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Facebook Marketplace- Okay, I Like Facebook Again



I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. I love to read about other people, I hate to read about other people.

Over the past several months, I have been slowly backing away from the big blue F for many reasons but the biggest is that I don’t feel like Facebook interactions are as genuine as I would like them to be.

I feel like I can be myself more on Instagram or Twitter, so I’m just not on Facebook as much as I used to be.

I also don’t like how they bury posts and choose what I (and you) see.

But I can’t completely quit Facebook no matter how hard I try because of one aspect: Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook went and created Marketplace so now in addition to seeing Uncle Bob’s hairy mole that’s questionable, and inappropriate meme’s from a guy I sat behind in second-period high school French, I get to go shopping for things I don’t need with money I don’t have.

Facebook Marketplace is like an online garage sale but a lot less scary than Craigslist because you can see the profile of the person selling their crap or buying yours.

You click on the Marketplace logo in the shape of a house or storefront.

On your mobile device, it will be on the bottom of your screen second icon from the left. On your desktop, it will be on the left of the news feed, four down from under where your name is.



I could spend have spent hours on Marketplace looking for junk I have no business buying. A few years ago, I watched the documentary The Minimalists and was all gung-ho about decluttering and getting rid of all of the things we no longer need.

Then I discovered Marketplace and I was all, EFF THAT.

The filmmakers who are behind the minimalist movement have obviously never found an ottoman on Marketplace for under five dollars.


Also, I need those blue lockers to create my own Breakfast Club backdrops.


There is a definite rush that you will feel when you get a good deal. I liken it to what it feels like to get paid well for doing a job.

I forget what that feels like.

Le Sigh.

I have sold a lot of crap on the Marketplace (I can hear my Minimalist friends cheering me on) but I’ve also brought home lots of crap too.

It’s a balancing act, this minimalist lifestyle.





As you can see, it’s very tempting to want all of the things on the Marketplace.


The guy who sold us this cool lamp had worked for a Marriott chain and said they got rid of them during a remodel. Why he ended up with 40 lamps in his living room is none of our damn business. But now it’s ours and for only $15!

So we not only get new to us items but also a story. I bet your lamp from IKEA doesn’t have that.


Buddy is the Where’s Waldo of my blog pictures. He just blends in.


So apparently finding gently used patio furniture is like finding a golden Willy Wonka ticket. We have searched for over a year and a half for patio furniture. Last summer, our patio sat barren because we couldn’t find any and because I refused to pay more than 200 dollars for furniture we use four months out of the year and is covered by snow the other eight months.

I got Mike in on my elusive patio furniture scavenger hunt and we still struggled to find anything good and in our price range. We set alerts on our phone as soon as new listings for patio furniture came up. We would then decide if we liked it, then send a message at rapid pace only to get an answer (sold, sorry) or no answer at all.

Side note- people are in general good but on Marketplace for some reason, 80% of who you deal with will be rude. It’s part of the game, you’re getting a good deal, go with the flow.

By rude, I mean no answer whatsoever. When I sell items, I am always polite with my answers, even if something has sold, and make sure that everything is spelled correctly. HOLY SHIT DO PEOPLE NOT KNOW HOW TO SPELL.

But this isn’t about that.

It should be, but it isn’t.

Then one weekend, Mike spotted some patio furniture locally and sent the guy a message. No response. So he messaged again the next morning, and the man responded that he thought he had answered. So maybe it’s not a rude thing but a user-incompetence thing.

Long story, we ended up getting this nice patio set for under $150 which makes me smile with glee. Is it in perfect shape? No. But will my paper plate slide off my lap while eating a cookout? Also no.



I think the user-incompetence could stretch to the average Facebook encounter. Maybe it isn’t rudeness or blatant nastiness that is out there but rather idiots behind a computer screen who have no business being on social media to begin with.



Back. Away.


Have you used Marketplace? What finds did you scoop up? 


22 thoughts on “Facebook Marketplace- Okay, I Like Facebook Again”

  1. I adore Marketplace, ..and it’s because of your suggestion! lol. I have sold about 10 pieces of furniture that I have had for about 20 years. I was tired of these pieces and they were purchased at garage sales or Goodwill and I had painted them.

    So with the money that I earned from selling my old stuff I have acquired some really amazing antique pieces using no extra money of my own just what I’ve used from selling other things. This is how I justified my addiction. Problem is now I don’t have anything left to sell… I guess that means I’m done??

    Who am I kidding?


  2. I have LOOKED at Marketplace but haven’t bought anything there (yet). This post reminds me of how Jim keeps on finding things out at a store and will say, “Wildnt this look good (insert house space here)?” And I say “NO NO NO NO OUR HOUSE IS PERFECT AND WE DO NOT NEED ANYTHING ELSE.” The struggle is real.


  3. I have only recently discovered it. It seems safer/less creepy than craigslist. You’re nudging me toward it, here. Soon as I stop being overwhelmed by this whole moving thing…


  4. I’ve only sold one thing on Marketplace – a Coach purse. And the lady that bought it was um, very interesting. She was wealthy and lived in Bull Valley in this huge house and had horses. She immediately messaged me when she got home and wanted to be friends in “real life” – to hang out with, BBQ’s, etc. Said she was tired of her “horsey friends”. Even tried to invite herself over to my house. Kind of creepy. I simply ignored her and she finally went bye-bye. And then a couple of other women that seemed interested in things I had for sale played too many games with me and then wanted the items for practically nothing.

    I’ve been looking on Marketplace for a white iron daybed, a small vintage desk, bar stools for the basement bar, and an entryway bench. So far, no luck on exactly what I’m looking for. You scored some great stuff!

    Funny you should write what you did about FB though – I’ve been spending less time on there, too. Too many stupid memes, political arguments, and other general nonsense that’s just a huge time waster. I love Instagram. That’s more my go-to social media these days.


    1. So my mom and I just drove through Bull Valley for the first time on Sunday and HOLY SHIT, it’s gorgeous but you could smell the money out there. Tell her I will be her friend, maybe she’ll leave the horse farm to me someday.

      THAT is exactly what I forgot to touch on: go on Marketplace when you are looking for a specific item. If I have nothing in mind, I find stupidity but when I am on a mission, I find lots of great finds.

      YESSS. I love Instagram too. Mainly because I love pictures and the stories behind the pictures. I love your pictures on Instagram too. They make me feel warm and cozy. 🙂


  5. Love marketplace too, the rest of FB, meh, not so much and Instagram, nope I had to move away from that one. I found I spent waaaaaay to much time there and my real life was just passing me by as quickly as I was scrolling through other people’s lives. Scroll, heart, scroll, ahh comment, scroll, heart, scroll……… Maybe I’m just not meant for social media, although if they had to bring out a smell function, I might change my mind, especially when it comes to those pics of the puppies on Instagram


    1. This is SO true about Instagram! Especially when the feed was all wonky and I had to catch up with everyone. I ended up unfollowing a ton of bloggers because it was one sponsored post after another and I don’t have time for that.
      I am finding more and more people who want to walk away from social media and I am beginning to be one of them. I think society would be better off without it all together. 🙂


  6. I tried Marketplace but couldn’t find the outdoor furniture. I don’t like FB for the same reasons about the posts. They show me reruns of what I already saw and completely leave out many of my friends and pages. I wish someone would come out with something better and that everyone would actually make the switch.


    1. YESSSSS.
      I am learning that Marketplace varies by areas in which you live. My friend who lives close to the city of Chicago finds lots of things but another friend who lives in rural Ohio has trouble finding anything.


  7. Facebook is the worst! And yes, also the best. I don’t understand why out of 100 people, I see posts from four. Like, the same four over and over again. I get it, but I don’t like it.

    I’ve only tried market place twice, and both times the person sold the items as we were talking about them. I realize that if I’m going to ask about something I better pay for it before I actually ask any questions about it. I am very tempted to sell on market place though. Especially since we are hoping to move soon and I want to get rid of about half of our stuff!

    I love the new site set up, btw! And I know, it may not actually be new at this point, but hey, it’s new to me 🙂


    1. So, I just changed my theme and it is the exact one you have on your blog. I believe I subconsciously fell in love with yours and chose the new one. So now you can officially say you have a stalker.

      It is funny you commented on this post today because your post about Instagram just published. I feel like we are very much alike, said in the least stalker-ish way.


  8. Le sigh Kari!! I just discovered it in the midst of planning my garage sale. You think I might empty the house only to turn around and get more stuff? Btw you absolutely have to get those blue lockers!!


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