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Parts of My Blog You Never Knew Existed


I was going to write an entire post dedicated to Amazon Prime Day but then I was like, yeah, I don’t wanna.

I mean, I love Amazon and I do love how fast shit shows up at my door (especially items like panty liners, toilet paper, and hair coloring), but an entire post dedicated to Prime just left me a little empty inside.

So I decided to do what I do best when I put off things I really should do: write about absolutely nothing of importance.

If you do want to get an Amazon Prime membership, click here and I get very minimal money, but enough to purchase one package of panty liners.

Here are some parts of my blog that I bet you didn’t even know existed or aren’t sure how to use.


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Desktop Vs. Mobile

I recently updated my blog’s look a while back and I bet most of you never even noticed especially if you only read me on your phone or tablet.

My blog is much prettier on your desktop than it is on your mobile device. Even the fonts are completely different. If you read me on a desktop after reading me on mobile, it will be like reading a different blog altogether.

Think term paper versus resume. 

Then I went into my Google analytics and saw this staggering percentage:



62% of you read me on mobile???

What a buzzkill.

Try reading me on your desktop for one post only. I swear it will make all of the difference.

Then stay and read several more posts because my bounce rate is really high.


The Subscription Box

What would you say if I told you there was a magic box located somewhere on my blog that would bring every post I ever write RIGHT TO YOUR INBOX? What if I told you it only takes less than three minutes to do this magical work? What would you say if I said probably 50% of you have no idea what in God’s name I am even talking about?

On your desktop (because that is how we are reading my blog from now on, AREN’T WE?), if you scroll down, toward the bottom of my blog on the right-hand side you will see this:


This is called a subscribe box, a box where you can enter your email address and receive my blog in your inbox every time I write a post.

This is what it is NOT: a newsletter. I am not signing you up for anything more than my posts, and I never write more than two per week so your inbox is not going to get clogged with crap from me.

If you ever decide that you don’t want to receive my blog in your inbox anymore, there is an unsubscribe button at the bottom of my post emails.

But we know that won’t be happening unless I start writing only spammy content and ads for penile implants, then, by all means, unfollow the hell out of me.


Social Media Buttons

At the tippy top of my blog (at least on the desktop), there are these little teeny weeny social media buttons:



Get out your magnifying glass.

They are on the top right of my blog when you are viewing me in desktop. On mobile, I have since added a green bar that looks like the one up in the picture on the left that will hover at the top of the screen.

The green bars will not take you to MY social media, but rather to yours, to share my content which I love when you do, by the way.

But if you want to follow me, you need to click on the teeny weeny black social media icons on the top right of desktop. If you only have a mobile device handy, go to the bottom of the screen where it says View Full Site, click on that and it will take you to the desktop version.

Why is this important? Well, because I can’t get beyond 750 Facebook followers (paltry for a blogger, apparently), and 1900 Twitter followers (even paltrier for a blogger) because I suffer from social media constipation.

Won’t you please be my virtual Exlax and get the numbers moving?


Top Menu Button

I have a menu of all sorts of dishes I serve here at A Grace Full Life!

Such as SCREENPLAY (Yummy!), and How-To (divine!), and Disclosure/Mission (borrring).



At the top of my blog on the desktop version, there are a number of little pages. Home is where you should usually find yourself, but you can click on Who I Am (lots of pictures of me when I used to be a can-can dancer), Featured (bragging at its finest), Our Home (pictures taken when the house was clean), How-To ( everything from cleaning your home, decorating your home, fumigating your home), Let’s Cook (nothing of substance), Screenplay (make it or give it to someone who will), and last but definitely not least Disclosure/Mission (so I don’t get my butt sued).

These pages lead to lots of other juicy things like some of my most popular posts, other places my writing is featured (yes I have a “real” job), and even four-ingredient recipes.

I also have this same menu at the bottom of my blog but in much smaller print (the fine print, if you will). If you are on your phone or tablet, you will see a Menu button at the top left of your screen (sometimes hidden by those pesky green social media buttons). Click on the Menu button and a drop-down menu (what with all the menus??) will lead you to the above pages.

My blog is like a labyrinth. You will have to maneuver through different hallways and passages and at the end lies absolutely nothing.

But you’re just so glad to get the hell out, you don’t even care.


Search Magnifying Glass

Sometimes you might happen onto my blog and want to read a post I wrote long ago. You may not even know the name of the post, but you have an idea. Such as:

Tacos Kari 

Bruce Hornsby fan

John Hughes stalker get a life

You can do all of the above searches and more using this little tool:



See that little magnifying glass on the right? It is probably overlooked more than I would like to think about but it is a very useful tool if you want to find an old post. Hell, I’ve even been known to use it on occasion if I am looking for something on my blog to show someone while out and about.

Type anything (nothing sick and twisted please) in the search bar and up will pop every single thing I have written that has to do with what you typed.

By the way, I actually did enter the search john hughes stalker get a life and my screenplays came up.

I feel so proud.



When I write a post, I add tags and categories to said post for many reasons. One, so Google can find it. Two, so you can find it. If I did the work correctly, you search for something on my blog like above, certain things should come up.

Because I tagged and categorized my screenplay posts with the words John Hughes (among many others), if you search for John Hughes related crap on my blog or the interwebs, the hope is that my screenplay pops up.

But if you were looking for something within a category on my blog, where would you go instead of typing every single thing into the magnifying glass?

I got you.


On your desktop scroll down to the bottom right of your screen while reading my blog and you will see the above. There are more categories than are what pictured because it was a screengrab but you get a general idea.

Click on a category and every single post I have written that has to do with that category will come up. This can lead you down a rabbit hole of sorts, hopefully, a good one.


See? Much better than an Amazon Prime post.

Also for the love of all that is holy,  go follow me on social media.


This page includes affiliate links as I am a part of the Amazon affiliate program.

16 thoughts on “Parts of My Blog You Never Knew Existed”

  1. You’re back!!
    I usually read your blog posts on my laptop unless I’m on vacation because I only take my phone with me. It’s more enjoyable reading on a bigger screen.
    I always forget to go to your blog when shopping on Amazon. 😦


  2. Yay, I can comment on this now! 😀. Consider me one of the desktoppers because I’m old school like that. I thoroughly enjoyed the personal tour and feel like you might’ve been in uniform with a clipboard for some reason as you took me around. Is that weird? Don’t answer that.


    1. IT HAS BEEN A JOURNEY. Let’s just say since Sunday I have been clenching my teeth (and probably my butt cheeks) in anxiety and stress.

      It’s not at all as weird as me clenching my butt cheeks.


  3. Well, if you would have done your Amazon post I could have bought my new $300K kitchen through your links, but whatever. The tour of your new site was fun too!

    (OK, I only spent $10.99 on Amazon during their Prime sale and that was to buy dog treats).


  4. I’m on my way out the door, but pinky promise to pull up your blog on my computer when I get home. I just want to say panty liners from Amazon=brilliant. And penile implants…wth 😲


  5. But inhale to have you with me always, hence reading on my phone. Yes, I am flopped on the couch right now, but I just can’t reach a computer!!! I find your numbers staggering in an impressive kind of way, so to some of us you are absolutely killing it! 😉 And I can’t even design a new header, so you are like a wizard to me!!!


    1. Why can’t there be an edit button, typing comments on my phone is for the birds…I should really read on a desktop—heyyy now wait just a second, didn’t I hear that somewhere recently? Anyhow- right off the bat-“but inhale!?!?” Um, no…that was “I have to have…” Am sure you smell great, but that was creepy. Oh look, the ramble is back!


    2. I admit, it is much easier to read on your mobile device but as of right now, this post isn’t even showing up on mobile because of the latest snafu.
      Ironic, isn’t it?

      Also, creating a new header is easy. I swear. If you want a new one, I will make it for you.


  6. I am singlehandedly working your bounce rate. I swear I cannot read just one post. As I am typing this, I have five tabs open from your site.

    Oh, and I finally subscribed. I don’t know how I got four posts behind, but I’m not risking that again. Also, I just followed you in Facebook and Pinterest, I was already following on Insta and Twitter. Where you Tweet, I will follow, lol.

    I read your blog almost exclusively on my desktop, when I’m supposed to be working, like now. But now I have to check it out on mobile. Though, we have the same theme, so I maaaay not be surprised when I see it.


    1. See? Just when I thought I couldn’t love you even MORE than I already DO, you say “where you Tweet I will follow”. I feel like I need to use that in my bio.

      So my blog had been down this week; the one week I write about blogging; coincidence? I don’t think so. I will never again tell my readers to read me one way or another because I am so damn glad to just have all of you, to begin with.


      1. Lol I love it! Yeah my browser was telling me that your site wasn’t secure this week! I tried to get in any way cause no browser is gonna tell me what to do, but then when I got in it said the page didn’t exist.

        Also you can definitely use the tweet line, a friend of mine said to me a million years ago, so technically I stole it from him. He’s a song writer, obvs.


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