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Idiotic Canva and Pic Monkey Graphics Part Deux

Last February, I wrote a nonsensical post about nothing.

Oh wait, that’s every week.

I remember sitting in my kitchen working on my laptop one gloriously sunny (but cold) Saturday while my husband was watching sports of some kind and my children were spending time with friends, working not on the huge to-do list that sat on the counter, not on the other two freelance writing tasks I had waiting to do, but rather on creating graphics for fun with swear words on them.

Let me tell you, that was the most therapeutic thing I have done (besides coffee, massage, and therapy) in my life.

Which is leading me to think I should create a post like this monthly.

Or you should, and I can share it on here.

I have a Collective Bias post that needs to be edited, I should be going through my Pinterest pins and “optimizing” whatever the hell that means, and I have dishes in the sink.

Yep, sounds like it’s time again!


*WARNING- there will be lots and lots of swear words and much inappropriateness. Be advised. 










canva and pic monkey




14 thoughts on “Idiotic Canva and Pic Monkey Graphics Part Deux”

  1. Yes, yes, a million times yes! This MUST be a series! What an incredible way to start my day! Do you have a Pinterest board with these? I feel like a group board may be in order, oh and you could do a link up! Ok I’m getting ahead of myself, laughing like this is apparently better than coffee for me!


      1. LOL, yes! Though I am the wrong one to give advice about starting new blogs. I literally bought three more domain names, since admitting my addiction to them.


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