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Don’t You Forget About Me- Scene Fourteen- “Is This What I Think it Is?”

The original plan for the museum was to be set in a neighborhood on the north side of Chicago. I had two inspirations: the neighborhood from Return to Me (great Chicago movie) and also the neighborhood where Mike’s parents grew up: Lakeview.

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When his parents grew up there, it wasn’t the trendy area that it is now but rather working class, melting pot, and lots of Chicago cops. Mike’s grandfather was a Chicago cop, they lived in a modest home and they rooted for the White Sox while living in the shadows of Wrigley Field (home of The Cubs).

That was the vibe I was feeling for the neighborhood hosting the museum originally. But as this screenplay evolved even as I was writing it, it never felt quite right. So I changed it about three months ago and I hope you’ll like where I am heading with it. I don’t always have the ideas completely figured out as I am literally making it up as I go at times.

I love that this screenplay has lots to do with John Hughes and his films, but also to do with my husband’s history, my history, my family, and friends. You all are woven into this screenplay, which truly makes it an act of love more than words on a page.

Are you still catching up? Head here for all of the scenes in one handy-dandy guide!


Scene Fourteen- “Is This What I Think it Is?” 

The gang has all landed on Katherine’s driveway in the Chicago suburbs and it is mass hysteria as Katherine’s husband is talking to all of the new guests, the kids are being introduced to the “friends from college”, and the sleeping arrangements are figured out.

Katherine (to Regina)- So you take Gedde, Molly, and John. I’ll take Judd, Emilio, and Ally. Val can have the rest.

Valerie (to Katherine) – Hey! I wanted Gedde!

Regina (to Valerie) – You can have him. I had to sleep in the same bed as him every summer from….. Long story.

Katherine (to Regina) – That I don’t think I ever want to hear.

Valerie (to Katherine) – On second thought, you can have him back.

Katherine (to Valerie and Regina) – Okay, no phones for any of them and keep close tabs. We don’t want it to get out that they are here.

Regina (sarcastically, to both girls) – This is going to be LOTS of fun.

Katherine (to Regina and Valerie) – Meet back here tomorrow morning at 9. I have a fun field trip planned.

Valerie (to Katherine) – Is it illegal?

Katherine (to Valerie) – I’m not really sure.

Valerie (to Katherine) – Okay, I’m in.

The next morning they all convene in Katherine’s driveway again and pile into Regina’s minivan. Kate gives Regina an address to enter into her GPS. Within 20 minutes they pull up to a building with a sign in front of it that says Illinois State Police, which was used as the high school in the movie The Breakfast Club. 



Judd (to the group) – Is this what I think it is?

Molly (to the group) – Oh my God, it looks so much smaller than I remember.

Michael (laughing, to Molly) – That’s what she said.

Emilio (to himself) – Surreal.

Ally (to herself) – This is so cool!!

John (to Katherine, Regina, and Valerie, high fiving them) – Well played, my new friends.

Gedde (to the group) – It’s weird for even me.

Judd (to himself) – Like a really bad after-school special.

They all get out of the van and Katherine gets in the trunk to pull out a picnic basket and blankets. 

Regina (to Katherine) – Whoa, whoa, whoa. We’re just gonna have a picnic on the lawn of the Illinois State Police headquarters??

John (to Katherine) – Yeah, not a good idea with me being on the lam and all.

Gedde (to John) – I thought you said you weren’t on the lam.

John (to Gedde) – Never mind.

Regina (to Katherine) – What if we get arrested?

Valerie (digging through the basket, to Regina) – Then we have a short trip! Breakfast burrito?

Regina (to the group) – I don’t have a good feeling about this you guys.

Katherine (to Regina) – Regina relax! We’ve successfully kidnapped the cast of The Breakfast Club and brought them back to their Mecca. Getting caught eating breakfast burritos on the lawn is the least of our worries at this point.

Valerie (to Regina) – Yeah, plus they would arrest John first and we could all run away when they are distracted.

John (to Valerie) – Hey!

Michael (to the group) – Whoa. I just had a Deja-vu moment. Weird huh?

Judd (to Michael) – Did you fall down a lot in the nineties?

Molly (to the group) – You know, the last time we were all here, I had a uterus.

Judd (to Molly) – And Emilio had balls.

Gedde (to the group, looking off into the distance) – I see this building is for sale.

Katherine (to Gedde) – WHAT??? WHERE???

Gedde (pointing to a sign) – See the public notice sign on the lawn over there?

Regina (to Gedde) – That doesn’t mean it’s for sale, does it?

Gedde (to Regina) – Usually when something is either coming or going from a property, they post signs like that.

Michael (to Gedde) – You sure know a lot about real estate.

Gedde (to Michael) – I have my real estate license too. I like to dabble.

Judd (out loud to himself) – Oh boy! Let’s see if the high school is for sale! Then we’ll buy it and start a John Hughes Crack House!

Valerie (to Judd) – Museum. Duh.

Katherine (to Judd)- That’s a brilliant idea, Judd!!

Judd (to Katherine) – I was kidding.

Katherine (to herself) – I’m looking on

Judd (to Katherine) – I was kidding.

Regina (to Katherine) – Uh Kate, I don’t feel like you’d find it…

Katherine (to herself) – Here it is! Illinois State Police Headquarters!

Valerie (to herself) – That has everything.

Katherine (to the group) – 9511 Harrison Street….very depressing on the inside….. your detention library was turned into a men’s shower room with heated floors.

Regina (to Katherine) – Super. Our tax dollars hard at work.

Katherine (to herself) – Ooh it has a possible asbestos problem.

Valerie (to the group) – Well that explains it.

Judd (to Valerie) – Explains what?

Valerie (to Judd) – Why you’re such an asshole.

Regina (to Valerie) – I don’t think asbestos has that effect on people.

Valerie (to Regina) – You don’t know that Regina.

Katherine (to the group) – It’s out of our price range by just a little.

Regina (to Katherine) – We have a price range?

Molly (to Katherine) – Why? How much is it?

Katherine (to the group) – 1.2 million.

Gedde (to Katherine) – I’m sure you could talk them down considering the asbestos.

Katherine just stares at Gedde

Gedde (to himself) – I’ll shut up now.

Molly (to Katherine) – Wait, you mean you want to have the museum here?

Ally (to Katherine) – In the old Breakfast Club high school?

John (to Katherine) – With all of the asbestos?

Judd (to Katherine) – And the porno shower room?

Emilio (to the group) – Personally, I think it’s a great idea.

Valerie (to Emilio) – Me too! Heated floors?? GENIUS!

Katherine (to the group)-Only we don’t have a million dollars.

John (to Katherine) – Most people don’t who start museums! There’s lots of fundraising that goes into that.

Gedde (to Katherine) – Why don’t you or I should say “we” start a campaign?

Judd (to himself) – This sounds like a lot like two weeks worth of work.

Valerie (to Judd) – Oh shush. You got no place to be anyway.

Katherine (to the group) – Let’s call the number and talk to the real estate agent. It can’t hurt to talk to someone, right?



4 thoughts on “Don’t You Forget About Me- Scene Fourteen- “Is This What I Think it Is?””

  1. FANTASTIC!!!!! So there can be a Kodak photo stop where guests can pose in the dance scene!?
    I need a couple of quick bits from each of those slumber party scenes with a little dialogue between the smaller breakout groups before they reconvene for breakfast. You know, if you get a chance…if it’s not too much to ask…?


    1. YESSSS. So a reader of my blog works AT the high school as a 911 dispatcher and said that the library is a mess, which is so sad.
      Guess the shower idea wasn’t too far off. 😦

      I’ll get RIGHT on that.


  2. I just got Brian all caught up on your screenplay. He was several episodes behind. He’s loving this as much as me. It’s hilarious – and genius! In all seriousness, I hope you are planning on submitting this to an agent.


    1. You made my Saturday. It was going pretty good anyway but this was the cherry on the top.
      So I am toying with turning it into a book but am editing the previous screenplay as I write the scenes into my blog and adding them to a “new screenplay” document.
      If I were organized, I would do this ahead of time but I like adding as I go. When I am done, I am re-submitting it to Amazon Studios.
      If they reject it again, I am finding a publisher.


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