for you?

    I would have thought there would have been more questions about balls!!!

    I had no idea you worked so hard for us! You’re like the James Brown of blogging….the fairy godmother so to speak!



      I am using that quote in my bio…..The James Brown of Blogging. You are giving me so much material, I should put you on the payroll.

      There is no payroll.


  2. So, weed is legal here in Oregon! Sadly, housing costs are ridiculous unless you bought something before 1995 (and didn’t then lose that good fortune in a divorce or life calamity), but gosh I’d love for you to be my neighbor. We could be migraine buddies. Please don’t stop blogging. Your writing is better medicine than getting stoned. (Feel free to use that if you ever create a testimonials page!) ❤


    1. I had no idea you suffered too. I am so sorry. I feel like between you, Jessie (read the comment above yours or below. Not sure where it is as I am writing this), Andrea who said, “you are the James Brown of blogging’, that I will never ever stop blogging. I love all of you so very much and you three (among a handful of others) are specifically who I was thinking about when I wrote that in the post.


      1. Migraine is how I first bonded with you! You wrote a post about migraine, and I answered, and I knew we were kindred spirits. I can’t join you in the menopause journey because I had all that taken out when I was 41 and I’ve been on hormones ever since. We are gradually weaning me off of them now. I am a big baby and refuse to go cold turkey.

        I love you, too. You help me to not take things too seriously. And everything Jessie said, too.


      2. I guess I didn’t think we’ve known each other that long! Oh friend, menopause is doing a NUMBER on my memory.
        We need to talk because I was under the impression that I couldn’t take hormones because of my migraines and the preventatives I am on.

        Wouldn’t it be fun to create a blogging conference that has nothing to do with blogging and everything to do with connecting??


  3. I love this. I love you and I hope to high heaven you never stop blogging because the world needs a little more Kari. You are my hero, man. ? You are a reminder of what blogging is and should be. I still believe the other stuff will fade away. We’re tired of it. We’re so dang tired of being sold EVERYTHING. You are generous. You ARE creative. I wish I had an ounce of your wit and I love the way you process life. And YES, I want the marijuana. It needs to be available at your local health store alongside of the other herbs and supplements. Keep the doctors out of it. Let us get better!! Menopause is hell. Seriously. I’m not cussing. It couldn’t have come from any other place. It’s the ?. 6 hours a day!!! I don’t even know what to say to that.


    1. You sounded a little like John Cusack playing Floyd in Say Anything at the beginning of that comment and THAT, my friend, is way cool. I love that cool friends like yourself read my blog.
      I could write an entire post about marijuana and the opioid crisis in our country but I won’t because I don’t know if I could deal with some of the comments. MENOPAUSE IS HELL.
      Waving my white flag in solidarity.


  4. I love you. I love your blog. You are so freaking hilarious and honest. I am glad you’re not one of those “100 Ways to Rearrange Your Living Room” or “If You Don’t Do Exactly This to Get More Pinterest Followers, Then You Are Shit!” blogs. And I hope I’m not either. My blog is “nothing” to the blog world, as far as how many followers I have. I don’t have any ads and I don’t write my blog to make money, so I suppose that’s one reason it’s small, but I don’t care! I write it simply because I like writing, photography and sharing with my other blog friends.

    Anywho, I have to say that one of the best things I’ve ever done was to have a hysterectomy when I was in my 40’s. However, I had suffered with severe, painful problems for many years. I not only had ovarian cysts, but my endometriosis was so severe, that it was wrapped around my bowels and bladder. My surgery took almost 4 hours because of this. However, after I was recovered, I never felt better in my life. The surgeon left one ovary so that I’d still have some hormones and not be thrust into instant menopause. I’m 55 and still have night sweats, but I can live with that. And…yes, yes, yes to making weed legal! I need it for my anxiety. I know our state will get there someday. I just hope that someday is sooner, rather than later.



    1. Melanie, you are one of the great things to come out of going to that Naperville blogging event. I am forever grateful for meeting that day. I believe we were supposed to meet, honestly.
      So in my head, I feel like you are only 45. You don’t look, act (whatever that means) and talk like you’re older than me. Maybe because in my head. I am only 25 so….
      I think I am going to convince my doctor about gettin’ the old broad (uterus) out of my body. I would be doing EVERYONE in my life a service. 🙂


    1. I really do and I love that.

      Also, CAN YOU BELIEVE THOSE FLOORS ARE 7??? I always think of you when I look at that toilet.
      That came out wrong. 🙂


  5. I’ve been thinking of asking you this for ages: has your life changed for the better since reading You Are A Badass? I read that blog post when I was sitting in the waiting room waiting to hear my cancer update and I took it as A SIGN (you know when you’re terrified and looking for any kind of a sign that everything will be fine??). So I downloaded the book on my phone and started reading it then and there. The book was awesome! I felt I could do anything! And then over time (as all my dreams didn’t instantly appear out of thin air) I fell into my usual routine of doing the bare minimum again. Was it a great read? Abso-frickin-lutely! Was it life changing? Meh, not so much. Maybe a need to read it again? Tell me it changed your life and I’ll read it again.


    1. It did and it didn’t.
      So I dropped the ball and never finished it. The book is great in that it makes you feel like you can do anything but if you stop reading it, all of that voodoo magic goes away. That being said, it is the best motivational book I’ve ever read but I’ve only read like, three, so maybe I am not a really good judge.
      But you are so right because I was EXACTLY the same. Riding this high, I can do anything, ready to create a vision board (which I am still doing soon), but then I just started to get less and less motivated. I feel like I need Jen Sincero to call me each morning and tell me encouraging thoughts. I am sure she’s not that busy.
      It changed my life for a couple of weeks. I want to re-read it in 2018, so if you already have the book, read it again. If not, skip it.


  6. I’ve been blogging as long as you!
    This is the first I’ve heard of needing an FAQ for a blog. Learn something new everyday.
    My blog doesn’t fit one particular mold or niche. I do sponsored posts and review products often but also talk about my life and family quite often.
    Please don’t give up blogging. I enjoy reading your content.
    Guess I need to read your posts about the headaches. I’ve been having horrible tension headaches and nothing seems to get rid of them. Right now I’m on a 25mg preventative but it’s worthless.


    1. Happy Eight Year to you as well!
      I have been suffering for over two years now with bad migraines. I am on Verapamil now, which is a blood pressure medication and it seems to be working.
      But I have been on three different ones before this.
      You definitely have a support in me and I am sorry you are suffering as well.


  7. Somehow I missed this post Kari.
    Oh come on, you’re not old enough to be in menopause…I don’t believe it!
    I enjoyed your Q & A. Hmm, so you think about quitting blogging, too, eh? Ha! So do I. Every time things get more complicated to learn, like SEO & CSS. Maybe those headaches will ward off Alzheimer’s though.
    I liked your reasons for liking John Hughes. Wouldn’t we all still like to be the skinny blonde who wears tight jeans, LOL. Although I’m not quite sure I was ever that.


    1. So it’s been established that I am going through early menopause, starting two years ago. It is the longest two years of my life, to be honest.

      I am SURE you were that and possibly STILL are that, Florence.
      Thank you for brightening my Monday. 🙂


  8. I often think of quitting too; in fact my husband has asked me a few times if/when I’m going to quit.. usually when I’m griping about blogging. But I don’t know, somehow I just can’t imagine my life without it now!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I would love the job of a feisty editor except for that pesky grammar. I already told you I only passed 8th grade English by copying off the Indian girl who sat next to me. Sadly, we homeschool and I still don’t understand, where, the, friggin’ commas go. And clauses. Good gosh.

    Camp Marijuana should be legal throughout this country. Yessss. Too much chronic illness. It shouldn’t be so dang hard to get help. And the prices of a lot of pharmaceutical drugs should be CRIMINAL. (I’m in a mood today, Kari) 😭

    Never stop writing publicly in some form….you are my medical marijuana 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, when I wrote that I hadn’t yet tried it. I have since tried it and while it did work for a time, I have since found out that it can also CAUSE migraines as well. Sigh.

      I love that. I shall use that in some capacity…I AM MEDICAL MARIJUANA. 🙂


      1. Dang it! That it didn’t work. My daughter is on the cbd oil to help with seizures. Get this. You have to buy the PHARMACEUTICAL made cbd oil which is eekgags of money and in our state we had to jump through hoops to get it. Which is stupid. It helps her so much. Only seizure med out of 6 she’s tried to bring so much improvement but unfortunately still not under control 😭. But still. We got her personality back once she started and her eye healed!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. So CBD is good but only the pharmaceutical kind. Because the stuff sold in stores isn’t FDA approved (assuming that the pharmaceutical is?). So there’s no measures or ways of knowing how much to use etc unless you have a medical marijuana card.
        Doctors are hesitant to give you one because they want money from…. wait for it….pharmaceutical companies.
        I’m so sorry you’re going through all of that.
        I’m actually on an anti-seizure medication for my migraines. We should talk.
        How are your migraines?


  10. I don’t have a FAQ section on my blog. I didn’t know I was supposed to have one. Maybe I started blogging before that was a requirement! Like you I rarely get asked the same questions frequently, but I do get asked many random questions. Maybe I need a RAQ section.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Who are these bloggers who are getting asked shit all the time to the point that it saves time to have a dedicated page? I must know! Aside from “wtf is wrong with you,” I don’t get asked much 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  12. The questions I get asked most in real life (more frequently when the kids were younger) is: How do you do it? my answer was always the same, I swear a lot. I swear way more now. Bigger kids, bigger issues, longer-strung-together cuss words. I don’t think I get asked many questions from comments on my blog, except maybe: how do you still live near Mary Ann? Not sure if that has been asked, or if it was just implied.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. I really would love for you and Rita to have a blogging conference that is all about connecting. Or maybe we should all just virtually connect on zoom with some tea or something.

    Also: I would REALLY love to live somewhere where cannabis was legal!!

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