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Felt Board Quotes Will Save Us- I Am Sure of It


Do you ever feel like you just need to laugh because if you don’t, you’ll end up crying?

I have that emotion more often than I would like to publicly admit, most of that being because of menopause.

Are you sick of me writing about menopause?

Well, I’m tired of being in menopause, so suck it up.

Sorry, that was the menopause talking.

I got me a felt board a couple of years ago because I felt like I could write some horrible, HORRIBLE things on it but then I realized I have children who can read.

Then I furthermore realized I have a blog that my children don’t really read, so I will write a post about it!

I even dedicated an entire board on Pinterest to my felt board obsession.



Told you.

Here are some of my favorites that will convince you that you need a felt board in your life to write horrible, HORRIBLE things on as well.


Courtesy of who the hell knows. THIS IS WHY YOU WATERMARK YOUR PICTURES.


If you're wondering whether Letterfolk boards have a place in the bathroom, the answer is an unequivocal yes. 📷: @btsquirrely
Courtesy of Letterfolk


I dunno about putting a felt board in my bathroom though because FELT and GERMS.


I’ve been waiting for so long, now I’ve finally found someone... yep, it’s cheese. 📷: @fulcandles
Courtesy of Letterfolk


Those lucky bastages over at Letterfolk get PAID to be witty. I need to apply for this job.


And you talk to a complete stranger at the post office for 10 minutes about how great that grocery store is. 📷: @blaesgreen
Courtesy of Letterfolk


This is so accurate, it’s depressing.


Courtesy of the person who didn’t watermark their picture


Lord, yes.


So. Very. Sleepy. Transitioning Freya from her swing to her crib has been tough. Not on her, but me. I keep waking up every couple hours to…
Are we not gonna talk about the baby head in the dish? No? Moving on.


Until you can’t take Ibuprofen anymore because they give you cluster headaches.



Courtesy of someone who likes to take Buzzfeed quizzes. So all of us, really.


Courtesy of someone who doesn’t like to say the word shit


Courtesy of Letterfolk


Again, devastatingly accurate.



Courtesy of Instagram. Not the actual Instagram, but someone who doesn’t care if they steal their ideas and not credit them. Who also has an Instagram account.


Also Garth brooks
Courtesy of someone who doesn’t care that Drake just reworded Garth Brooks song “Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)”


Also, Garth Brooks. Head slap.


Can I get an Amen?!
Courtesy of someone who likes coffee probably


Do you like felt board quotes too? Let’s start a club with a secret handshake.

20 thoughts on “Felt Board Quotes Will Save Us- I Am Sure of It”

  1. I have zero room in this shoebox of a house for one more thing so I’ll have to press my face against the window of the clubhouse while you guys come up with awesome sayings.

    But if I did have room, my sign for today would be the one with the creepy baby head. Is that like the latest Chia head or something??! Also the one below it but not on Buzzfeed because that site just makes me feel old. (Because by today’s standards, I am) Mine would probably say “has lots of work to do…after I scroll my Facebook feed and refresh 4x, look at articles on life/work balance for 2 hours, 20 minutes on procrastination articles, 30 minutes on how to be more productive. Repeat…in case someone posted something and get sucked into a Hallmark movie I know the plot of before ever seeing the movie while making fun of how lame some of the actors are and then it’s 4pm and freak out because “there are not enough hours in the day.”” Okay, so I might need a felt billboard for that one.


  2. A chia plant in a baby head. Yes. You are all my people. And I really needed this today. It’s a public service you’re doing here. It really is.


  3. Thank you for my felt board and one of my faves is, ” I smell love in the air. No, it;s bacon.” LOL
    Oh and felt board in the bathroom??? Eeekkkk!


  4. Devastatingly accurate. I need that sign.
    I love your way of finding the humor and pointing it out to us all. Thank you for being exactly who you are!!


  5. Yup, these made me laugh out loud. Is everything funnier when it’s on a felt board? I think the hierarchy goes (starting at the funniest) cross stitch, felt board, blog. Though your amazing stock photos must rank in there somewhere as well.

    Also side note, I need to start watermarking my photos!


  6. I bought one of these boards last year, in the midst of my mid-life creative drought, and it sat unchanged for 4 months. And it didn’t even say anything witty. It said “Sugary Boogers.” My husband wrote it, I can’t even remember why, and I was too lazy to change it. I was not prepared for the level of discipline and commitment a felt board would require. Going to steal some of these ideas until I have an original one, which may take a while.


  7. 😀 well here’s a good thing. Whenever I feel menopausal I come visit you Kari and my “where’s the flippin ice box, I could kill you mood” just disappears. Okay that’s not completely true. I come visit you when I feel reasonably normal too. Love these board quotes. You just made my day


  8. Such a picker-upper. Definitely harharred a couple times while reading this. I just joined the felt board club, so love these ideas. Right now I have “Glamma: too glam to be called gramma” on mine. Now I must change it…


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