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Creating a Low-Carb Appetizer for Spring



Spring is almost here and that means spring holidays are just around the corner! We love going to my mom and dad’s home for our holiday each spring but since the meal is usually late afternoon, that means we need to figure out something to eat for lunch that isn’t too heavy but also puts a little something into our bellies.

Over the years, we have come up with an appetizer lunch on holidays because of heavy later in the day meals; smaller portions of food to take the edge off before the main event. The kids love it because it means fun finger foods and usually involves standing around the kitchen table (or island), talking and snacking while the big meal is in the oven.


I have a simple, budget-friendly, and delicious way to create an appetizer table for your family before the big dinner! Thanks to Kaukauna® Cheese, I look like I spent a lot of time preparing when in reality all I did was pick up a couple of items off of the shelf!


easter, ad, low carb, appetizers,


All you need are some items I am sure you have in your cupboards or refrigerator right now: bowls, cheese spreaders (or cheese knives), napkins, beef sticks, and veggies.


cheese, easter, appetizers, kaukauna, low carb


Add in the star of the show, Kaukauna® Cheese and you have yourself a party!

My husband and I are currently back on our low-carb diet but have one cheat meal per week and since the big dinner will be our cheat, we decided we would create a low-carb appetizer as not to go off track too much and offer something that even the kids will love.


appetizers, ad, Easter, low carb, cheese, veggies


Lay out a pretty tablecloth, put your “dippers” in spring color bowls (mine are from the dollar store!), then add some flavor:


Easter, cheese, low carb, appetizers, ad


We love Kaukauna® Cheese Cups, especially Sharp Cheddar, and Port Wine. I took the cheese out of the cups and added them to plastic dishes that look like plant pots, also found at my local dollar store!


Easter, ad, cheese log, Kaukauna, low carb


Okay, so these Kaukauna® cheese logs take me back to my childhood. WHO DOESN’T LOVE A GOOD CHEESE LOG?? We love the Double Sharp Cheddar cheese logs to dip into. The great thing about cheese logs is that they can be served in several different ways:

-with fruit (sweet and salty is the best)

-cut into slices to top cucumbers? Yum!

-or just dig in and spread on your favorite veggie or cracker


Easter, appetizers, ad, cheese, low carb


That right up there is a low-carb/Keto dream. I may or may not have licked that sharp cheese knife.



Okay, may have.

So I added some crackers too because man cannot subsist on veggies and meat alone. Especially when spreadable cheese is present. I think that’s an actual quote somewhere.



Much. Better.



Do you love Kaukauna® Cheese as much as we do? Then head to their website to see all of the amazing flavors (can you say Bacon Jalapeno??) they offer, as well as a store locator! Starting March 14th, Ibotta has some offers on all Kaukauna® Cheese products too!

Think you can’t be creative? Think again! Head here to get some inspiration!



This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. 

18 thoughts on “Creating a Low-Carb Appetizer for Spring”

  1. I have never heard of that brand of cheese…cheese (sigh)…probably not at the top of my cutting cholesterol wherever I can so I don’t have to take medicine list….boooooo! With cheese and chocolate playing a lesser roll, I will obviously have to turn to wine- and carbs!!!!!! Love your bowls and knives!!


    1. Really?? I grew up with this cheese, so it never occurred to me that it was only regional!

      I miss wine and carbs. Give them a sloppy kiss from me.


  2. You could always use Nut Thins or Mary’s Gone Crackers, crackers. I bought a non-wheat brand from Costco (of course, can’t remember the name of them now and too lazy to run down to the basement right now to see what they are) that are really good and don’t have any crazy artificial ingredients.


    1. Are they low in carbs too?? I am trying to get away from processed foods for the most part because of migraines and love that there are so many healthy options out there now.


  3. Wow. This looks so amazing the way you have put it together. Your photos are so well done. You can’t go past a good cheese log. Thanks.


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