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Don’t You Forget About Me- Scene Thirteen “FRIENDS FROM COLLEGE”


Why I write about John Hughes is a question I get a lot more than I would like to admit. Because it means a lot of people don’t know why I do, or even who he is and that last statement is mostly why I write about him. I feel like I am keeping him alive with every little mention on Facebook, every little share on Twitter, every little pouring out of my screenplay on here.

I don’t intend to or even want to make big money off of this screenplay, it is truly a labor of love. For a man whom I admire, for movies, I grew up loving, for a generation that is getting older by the minute. That is my simple intention. To make you laugh, smile, say, “I LOVED THAT MOVIE TOO!”.

Are you new here and want to catch up? All of the scenes are in one handy place at the top right of my blog. Head here to read them!


Ally Sheedy has now gotten on board and is in the RV with the rest of the gang headed for Chicago to open the John Hughes Museum.

Molly (to Katherine) – So when we get to Chicago, what will we do first? Besides take a shower, of course.

Judd (to Molly) – I don’t know what you’re insinuating Molly, but I think I like it.

Katherine (to Molly) – Well, I feel like we need to separate all of you when we get there. The whole two heads are better one scenario doesn’t bode well for this situation,

Emilio (to Katherine) – Are you saying you still don’t trust us, Kate?

Valerie (to Emilio) – You got it, jock.

Katherine (to Emilio) – I just don’t want to blow our cover yet.

Judd (to Katherine) – What cover would that be, Kate?

Regina (to Judd) – I think she means she doesn’t want anyone to know all of you are in town. Together. Under duress.

Valerie (to Katherine) – Well what are we gonna tell our friends?

Katherine (to Valerie) – That they’re friends from college.

Molly (to the group) – Can you just imagine the mass hysteria it would create if we were all seen together? Whoa, I just got a rush!

Regina (to Molly) – Which is precisely why no one can know you are who you all are.

Katherine (to herself) – Nothing to see here, FRIENDS FROM COLLEGE.

Michael (to Katherine) – So that selfie that Valerie and I took back in Colorado with Judd at the rest stop was a no-no?

Valerie shushes Michael 

Katherine and Regina in unison- VALERIE!

Valerie (to Katherine and Regina) – When is the next time I am gonna have a Judd Nelson/Anthony Michael Hall/ Valerie Thomas sandwich?? I NEEDED PROOF.

Regina (to Valerie) – How on Earth are you explaining that to everyone at home??

Valerie (to Regina) – Easy! I’m not answering my phone.

Katherine (to Valerie) – Oh Val…..

Gedde (to Katherine) – Wait, so none of your family members are expecting us?

Katherine (to Gedde) – Not really.

Judd (to Katherine) – Not really?

Katherine (to Judd, sheepishly) – Not at all?

Molly (to herself) – Oh my God.

Katherine (to the group) – My husband thinks I am on a midlife-crisis girl’s trip and my kids have no idea who any of you are. Again, I plan on telling them you all are FRIENDS FROM COLLEGE.

Molly (to the group) – Wait, there are actually people who don’t know who I am?

Judd (to Molly) – Shocking, really.

Molly (to herself) – I almost don’t know what to say.

Valerie (to the group) – Sylvester thinks I am gettin’ a boob job so he can’t wait for me to get home.

Regina (to the group) – I told my family I was geocaching.

Valerie (to Regina) – What the hell is that?

Michael (to Regina) – Isn’t that like rock hunting?

Regina (to Michael) – No clue. I saw someone doing it on Instagram and it sounded legit.

Katherine (to the group) – I’m going through the change, so my family has learned not to question any of my choices.

Ally (to the group) – This is SO good. I am in love with you people already.

Valerie (to the group) – See? Ally Sheedy is already a fan. Let’s take a selfie, girl!

Katherine and Regina in unison (to Valerie) – NOOOOOOOO.

Gedde (sighing, to the group) – Why have we never done this before?

Emilio (sarcastically, to Gedde) – Because we don’t like to be kidnapped?

Gedde (to the group) – No, I mean why have we never stepped out of our lives to appreciate each other?

Judd (to Gedde) – Because we don’t appreciate each other, Gedde.

John (to the group) – I am with Gedde on this one.  This is kind of fun.

Michael (to the group) – This whole trip seems like something Mr. Hughes would have loved.

Valerie (to Michael) – Wow, Michael. That’s the most logical thing you’ve said in three days.

The RV pulls up to Katherine’s home in suburban Chicago. The gang gets out and thanks “Clark and Ellen” for the ride as they honk the horn and drive away. Katherine’s husband opens the garage door to see his wife, Regina, and Valerie standing in the driveway with luggage and Judd, Michael, Emilio, Molly, John, Gedde, and Ally. 

Katherine’s husband (to Katherine) – Um is there something you want to tell me, honey?

Katherine (to her husband)-Hmm, no not really.

They all start to file into the house and Judd gives her husband a high five. 

Judd (to Katherine’s husband) – You sir, have my deepest sympathies.

Katherine’s husband (to Katherine) – Was that Judd Nelson?

Katherine (to her husband) – I think so.

Katherine’s husband (to Katherine) – He just high fived me and called me sir! Did you see that?

Katherine (to her husband) – So don’t be mad but we kind of kidnapped him.

Katherine’s husband (to Katherine) – Kind of?

Katherine (to her husband) – We kidnapped Judd Nelson.

Valerie (walking up, to Katherine’s husband) – Long story that we plan on explaining over tequila shots and bad tacos from the gas station taco truck.

Katherine (to her husband) – We need extra blankets, pillows, and I need to head to the store because we don’t have tequila.

Katherine’s husband (to no one in particular) – HOLY SHIT! IS THAT LONG DUCK DONG??


4 thoughts on “Don’t You Forget About Me- Scene Thirteen “FRIENDS FROM COLLEGE””

  1. Is it weird that I have never questioned your Hughes Love? I am not positive I believe that Katherine’s kids wouldn’t know who they are…Maybe the majority of their friends wouldn’t, but Katherine would not have failed them like that! Best slumber party ever brewing there!!!!


  2. Long Duk Dong!! I totally forgot about him. I just had to go to youtube and watch his scenes from Sixteen Candles. Now I’m all snotty and teary from laughing so hard.


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