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Don’t You Forget About Me-Scene Seventeen “Chicago is SO Good For My Ego”


I think it’s normal to “see” certain actors in roles when you’ve written something like this. Right? TELL ME IT’S NORMAL.

I see Nicole Sullivan as Kate.

Nicole Sullivan as Kate. Don't You Forget About Me-Scene Seventeen "Chicago is SO Good For My Ego"
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

You’ve seen her in shows like MadTV and King of Queens and as of late, Disjointed on Netflix. She is FUN-NY and I would love her in the role of Kate.


I see Loni Love as Valerie.

Loni Love as Valerie. Don't You Forget About Me-Scene Seventeen "Chicago is SO Good For My Ego"
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia


I have adored Loni Love for YEARS. But I’d rather have my friend Sidney play Valerie because she is funnier. (Sorry Loni, I still love you).


And I see Keiko Agena as Regina.

Keiko Agena as Regina. Don't You Forget About Me-Scene Seventeen "Chicago is SO Good For My Ego"
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Or my friend Rebecca (who looks so much like her in this picture). Help me convince Rebecca.

It’s getting good but if you missed other scenes, you might be a little lost. Head here to catch up on all of your screenplay reading!


Don't You Forget About Me-Scene Seventeen "Chicago is SO Good For My Ego"


Scene Seventeen- “Chicago is SO Good for My Ego” 

After Judd leaves Chicago to fly back to Los Angeles, the rest of the group decides they need to get serious about starting the John Hughes museum. So they google, “how to start a museum” and realize that they have a more daunting task than they realized.

Katherine (to the group) – I think we need to go public.

Molly (to Katherine) – As much as I hate to admit when you’re right, I think you’re right.

Regina (to the group) – Who knew it was this hard to start a museum?

Gedde (to Regina) – I did.

Everyone gives Gedde a dirty look

Gedde (to the group) – Oh that was a hypothetical question.

Michael (to the group) – Why can’t we use our celebrity to get people on board?

Valerie (to Michael) – I think that’s why you’re here, nerd.

Emilio (to the group) – We first need to decide if the police station is indeed the location.

John (to Emilio) – Gosh, I don’t know Emilio….

Emilio (to John) – There won’t be real cops inside when we get done with it.

John (to himself) – Okay, phew.

Molly (to the group) – So what do we do first?

Everyone looks at Gedde

Gedde (to the group) – Oh sure, now you want my advice.

Regina (to the group) – We need to talk to the realtor to see if there is any possibility at all considering the asbestos.

Gedde (to the group) – And because it’s in a residential area too? Would a museum even be allowed there?

Valerie (to the group) – Well, if common criminals are allowed there, why not movie freaks?

Katherine (to Valerie) – This is true.

Michael (to the group) – Why don’t we start a campaign to save the Breakfast Club high school?

Katherine (yelling, at Michael) – MICHAEL!

Michael (shocked, at Katherine) – WHAT?

Katherine (to Michael) – That is brilliant!

Molly (to Michael) – That is! People love a good history preservation project.

Regina (to the group) – Chicago is proud of their John Hughes connection, why not use that to our advantage?

The group starts getting to work researching ways to get onto television, radio, and websites as well as ways to raise money for the museum. Katherine, Valerie, and Regina decide that they should let their captives have their devices back so they can work with them to help with the cause.

The following day, Molly returns to Katherine’s home after going out to get breakfast for the group. She enters the kitchen and finds Katherine sitting at the table alone. 

Molly (to Katherine) – You would not believe the morning I had!

Katherine (to Molly) – Let me guess! Your parents forgot your birthday and some nerd stole your underwear at the dance?

Molly (to Katherine) – Is this how it’s gonna be with us?

Katherine (to Molly) – Sorry. Go on.

Molly (to Katherine)- So I was just minding my business walking down the street getting some cronuts after hitting this really cool record store…..

Katherine (interrupting Molly) – As one does.

Molly (continuing to Katherine) – ….when out of the blue, I see a poster for the 30th-anniversary party for Pretty in Pink!

Katherine stares at Molly blankly

Molly (to Katherine) – The girl who played that bitch who was always messing with me is gonna be there!

Katherine stares at Molly blankly

Molly (to Katherine) – Why aren’t you saying anything?

Katherine (to Molly)-So it’s okay if some random idiot hosts a party for your old movies but I can’t quote them?

Molly (to Katherine) – But the lady who played my gym teacher is signing autographs in the beer garden!

Katherine (to Molly) – Ooh! I loved her!

Molly (to Katherine) – Right?? So we are totally going!

Katherine (to Molly) – I guess we could go to promote the museum?

Molly (to Katherine) – Or just to surprise the shit out of everyone there. Can you imagine their faces when Claire walks into the room??

Katherine (to Molly) – Because this is about you.

Molly (to Katherine) – Of course it is! Chicago is SO good for my ego.

Molly (to Katherine) – But that wasn’t even the best part!

Katherine (to Molly) – Can’t wait to hear.

Molly (to Katherine) – So as I was standing there reading the poster, a news person from Channel 7 news happened to notice me ….

Katherine (to Molly, under her breath a little) – I sure hope it wasn’t Linda Yu.

Molly (to Katherine) – It was this really nice man on his lunch hour. He said he was a producer and he acted really star struck. Asked for my autograph, so I said I would sign his butt cheek if he got us on the air.

Katherine (to Molly) – And?

Molly (to Katherine) – So we have airtime tomorrow!

Katherine (to Molly) – No way!

Molly (to Katherine) – Yes way! So pick out something nice to wear! Definitely not anything I’ve seen you in so far.

Katherine (to Molly) – Man, how I wish Judd were here. The things he could say to Linda Yu.

Molly (to Katherine) – Who is Linda Yu??

Katherine (to Molly) – My nemesis. In anchorwoman form.

Molly (to Katherine) – You ever think you might benefit from therapy?

Katherine (to Molly) – Every day of my life.



4 thoughts on “Don’t You Forget About Me-Scene Seventeen “Chicago is SO Good For My Ego””

  1. I like Nicole Sullivan as well. ?. How much you write amazes me. And your creativity and versatility as a writer. You go girl. You go!


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