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I Forgot When I Married My Husband- Modern Map Art Review


I get companies that reach out to me from time to time, asking would I like something they offer in return for me writing about it on my blog. Eighty-five percent of the time, it’s companies that have nothing to do with what I write about, or offering products I would never use. Since I am transparent on here, I need to tell you this when I write a post like this because I don’t want you to think I would write about just anything or everything. I know I have said I love to write, I just don’t like to write that much.

It was as we were painting our family room that Jennifer from Modern Map Art reached out to me asking if I would want to work with her and her company. I went to her website, clicked on the pretty pictures of maps, and decided I needed one for the wall above my desk.


I Forgot When I Married My Husband- Modern Map Art Review


I was creating this really cool quote wall above the area I do most of my writing and wanted inspiring (on a Hobby Lobby 50% off budget) pieces to hang there.

They had cool lake maps:


I Forgot When I Married My Husband- Modern Map Art Review
Great Salt Lake Map


Pretty swell map pillows:

Modern Map Art Nashville Map Pillow
Nashville Map Pillow

Kick ass skyline prints:

Modern Map Art Chicago Print
Chicago Print

Stellar typography maps:

Modern Map Art
Chicago Typography Print


But I didn’t get any of those.

I did get a cool custom star map; what the stars in the sky looked on a particular day in your life.

Think birthdays, wedding days, days you bought your favorite slacks, etc..

Since I was only offered one print (and didn’t want to be one of those bloggers), I couldn’t do the birth of my children.

Thanks, Modern Map Art.

So I decided on the evening my husband and I wed.


It was magical. Our photographer was not.


It was super easy to fill out the editor form for my art.


I chose a framed poster, in size 8×10, with the color scheme white poster with black sky.

I then entered the place where our wedding was held, the date and the “title”, which I chose The Night We Wed.

The Day We Said We Would Hang for the Rest of Our Lives Followed by The Evening We Got Hammered, didn’t fit.

But since I am a hopeless romantic as well as a neurotic perfectionist, I wanted the exact time we met at the altar (aka-the front of the barn no I’m not kidding) on the frame.

Except for one thing: I couldn’t remember what time we got married.

I dug around for the wedding invitation, an album that might have given it away, hell, even a sundial.


So I guessed.


I love my husband, our day was ridiculously special, and our union means the world to me. So what if I can’t remember the time?

I knew it was in the early evening around dinner time and time was pressing on so I needed to put info into the little box on the website because I really wanted to know what the sky looked like at the moment we said I DO.

Give or take an hour.

Or two.


I chose 5:30 and it sat well with me. I felt like we would be a get married at 5:30 kind of couple.

By the way, I know nothing about stars. It’s lost on me completely.

I don’t even know what my kids’ astrological signs are DON’T HOROSCOPE-SHAME ME.

But I like the idea that our marriage was written in the stars, as they say, I mean we always said we were meant to be especially when we found out I was conceived the day my husband was born.

So TOTALLY written in the stars.


I sent in my info and waited for my written in the stars sign to arrive from Modern Map Art!



I loved it and immediately hung it up on my wall o’ quotes above my desk.



A few days later, I was digging through our basement closet looking for pictures for an upcoming high school reunion when I found this:



If you want to make your own custom star map, custom street or city map, head to Modern Map Art today and use the code FIRST10 to save 10% and shipping is always free on all orders!

Thank you Modern Map Art for supplying me with a cool star map print. All opinions, as twisted as they may be, are mine. 

16 thoughts on “I Forgot When I Married My Husband- Modern Map Art Review”

  1. “I felt like we would be a get married at 5:30 kind of couple.”

    I love this! I worked with them for a Chicago map last year. It’s hanging in my office and I adore it.


  2. That’s really cool! I’d like to order one for us but the thing is, we got married during the day. No stars. LOL And if it makes you feel any better, I don’t remember the exact time we got married either and I also have no idea what my kid’s astrological signs are. I’ve never really been into that. 😉


  3. That’s awesome! I can’t wait to check out the website. We also got married at 5:30 pm and got such crap about it from his mother. “You don’t get married on the downswing of the clock hands!” I said “I’m not, by the time I walk down the aisle, I’m going to be saying my “I do’s” on the upswing so….” mic drop


    1. See, now I’ve heard it’s good luck to get married then! It’s so funny how many superstitions are involved in weddings. It also started raining when we took our vows and some said it’s bad luck and others said it’s good luck.

      YOU TOLD HER! And you’re totally right. 🙂


  4. What a great idea! A map of the sky on special events! I find the science of Astronomy fascinating!

    You’re most welcome to drop by for a cup of inspiration anytime…


  5. OMG I love this! Also, I don’t know my kids signs either! And now I really want to, but I’m not going to look it up…for no good reason. This is so romantic. I have a question though, when I got married it was outside and super cold and super rainy, so would it be romantic if I got a poster of a clear night sky even though that’s not what we had on our wedding night. And I blame my husband because he picked the date. And the date was the 13th which I told him was unlucky (though you’ve helped me think better of the 13th), and he won me over by saying that there’s no way it could be unlucky because he was marrying me. And the following weekend, which was when I wanted the wedding, was perfect weather. PERFECT WEATHER.

    Maybe I just get it and in the card I can say, “This is what the night sky looked like when we got married…or at least it’s what it would have looked like if you hadn’t picked a date that was so rainy, and cold.”


    1. YESSS to all of that! We got married Memorial Day weekend which in the Midwest can go either way. Hot as hell or cold AF. Our weekend was hot as hell but the evening we married, it rained. Which was fine because it was inside, but we had the option to get married outside to which we laughed and laughed because MIDWEST.


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