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Don’t You Forget About Me-Scene Fifteen “You Have a Restraining Order Against Edie McClurg?”


I could make an entire movie out of this next scene alone. But then I would get sued by the creator of Friends, which is the coffee shop (Central Perk) I used as inspiration.

I’ve used other things in my personal life as inspiration for aspects of the screenplay so far, like:

The flat tire scene was inspired by an event that actually happened to me years ago (I wrote about it here).

My main characters first initials are K (me), V (my friend Vikki), and R (my friend Rebecca).

I based the personalities of the main characters on completely different people:

Valerie is my friend Sidney, no one else. Sidney has this amazing sense of humor, a take no shit attitude BUT is one of the most loving people I know. She is Valerie.

Katherine is a mix of myself and my oldest daughter- goofy, funny, silly and a dreamer; Regina is a mix of Ella and my husband- she has a sense of humor but is more common sense and gets shit done.

You will see my mom’s first (Sara) and middle name (Jayne) in upcoming scenes as two different characters and I also modeled my mom in one of the upcoming characters I won’t tell you about just yet.

As far as the celebrities, I don’t really know their personalities in real life, only on screen in particular movies so I had a lot of fun with it.

I made Judd a lot like what John Bender would grow up to be but with a softer side. (Not much softer, but definitely softer than Bender)

Anthony Michael Hall, I made a little stupid because he got into trouble with the law last year WHILE I was writing this, so that helped me explain it away in my head.

Emilio is a smart ass just like me and I used his character in The Breakfast Club as inspiration as well.

Molly is Claire but nicer and more down to earth with some attitude thrown in. I hated Claire’s character in TBC so I changed her to make her someone I could handle.

John Kapelos is my favorite cast member of all of the Hughes movies but I used his Sixteen Candles Bohunk role as well as his Carl the Janitor role to come up with this hybrid that I love.

Gedde I wanted to play as smart and successful in spite of his character in Sixteen Candles NOT because he is Asian and that can be a stereotype. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Long Duck Dong but I wanted to show that he can have a sense of humor about his lot in life (yes, it’s me Long Duck Dong) but he is more than that if that makes sense. I also modeled him around my dad because he is caring, intelligent and just fun to be around.

By the way, John Candy was my original favorite but sadly he passed many years ago. I would have had him in the van before the rest if he were still alive today.

So many of you have been in the details and will be in the details as you see new characters emerge (and there are a lot more to come), and that is what I love most about this screenplay.

Did you miss a few scenes and want to catch up?

Head here for all of the scenes in order.


Don't You Forget About Me-Scene Fifteen "You Have a Restraining Order Against Edie McClurg?"

Scene Fifteen- You Have a Restraining Order Against Edie McClurg?


Meanwhile at a coffee shop in New York City, Jon Cryer, Alan Ruck (Cameron from Ferris Bueller), Matthew Broderick and Mia Sara (Sloane from Ferris Bueller) are sitting around in big couches reading newspapers and socializing while Macaulay Culkin (Kevin from Home Alone) is in the background working as the barista. Matthew is browsing through his phone when he happens to see on his Instagram feed a picture from Anthony Michael Hall that piques his interest: a very intoxicated Anthony singing karaoke at a bar in Colorado with an also very intoxicated Judd Nelson as well as an unknown African American woman with the caption “so glad I got kidnapped by this lady. #JohnHughes4Ever.”

Matthew (out loud, to no one) – Holy shit.

Alan (to Matthew) – What?

Matthew keeps staring at his phone with his mouth wide open 

Everyone in unison- WHAT??

Matthew (to the group) – I can’t be sure but I think Anthony Michael Hall and Judd Nelson have been kidnapped.

Alan stands up and looks at Matthew’s phone

Alan (to Matthew) – Are you sure that’s Judd Nelson? He looks like shit.

Mia (to Alan) – That can’t be him, he never leaves his house.

Alan (to Matthew) – What do you think is going on?

Matthew (to Alan) – No clue but if Judd and Anthony are together, that means the others must know about this as well.

Jon (to Matthew) – You can’t be serious.

Matthew (to Jon) – We aren’t the only rejects that hang out together, Jon.

Alan (to the group) – Do NOT let Macaulay in on this. He will lose his shit.

Matthew (to the group) – Exactly. Say NOTHING until we know EVERYTHING.

Mia (top the group) – Okay think hard; who can we call to find out what is up?

Jon (to the group) – I don’t keep in touch with any of them because of the Edie McClurg restraining order fiasco.

Matthew (to Jon) – You have a restraining order against Edie McClurg?

Jon (to Matthew) – Other way around.

Alan (to the group) – I have Carl the janitor’s number. Don’t ask why.

Mia (to Alan) – Call Carl. Maybe he knows something.

Jon (to Alan and Mia) – You do realize Carl isn’t his real name, right?

Alan (to Jon) – You do realize Edie McClurg is our mom’s age, right?

Matthew makes a phone call to Carl and returns after a few minutes 

Matthew (to the group) – So apparently three chicks kidnapped everyone from The Breakfast Club cast and also Long Duck Dong. They’re all in Chicago to open some John Hughes museum.

Macaulay walks over as Matthew is talking and overhears everything 

Macaulay (to Matthew) – That is utter bullshit, man.

Matthew (to Macaulay) – What is?

Macaulay (to Matthew) – That they didn’t kidnap me. Or you, man! You’re Ferris Fucking Bueller. You gotta be pissed.

Matthew (to Macaulay) – Well I wasn’t before but now I’m starting to be.

Mia (to Matthew) – Yeah, Matt. I am shocked they didn’t even consider you.

Alan (to no one in particular) – Long Duck Dong over Ferris Bueller. Talk about injustice.

Macaulay (to Matthew) – Sorry, brother. (Pats him on the back)

Jon (to the group) – ARE YOU PEOPLE SERIOUS?? They didn’t win a cruise to the Caribbean! They were kidnapped! We should be calling the cops!

Mia (to Jon) – I don’t know Duckie, they seem like they’re having a lot of fun.

Jon (to Mia) – Why are you calling me Duckie?

Mia (to Jon) – I don’t know, it just seemed appropriate considering.

Alan (to the group) – I mean really if there was anything shady going on, do you think they’d post it on social media?

Jon (to Alan) – Obviously their captors are complete morons.

Matthew (to Jon)- I can’t believe you aren’t more upset that they didn’t pick you.

Macaulay (to Jon) – Sucks to be the Duck-Man, doesn’t it?

Jon (shaking his head, and reaching for his phone) – I’m calling the police.

Mia (to Matthew) – Wait, how did Carl sound on the phone? Was he upset?

Matthew (to Mia) – Not at all. In fact, he said they were just returning home after having a picnic at the Breakfast Club high school.

Alan, Matthew, Macaulay, and Mia all grumble jealously

Macaulay (to the group) – MANNNN they are so fucking lucky. I wish I’d been kidnapped.

Jon (to Macaulay) – Do you? Do you really? Go make me an espresso or something.

Mia (to Jon) – Someone sounds a little bitter.

Jon (to Mia) – I’m NOT bitter.

Alan (to Jon) – Bitter Train Express, one ticket, please.

Matthew (to the group) – Seriously though, I wonder why they didn’t want the rest of us?


2 thoughts on “Don’t You Forget About Me-Scene Fifteen “You Have a Restraining Order Against Edie McClurg?””

  1. Maybe they just didn’t have them YET!!! Were they just gathering themselves before heading further east!?!? (Maybe someone in central New York could bring them to Chicago-lol).

    Loving Duckie being bitter! And the notion that they hang out together still. Keep it coming Kari!!! ?


    1. DON’T GIVE IT AWAY. 🙂

      Also, I love that you love this. For real. When self-doubt starts to set in, I always think about you and the four other readers and I don’t give up.


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