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My Dreams Will Give You Nightmares

  A few months ago, I read somewhere that first thing in the morning you should write your dreams down on a piece of paper, in your phone, wherever, so that you could look at them when your mind is clearer. Why? Who knows. I know of people in my life who've mentioned interpreting dreams… Continue reading My Dreams Will Give You Nightmares

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The Easiest Party Centerpiece You’ll Ever Make

  The older I get, the more I realize that my creativity is in the sewer. When my girls were littler (and I was littler as well), I had grand visions, I came up with the coolest ideas PRE-PINTERST mind you! For Anna's first birthday, I centered it around a teddy bear theme, came up with… Continue reading The Easiest Party Centerpiece You’ll Ever Make

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My Top Five Favorite Items at Dollar Tree Right Now

  I have written about Dollar Tree more in my blogging career than I would like to admit. Not that I am ashamed of my 'Tree love, it's just that I am shocked I haven't been put on the payroll yet. It is because of Dollar Tree that I am not in the poorhouse right… Continue reading My Top Five Favorite Items at Dollar Tree Right Now

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Green Doors Can Heal You

  In 2013, we had a burgundy front door.     That looked like hell because 13 years of wear and tear will do that to a door. Or to a mom. DID I SAY THAT OUT LOUD? So I decided that I was going to paint it myself. Our house color is boring white… Continue reading Green Doors Can Heal You