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Love It or Hate It

I actually re-blogged this post because of a Quora thread I found about cannoli.

You’re wondering what on Earth ever brought you to my blog in the first place?

I get that a lot. 

First published on May 29, 2018

There are things in life with a middle ground like potato chips, brownies, the pool. You might not love those things, but if you don’t, you can usually power through.

Then there are others that you either love or hate, there is no middle ground, you’re a fan or a hater.

Because I have nothing else better to do, here is a list I created of things you either love or hate.


Walt Disney Castle


1- Disney

I don’t like Disney World. OMG, I FEEL SO UNBURDENED AFTER HAVING ADMITTED THAT. I don’t understand the attraction, but I know I am very alone if my social media feeds are any sign. I also know there are millions of you who would drop a college loan-size wad to go there each year. I further know that you all have way more money than I ever will in my lifetime.

Now, if you live in or around the Orlando metro area (or Anaheim, California metro area), or within a day’s drive of the big mouse house, that is a totally different scenario. If we didn’t have to drop massive coin on transportation, lodging, food, etc., etc. ETCCCCC., it would be a different experience altogether.

But there is no middle ground with Disney. I feel you really love it or you really hate it.

But man, do all Y’all really REALLY love it.

2021 note- I am not a theme park person, in general, so that might be why? 


Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada Signage

2- Las Vegas

After hearing what seemed like every single person in my world tell me I would love Vegas, it filled me with excitement and anticipation when our family got to spend 24 hours there last summer. I will tell you this, Vegas would be fun if I were going alone with my husband and didn’t have to leave our resort and, you know, “people”. He and I even talked about (while in the pool) how we would fly there on our 15 year anniversary and do just that. Sit in the pool all day and drink.

But then we decided that if we were just staying at a resort pool, we could go to the one down the street at that point. There are people who will go to Vegas every year. On a girl’s trip, on a gambling junket, on a couples getaway. I am just not one of those people.

2021 note- Our 15 year anniversary is this year. Guess where we’re NOT going? I mean, we aren’t going ANYWHERE but if we had a choice to go somewhere, guess where it WOULDN’T be? 


Person in Black Leggings and White Sneakers Sitting on Brown Wooden Stool

3- Leggings

I LOVE leggings. When don’t you want to care what you eat but want to feel somewhat slender? Leggings are the shit. But there are people who don’t like them, hate them actually. Make comments about leggings not being pants and to that I say, don’t hate what you do not know because I truly believe it is menfolk who perpetuate that rumor. Probably because of jealousy that they can’t wear leggings. I will wear my cheap leggings all the damn day so I can eat all the donuts because stretchy pants are God’s way of saying GO AHEAD, EAT ALL THE FOODS. LIFE IS SHORT.


Red Electric Guitar

4- The rock band Rush

If you like the above band, I am betting there is an entire population who hates them in return. I remember the guys (and they were always guys) who worshipped the band Rush when I was in high school. They were typically in the computer club, drove a souped-up old car that they worked on in their dad’s garage, and they always had one of those big black watches on their wrists. They loved the shit out of Rush and would wear their concert tee shirts every week, jam the cassette tape in their cars on the way out of the school parking lot, and work it into conversation…..you know Rush wrote a song about this exact scenario…WE GET IT.

2021 note- Hasty generalization much, 2018 Kari? 

Close-up Photo of Man Holding Melting Ice Cream Cone

5- Vanilla Ice Cream 

My dad loves his vanilla ice cream. So much in fact that he orders a vanilla milkshake even when there are other, much more flavorful combinations available to him. I like vanilla ice cream, but only when it’s loaded up with chocolate sauce, nuts, cherries, and whipped cream. But once all the toppings are gone, I am done with vanilla ice cream. But I also can’t drink milk by itself, so maybe this is a me thing more than a love or hate thing?

2021 note- I have taken several BuzzFeed quizzes on ice cream over the past year and vanilla ice cream always ALWAYS wins over chocolate. This keeps me awake at night. 

So see, Dad? You aren’t alone. 🙂 


Glad hipster male employee passing glass of Black Velvet cocktail to smiling ethnic colleague at work

6- Root Beer and REAL Beer 

My dad also loves his root beer and his vanilla ice cream and if you make him a root beer float? You will be best friends. But have you ever tried root beer? It falls under the real beer umbrella as well: you either love that shit or hate that shit. I feel like some people are born with taste buds that love beer or taste buds in which it is repulsive. I believe that’s a scientific fact or something.

2021 note- I found this article from the Huffington Post about liking or hating beer because of genetics; which is funny because I tend to favor my dad’s side? Eh. It’s Huffington Post, what do they know? 


White Cruise Ship

7- Cruises

I will never ever want to go on a cruise and if you hear me say I do in a conversation, know that aliens have taken over my body or I am being held against my will by Carnival Cruise Lines. Over the years, I have seen bloggers who get invited to these special “blogger cruises”, (which by the way, a cruise full of bloggers is the most painful thing I can EVER think of. Possibly worse than a cruise full of proctologists.)


Anyway, I see these bloggers talk up this coveted “blogging cruise” that the cruise company pays for and it’s like a golden ticket.

They also have a Disney blogging trip. Egads.

I don’t get it; I don’t get it; I don’t get it.

Being crammed on a massive fiberglass missile with 3000 other people, out to sea, far, far, away from land does not scream vacation to me. HAVE YOU NEVER HEARD OF TITANIC? OR E. COLI??

2021 note- Or COVID???

Too soon? 

Three Cooked Shrimps on Can

8-Seafood. Also, Sushi.

I love seafood, but I know friends and family who have an aversion to seafood like none other. Get in my belly: shrimp, scallops, deep-fried cod. HOLY SHIT DO I LOVE THE FISHIES.

Side story, you know, about our 12-year-old goldfish Lucy (read here if not). Well, every time I eat any type of seafood (even fish sticks which are like, 85 percent, not seafood), I hide it from her because I feel like she knows.

As much as I love seafood, I hate sushi, and again feel like there is no in-between there as well. You either love it or hate it. I love me some shrimps, but I don’t need my shrimps looking at me while eating them.

2021 note- Sigh, oh Lucy. Rest in peace. 

Person Holding Cannoli


9- Cannoli 

My friend Rebecca and I were talking about cannoli a few months ago, and she mentioned she didn’t like it and I couldn’t comment because I hadn’t had one, but I wondered what the big deal was. I figured with so many people talking about it in my years on this planet, so many bakeries making it, even businesses dedicated to creating it, it must be good? Tell me what is it about cannoli that is so good.

2021 note- I actually re-blogged for this Quora thread “Why are cannoli so terrible? alone. Scroll down to the comment from Liberta, who lives in Italy. It begins with, “I was smoking my cigar in my underwear on my balcony...”

Apparently, Americans are bastardizing the cannoli. As we always seem to do with anything that comes from other places. 


Happy Coffee


10- Coffee

I can say coffee now because I used to be a hater. I tried it twice in my early twenties and didn’t like it at all. Couldn’t see what the buzz was (pun intended). Then, in my mid-forties, I tried it again because of lattes, and they sold me. Also, because of kids.

2021 note- there is a scientific reason you love or hate coffee. 

Three Onions

11- Onions

I can’t live without onions, but I can see how people would hate them. They smell, they make you cry, and they are a weird texture. But man, if they don’t make any recipe taste better in my humble opinion. Now, some people are half-way onion eaters. For example, my husband hates onions but loves onion rings, but if I deep-fried coffee, he’d be all over that too. I guess that is kind of the same mentality as hating tomatoes but loving ketchup, which is how I feel. Also, don’t tell Mike, but I sneak onions into EVERYTHING. Oh shit, he probably read that. 🙂

2021- He knew I snuck them in there. ;0 

35 thoughts on “Love It or Hate It”

  1. It is confirmed, you and I are the same person. The only exceptions being U2’s Popmart Tour was one of my top three concerts because even from the nosebleeds, it was so over the top that we felt like we were still part of it. They are middle ground for me. I like the Joshua Tree album and a few random songs but am not above turning them off when they’re on Music Choice. (Had to laugh at Rush, as the hubs is a big fan and I, having lady parts…am not.) I’m also not a fan of leggings. ducking Only because I’ve seen WAY too much through them on others and some of those patterns are heinous and with my astigmatism, it’s I can’t even look at the person! LOL

    Blogging gatherings of any kind terrify me but the thought of being trapped on a cruise (which I also never want to do) with people who have the potential to annoy you by being “on” the whole time to impress others with nowhere to go but overboard does not appeal to me either.


    1. LOL, so this published WHILE I was editing it because I don’t know how to blog, apparently. (one more reason NOT to go on the blogging cruise) So U2 and Celine didn’t make the cut even though I still think it’s a love-hate thing.
      I do like u2 songs, not all of them, but some of them which is why I deleted that reference.
      I also removed Luluroe because I was already angering the Disney and cruise bloggers and I feel like those leggings go hand in hand with the two.
      BUT I LOVE THIS COMMENT because we are so much alike. Maybe you and I can gather like, five good bloggers who we really like. I’d go on a pontoon because of no commitment.


      1. Oops, sorry…I was on it yesterday morning apparently! LOL

        I’m down with that and pontoons. If I get irritated with anyone whether it be their fault or maybe a hormone swing, I can pull the cord on my personal floatation device, yell “Kringle out” and swim back to shore! 😀


  2. First things first, I look awful today. I don’t know where to start with my commentary, and more importantly, will not know where to end for sure. I thought this content was fabulous and can understand most of your love and hate–I do suspect, however, that the cannoli thing might be a flavor issue, and if there weren’t mini chocolate chips on the ends, don’t bother!!!!


    1. So do I. No judgment here.
      I need chocolate in pretty much everything sweet I consume. Maybe even in everything savory too which is why the Peanut MandM’s are ESSENTIAL to my being. And yours.


  3. I love this. I mean, LOVE it. However, my husband once told me I havr no middle ground. Im a lover or a hater and nowhere in between. After he said this I noticed… it is true. I tried to stop hating things so much and found myself saying “I dont love it”.

    I do love disney though. Not a go every year and wear matching t shirts but to go and look at every little detail of how they do every last thing right. Come on they dont even sell gum anywhere bc of the mess it makes and have you SEEN a piece of gum on the street there? No. Also i love that my kids are excited and entertained the whole damn day. I dont cook one meal. I dont do laundry. I may pick something up to move it to the dirty pile but that is the extent of any chores I do at disney and that for a week alone is worth the price to me!!!! (Do the meal plan and ask a friend how to correctly use it. It helps you justify the cost)


  4. I absolutely LOVE this blog post. Thank you for it, Kari. Do what you have to do and write about whatever you have to write about.

    As I tell my college students, and anyone who will listen, writing can be therapeutic. The best things about writing for therapeutic purposes are you can write about anything and everything, and you never have to share it with others. Keep doing what you’re doing, and write as you please.


  5. When I think I can’t love you more, you give me this. ❤️ Hate Disney and Vegas. When you figure out the appeal, let us all know. Still don’t drink coffee though. Love onions, seafood, and leggings. And what was it with those guys in high school and Rush? I do, however, love both root beesr and beer beer. ?

    I’m glad writing is good therapy for you. Look forward to reading anything you want to write.


    1. I thought this was one of the worst posts and you all are making me feel so good about myself! And on a Tuesday/Monday to boot!
      Thank you for always making me feel worth reading. 🙂


  6. I don’t get why some people love Disney, cruises, Las Vegas either. Just take me somewhere close to the ocean where I can hear the sound of the waves and eat seafood all day.
    I like sushi but I can only eat so much per visit.
    I like leggings but they make me feel conscious if my body when I wear them out.
    I don’t get cannoli love.
    Vanilla is my favorite ice cream flavor and I love it plain. Bernie on the other hand will eat vanilla but will dump every topping available. I think it’s his strategy to prevent sharing.


    1. YESSSSSS! Let’s go to the ocean and eat fish. Well, not right out of the ocean. Sit on the beach and eat our cooked fishies.
      By the way, you have a nice body. So wear more leggings.
      Bernie is my spirit animal.


  7. OMG, Kari… I cannot believe this, I am with you on EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE…except for the coffee! Sorry. 😉

    I honestly thought I was the only person in the world who didn’t like or “get” the Disney hype, never wanted to go on a cruise (all the same reasons you mentioned), have no desire to go to Vegas, hates seafood and sushi, finds vanilla ice cream boring, hates root beer and beer, and doesn’t like the band, Rush. (Tim almost flogged me for that one when I admitted that to him one time. Actually, there’s one Rush song – but just one – I actually like, but I’ll be damned if I can even remember the name of it.) I also must be un-American because I don’t like Bruce Springsteen either.

    Love onions (and garlic) but my gut doesn’t. I eat them anyway. 😉


  8. Yes. It’s great therapy (writing). DON’T stop. I read your posts as soon as they hit my feed because you’re my favorite. You can write about poop and make it worth reading. Talent.

    Okay, Disney. TOO darn expensive if you ask me. I wish everyone would quit flicking to the parks and make them quit hiking up the fees. I live in central Florida. We were so broke as young parents we only took our bio kids once when gifted tickets by others. When we brought our girl home she came knowing Mickey Mouse. We took her because how could we not? This past year I bought 3 day park passes for the girls and I (at a Florida resident “deal”) because we toss around the idea of moving out of Florida. I knew I would regret not taking our girl back to Disney while we lived so close. I’m still paying that crap off! I don’t know how people do it.

    Las Vegas. Never been but have wondered if I would like it.

    Leggings. ?. But I’m more of a jeans girl. My short, apple shaped self doesn’t look too good in leggings, but then again I’m probably doing it wrong. Stylish, I am not.

    ? yum!! I LOVE sushi. I eat it as often as I can. I like the smaller rolls wrapped in rice and seaweed. Not the big hunks of raw fish. Tuna and salmon are my favorites.

    I love root bear! I thought everyone did. Is this s southern thing?

    Cannolis. No. It’s all that cream ?

    Onions. Yes.


    1. I love when you comment along with my posts. It makes me so happy and reaffirms why I blog, to begin with. 🙂
      Is root beer a southern thing? My dad grew up on the East Coast, so maybe not?
      YOU need to write a Disney How-To post. Stat.


  9. Who is “Rush”? I guess that’s about like saying, “who is John Hughes?” LOL. But I’m serious. He’s not of my generation. Leggings?…I don’t wear them. Disney? I don’t go there for the same reason you don’t. Too expensive & LOTS of walking, and HOT. Vegas? Same reason as Disney…too expensive. Root beer? I’m neutral. Cannoli? Neutral. Onions & coffee? LOVE. Cruises? Neutral, but leaning toward the Disney reason. I can’t imagine liking a blogging cruise. I have a cruise story, but I won’t tell it here. Fish? I don’t like it either & I have a story about that too, but I won’t tell it either. Vanilla ice cream? LOVE. I used to be like you. I had to have everything on it, but now my tastes have changed & I like it by itself. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts? LOVE. Oops, that wasn’t on your list! Fun post!


      1. I should do that Kari. Maybe I will. Except that it’s not about my brand. I’ve read all those blogging gurus saying you should only write your brand…ad infinitum…ad nauseum. So I hold back and don’t write about things I’d like to take a break and write about. They say people will come to your blog and be confused. And I say, so let ’em be confused. They can click off, or click on something that interests them, right? So maybe I will.


  10. We’ve got some things in common! I’m not a fan of sushi, at all.
    I’ve never been to Disney but not positive I really ever want to go. It’s super expensive and super crowded. Not my idea of fun.
    I do, however, want to go on a cruise someday.
    I’ve never acquired a taste for beer. I might drink one every six months, then am reminded again that I never did care for it.


  11. Cannolis are food of the gods, but really only for the cream inside. If you really want to understand the magic that is the Cannoli, go down to Arthur Ave. in NYC and get one. Then just eat the cream with a spoon. There’s no need to eat the outer shell, it’s just a vehicle.

    Disney, I used to hate. Literally laughed, on the inside, when adults told me how much they loved it, and how often they went. AND THEN I discovered Harry Potter land, and everything changed. I read the books back in the day, then watched the movies, and then seeing it in person was literally magical. The trick is to go on off days, if off months. Like on a Tuesday in November. This way you don’t have to deal with the heat or the people.

    Vanilla ice cream is the worst. I officially hate it. My son and my husband love it, and I try it almost every time just to say the same thing, I hate vanilla ice cream. It’s so bogus. No flavor, no color. Give me chocolate any day. Also add some brownies and toasted almonds. And heck pile on the hot fudge too!


    1. See? THIS is the advice I was looking for! I want to visit NYC with my mom and my girls someday and I will write this place down to visit.

      So, I have never read a Harry Potter book. I know. I want to, I do. So maybe once I read them, I might want to visit Harry Potter land and that will redeem Disney for me. When we were there a few years ago, we went in June. I don’t know what we were thinking. Even the locals were like, ARE YOU CRAY??

      Right?? The more chocolate I can pile onto, well, really anything? The better.


      1. I love that 2018 Ani called vanilla ice cream bogus. I mean, it is bogus, but this may have been the last time I used that word.

        Liked by 1 person

  12. I can’t believe we disagree on so many of these! I LOVE Disney– we used to go every 2 years and I would have kept that tradition going if I didn’t feel so guilty about the fact that my boys had never seen any other parts of the country (at least it felt that way!). My husband and I have been to Vegas a few times and while it was fun we don’t drink or gamble so it’s not really for us; though I do love the shows and the variety of them that I can see in one week without much travel involved. We honeymooned on a cruise ship and I would do it again in a heartbeat but my husband won’t; he’s not great with germs and being locked on a ship with 100’s of others… I can’t blame him! I have never had a cup of coffee or a drink of beer in my life; can’t get past the first sip on either of them. Yuck! I love onions but my body hates them– ever since they made me unbelievably sick while I was pregnant I have a real hard time eating them unless they are cooked thoroughly and practically tasteless. I kind of feel like I need a whole blog post to go through these point by point!! But I agree that on most of these I have no middle ground; I either love it or hate it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL, this is making me laugh so hard. First, we must have found each other’s blogs after this post originally published.
      Second, I truly think the Disney thing is because I am not a huge fan of amusement parks in general. I should also say, I don’t really get into Disney movies either, which might also be part of the allure of the park? I mean, my children loved them but I didn’t get into them as much as they did if that makes any sense?

      But I agree, you do need to do a whole blog post!


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