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My Top Five Favorite Items at Dollar Tree Right Now


I have written about Dollar Tree more in my blogging career than I would like to admit. Not that I am ashamed of my ‘Tree love, it’s just that I am shocked I haven’t been put on the payroll yet.

It is because of Dollar Tree that I am not in the poorhouse right now. Because when you have children, they will put you in the poorhouse.

Birthday parties, friends birthday parties, graduation parties, school parties, holiday parties, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Greeting cards alone at Dollar Tree have saved me at least a solid 500 dollars over the past 18 years.

How Hallmark is still in business stymies me.



A while back, I discovered that Dollar Tree has online shopping but never really thought much about it because you must buy in bulk.

Still. bulk at Dollar Tree is like 12 items at one buck each AND they also offer free ship to your closest store. Much better than Oriental Trading which offers similar items at much higher prices.

So because I like you so much, here are some of my most favorite things to buy at Dollar Tree online!


1- Flip Flops

Who doesn’t need 12 pairs of flip flops?? But seriously, if you wanted to make those fun flip flop wreaths, this is the way to go. Or maybe you are a girl scout leader and want to create funky flip flops for your troop? OR you’re like me and my girls and lose, destroy, tear, get dirty, and completely obliterate your flip flops before summers end, you will need 12 pair.  Never again will you need to buy another pair this summer.

They also have stripes.

I love stripes.



2- Swim Goggles 

Let me give you a tip from a mom who has been around the block a time or twelve: buy swim goggles in bulk. Because you will lose them. Your kids will lose them. Your kids’ friends will lose them when they borrow them. Don’t shame them for losing swim goggles, PICK YOUR BATTLES. In one recent four-hour visit to our local pool, my almost-fifth grader and a friend: lost a pair of goggles, found a different pair of goggles, lost THAT pair of goggles, and found some goggles that looked like someone paid a lot more than one dollar for. Did I get upset? Nope. I just dug into my bag and pulled out yet another pair of cheap goggles from Dollar Tree. Will they last until next summer? Nope. Do I care? Also nope.


3- Sand Toys 

Don’t make your child be THAT child at the sandbox this summer. You know the one: GIVE ME BACK MY PAIL AND SHOVEL! Buy six of these bad boys and let your little one be the neighborhood hero.


4- Party Supplies 

When I say I love Dollar Tree for party supplies, I am not kidding or just saying it for you to click the little links and buy shit. I am for real. If you are planning any kind of party this summer, spring, fall, or winter, go to Dollar Tree before you go anywhere else. I am sure there will be some items you may not find (colors etc..) but definitely try the website first which is what I wish I had done for Anna’s graduation party. Finding a round plastic tablecloth can be hard, trust me. Dollar Tree doesn’t have them in store but they do have them online. in addition to everything else you need.


5- Dinnerware

I have Dollar Tree dinnerware in my cabinet right now that we use for everyday meals and I love that I only paid six dollars for six plates. We are a clumsy lot, my little family. So I don’t ever pay more than I have to for plates we use daily. In fact, the “china” I use for the holidays? Dollar Tree. I won’t tell if you don’t.


What are you waiting for? Get online now and scoop up the deals. Or head in-store and tell them Kari sent you. They won’t know who I am but they will someday.


18 thoughts on “My Top Five Favorite Items at Dollar Tree Right Now”

  1. I feel a Dollar Tree spree coming on. We buy those plastic tablecloths when we go on vacation. The place we stayed at a few weeks ago in Maine had NO BLINDS. None. And what do we see when we look up from our dinner plates the first night? The neighbors, 20 ft away making eye contact. Dollar Tree to the rescue…peep at someone else, freakazoids! (Please tell me you know that Midnight Star song Freakazoid?)

    I’m going to buy the pail and rake set because my grandma was just buried in a place where apparently the entire population of Canadian Geese like to graze and poo and these items could come in handy. New marketing strategy: Go from beach fun to raking and taking goose poop from parks, patios or gravesites!

    “NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO PAY EIGHT DOLLARS FOR A PAPER GREETING CARD.” Dude, you have no idea how many times I spend 20 min looking for the perfect card, flip it over and say “I’M NOT PAYING $6 for that!” It’s the point the hubby actually scratches out the price on the back of bday and anniversary cards! (Sorry I called you dude…I call everyone that.) Happy Friday!!!


    1. OMG EYE CONTACT!!! I feel for you. I get enough of that crap at home, I don’t need it on vacation.
      Also, I love the tablecloths for picnics in the grass because I don’t feel guilty throwing them away. Or recycling. Yes, that would be better. Ahem.

      My husband hates those geese because they are everywhere here. Open the front door, goose poop on the porch. Open the garage goose poop on the driveway.
      Maybe I should write a post about goose poop?

      AMEN. And I love that you called me dude. 🙂
      HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!


  2. As the dollar spot at target seems to be morphing into a $3 and $5 spot, I must spend more time at the tree! Some of my faves are the foil pans to bake brownies in and not need them back. Do I look for candy there? Is there anywhere I don’t look for candy!? My last big find there was rolls of cello wrap (that I had just passed up elsewhere for $4) and a sprig of purple flowers to put in my candy bouquet (that I wrapped in the cello wrap).


    1. Can we discuss that? The Target dollar spot? Ours SUCKS. Awful. And now there is only one row of dollar items and the rest are five and up which is a scam.
      LOOK FOR CANDY THERE! My mom made that cute candy table for Anna’s grad party and got all the candy at Dollar Tree. So much cheaper than anywhere around and they have all the brand names.


  3. Please don’t hate me, but I rarely shop at the Dollar Tree. I probably would if I had young kids in the house, but I don’t. So the only time I ever shop there is when I need party supplies – which is rarely. All my dishes are from Goodwill…usually only 99 cents – $2/plate and I get the good stuff (from England or Germany). 🙂


    1. I got dishes from Goodwill recently! They were from Target originally and I love them. Only 99 cents per plate! So even better than Dollar Tree!
      I have a DT literally five minutes of my house, so that’s probably part of the “problem”. 🙂


  4. My crazy teen and I need to go shopping next week for her summer being a camp counselor, and I hadn’t even thought of going to Dollar Tree, but now we’re heading there first thing tomorrow to stock up flip flops. You ALWAYS need several pairs of flip flops at camp, oh yes you do.


  5. Darn it!! No Dollar Trees here in South Africa, but we do have this chain called the Crazy Store – my fav. You can buy all kinds of stuff there for peanuts. Sadly they don’t have flip flops or round table cloths 😦


  6. Whaaaaaat?! I did not know that Dollar Tree had dinnerware, that’s amazing. We bought ours at Target after literally each bowl and plate from our wedding set chipped. And it is made of some sort of magical material, because I have knocked the plates against my granite countertops over and over and they never chip! It’s miraculous. I realize that I will have to wait until my kids go to college to get the really nice stuff back in the house.


    1. I have had Target dinnerware I bought full price years ago because they had this color I HAD to have. It is completely chipped, scuffed, etc.. so after that, I refused to pay full price for plates and bowls.
      I feel like once children move out, parents should get to register all over again to replace the broken stuff.


  7. I’m totally with you on Dollar Tree greeting cards. I refuse to pay a ton of money on a card and that’s why I don’t buy Hallmark’s. I love getting party supplies at Dollar Tree too. I’ve never shopped DT online but like to go there once a month to get some stuff.


    1. I feel like a lot of people don’t think of Dollar Tree online but if you’re buying in bulk, it is a great idea.
      I do have to say that growing up, Hallmark stores were a big deal. I loved walking around them with my mom and I still do, but they are just too expensive.


  8. Are those plates like Corelle, like stoneware, or are they hard plastic? I’m looking for cheapie hard plastic bowls that are safe for microwave. Wal Mart didn’t have them, so Dollar Tree next!


    1. They are stoneware! The ones I use for holidays look as good as the day I got them, over five years ago.
      The day to day plates have taken a little beating but so have the dishes I have got at Target etc..


  9. The second I see Dollar Tree in the title of a blog post, I’m at that blog post. I don’t know why anyone shops for party stuff anywhere else. And yes, dinnerware. I have a drawer full of flatware that I love from DT and gorgeous red and turquoise tall mugs. Also, I’m a reading tutor, so the office and school aisle are my favorites. My daughter is getting married in September, and when I suggested she register for place settings, etc., she just looked at me and said, “Mom, Dollar Tree.”


    1. I was a reading tutor at one time too! I love Dollar Tree so much. In fact, if you were to search my blog you’d find three or more pages of posts just dedicated to DT!
      Also, I love your daughter.


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