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Fall Home Tour 2018-The Same as Summer, Only More Orange

To be honest, I was a little sad about putting up the fall decorations this year.



Look how summery it is in hereeeeee.


But fall is upon us and I only had one day to put it up and out, so I decided to light a pumpkin candle and get it over with.

I also would like to add that since putting this up, I made a loaf of pumpkin chocolate chip bread and ate half of it.




So this is what I do to get myself motivated: turn on all of the lights (unless it’s sunny), and blast music.

On this day, it was a mix of Bruce Hornsby and Coldplay.

Very suburban, white, middle-aged, blogger.

It made me vomit in my mouth a little.

Then I turned on 90’s R&B and felt much better about myself.

I used to be cool. I swear.



I am very proud to say that I only own two Halloween/Fall bins.

You don’t want to know how many I used to own.


I have downsized over the past five years, primarily in the past two since watching The Minimalists documentary on Netflix.

Life changing.



On this day, Buddy seemed to be a little unsettled.

He followed me around, acted apprehensively, and it wasn’t until I was into decorating for a solid 30 minutes that I realized why.

He thought company was coming.


Because I was cleaning.

Then I had a moment of, holy crap when was the last time I cleaned like this?

Before you get all GOOD FOR YOU MORE POWER TO THE WOMEN NOT CLEANING THEIR HOUSES LET’S CREATE A MEME about it, I do declutter and keep things tidy daily.

I just don’t remember the last time I dusted the furniture.

THAT is huge for me.



“Mommy, why are the windows open?”

Also, “Mommy, why are you wiping the windows with that blue solution?



Do you have a candle drawer?

I started this drawer years ago for all of the candles I have for different seasons.

TJ Maxx is partially responsible for this drawer because their candles are affordable.

If you are an oily person, please don’t tell me how toxic my candles are.

Let me live in poison-induced bliss.


I say it every year and I mean it every year, but I seriously LURVE my fall mantel this year the bestest ever.

At first, I dread putting it up because I seriously HATE decorating mantels.

If you’ve read this blog since its inception in 2010, you will find that statement a little hard to believe considering I have written ten, count ’em, 10, blog posts with the word mantel in the title.

That doesn’t even include posts that don’t have mantel in the title but include the mantel within the body of the post.

Side note- is it mantel or mantle? 

Grammarly doesn’t even know as it alternates the spelling with each red underlined word. 

But seriously, I have a love-hate relationship with my mantel.

Not with the actual mantel but the decorating of such.



By the way, I don’t normally like spooky or witchy things but I found this jar at Goodwill for 99 cents and it made my day one Friday afternoon.

I’m easy to please, apparently.

Usually, there is just crappity crap up in my Goodwill Halloween section but this was a diamond among costume jewelry.



Dollar Tree can go either way; be full of great stuff with each season, or be one giant fart in church.

This fall, however, Dollar Tree was kind of like one of those farts that you think has potential but ends up being very innoxious.

Those orange plates up there, for example.

I have a plate rack that you see as soon as you enter our front door and usually I have my grandma’s vintage plates in there.

But during the holiday seasons, I like to have festive plates or a pop of color.

But I don’t want to spend money on the plates and I never find anything good at Goodwill, so Dollar Tree is usually my go-to because of ONE DOLLAR PER PLATE.

I also use these plates in the off-season as well as props for food posts, so one dollar is nothing for all of the use they get.



I follow a blogger whom I just love, Jenna at Rain on a Tin Roof, and she shared how she found the above sign at her Dollar Tree on her Instagram account.

I told her that we didn’t carry it at my Dollar Tree and how my local store is letting me down consistently this fall.

I then found this at the largest Dollar Tree in all the land which happened to be near Anna’s college.

Seriously, this place was like the size of a small Wal-Mart.

I was so excited and felt like I kinda stuck it to the Dollar Tree man.

Even though I handed over my money to Dollar Tree.


Anyway, I went to my local Dollar Tree the other day to get hair ties for Ella and found the same damn sign.



I also found the above banner. I don’t usually like paper banners unless it’s for birthdays or things like that but this was too cute to pass up.




I also don’t normally care for Dollar Tree’s fake flower section but found the above pick shoved in the back of all of the really loud flowers.






I found that great wreath at Goodwill the same day I got the fancy jar on my mantel. It was only $4.99 which I think is a steal for a wreath that can be used year-round. I don’t know how all ya’ll afford to spend money all willy-nilly on specific wreaths for specific holidays.



I mentioned on Instagram how I love these books more than any other fall decoration. They have been around since Anna was just a baby, and additions have been made over the years as Anna became a reader and Ella came into our lives and the cycle went on.

I won’t ever get rid of these books for many reasons but the biggest is that when I look through them, they bring me right back to those years.

Ella still gets excited each year when the holiday books come out, and I know someday that excitement will go away. Until it comes back again as an adult because there is nothing like paging through the books that hold words that were some of your first.


Wow, that was WAY deep.


Back to reality.

I got this sign last year at Home Goods for under five dollars because I needed it.



I love this candle because it really does smell like baking bread. Great if you don’t like to cook or make your own bread. Not great if you are on a low carb diet. So I only use this candle in the fall and winter because it kind of calls for a candle like this, low carb be damned.



I love this corner of the living room.

My lucky money plant, one of my favorite lamps ever that I scored at Goodwill many years ago, my amber glass candle, and a picture of a hummingbird. If you’re a regular, you know the reason for the hummingbird; if you’re new, head here.



Okay, maybe it is a little better than summer.

Don’t tell summer that though, ‘kay?

18 thoughts on “Fall Home Tour 2018-The Same as Summer, Only More Orange”

  1. Gorgeous dahling! I curse the crappy Dollar Tree by us and always judge a good one by whether or not they have a freezer section because that means it’s BIG. I love it all but the books tug at the heartstrings. Did you ever read The Ghost of Windy Hill as a kid? I loved that book. I’ll have to break it out as a decoration thanks to your suggestion!

    I had to laugh about the dog’s reaction to your cleaning. Ours used to do the same thing. My husband always paces when company comes and I didn’t realize how much it rubbed off on the dog because she was always a mess before company and he’s like “How does she know?” The 2nd or 3rd time we had company after she passed, I caught him pacing and checking the windows and I yelled “YOU!!! She got it by watching YOU!!!!” (I KNOW you get the reference!)


    1. Do some Dollar Tree’s NOT have a freezer section?? So I guess I am spoiled by our Dollar Tree.
      No, but I feel like I need to read it now. I feel like I knew about this book though and after a Google search, the cover looks very familiar.

      YASS I GOT IT!!! ; )


  2. Love your fall decorating – your house looks gorgeous! Like you, I’m neat and tidy, but it’s rare that I clean windows or dust furniture. Pumpkin chocolate chip bread….dammit, now I want to make that! I’m the only one in the house that would eat that though (Brian doesn’t like chocolate and Tim doesn’t like pumpkin – I know, what’s wrong with them?). Could be very dangerous. Love your collection of children’s books and how you have them displayed.


    1. I so wish I didn’t like chocolate. I found the recipe from a blog and the blogger had this amazing story about her granny and a gun, so I HAD to make it in honor of granny.

      I love children’s books too!!


  3. Yes! I have a candle drawer. Or, I used to. I actually had a whole candle dresser. (Someone I lived with may have called it “the dresser of a million candles.” Someone sometimes not very nice.) I knew you were my soul sister. When the grid goes completely out, who will be laughing then, huh?

    And I love your box of books. I have those, too, though I don’t put them out any more because there’s no one to read them or even ignore them because they’ve gotten too big and that makes me sad. They are in storage for grandchildren. Who I don’t want now (nononono!) but will adore having some day. I hope I get to.

    As always, thank you for the smiles, especially today. I needed to read this on my lunch, rather than dwell more on the horror show in the capital.


      1. Well, I did cry. In my car. Just for a minute. And then I went into work and poured as much as I could of myself into it for the rest of the day because my work is about feeding children’s minds and giving them the skills they need to learn, to think, and to VOTE.

        I knew many Brett Kavanaughs in my youth. He showed us yesterday exactly who he is and exactly how power in our country works. What a pathetic tool.


  4. I thought I was the only one with a candle drawer and a love affair with my Dollar Tree. All of the fall and Halloween touches are perfect. Thanks for sharing at the Snickerdoodle Create Bake Make Party.


  5. Three cheers for the holiday books! I still haul them all out. There is a page in one that always made my son laugh so hard, so now I text him a photo of it every year. Thanks for the reminder that i need to grab the basket (although now I want a book holder like yours!)


  6. Eating half of the loaf of bread-righteous!😋
    Holy Moses! I need a candle drawer.
    You and my sister have TJ Max and Home Goods and SHUT UP ALREADY. I’m jealous.
    Wreaths st Goodwill? Brilliant!
    I’m dognapping Buddy 🐕


    1. You don’t have a Homegoods/TJ Maxx?? To be clear, we have a two-in-one store. I am not one of the chosen ones who have an entirely separate Home Goods close by. We need to drive an hour to do that but it’s worth it.

      I feel like Buddy would love your family but you can’t have him. 🙂


  7. Hi, Kari! I used to be cool too and now I am a busy mom with lots of chores to do. Btw, I love your fall decor. I love the colors and how you have arranged everything. I wish I can do the same this yuletide season. Xoxo.


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